Bhimani, Draeger, Mandelblatt, Fortgang, Lykins… The One Percenters of the so-called “Resistance”

Once upon a time, Marxism was pretty clear about who the “enemy” was. It was the rich. Money equaled power and influence to make the world as you wished it to be – to serve you and to make you feel good about yourself (while enjoying all the best food, the best housing, the best education, the best creature comforts, the best life style). Money even gave you the power to extract sex from unwilling victims… just ask BIG Democrat donor and “Friend of Hillary” Harvey Weinstein.

During the 1960’s a group of Leftist academics – tenured, cosseted, well-off and wanting to remain so – devised a new “Marxism” that replaced the central tenet of “class” with that of “identity”. Economic status no longer mattered. Now it was all about your gender, your color, or who you slept with. It was a neat trick and one that allowed a class of increasingly prosperous academics and those they launched on professional careers to remain “Marxists” while growing increasingly rich.

In place of the traditional bogeyman of the working classes – the rich – these new “Marxists” offered something called the “White Race”. Suddenly the very peasants and workers who launched Soviet Marxism in 1917 were the enemy, based solely on their skin color. It didn’t matter if you were a mill worker or a miner or a subsistence farmer in Appalachia… you were one of the hated “privileged” class.

Yes, a lot of blind faith was required to accept such nonsense – and a lot of ignorance to the facts and actual conditions of how people lived, regardless of their skin color or gender or sexual habits. Reflecting on his own Marxism of the 1930’s, the poet W.H. Auden noted the religious aspect of it. Similarly, this new “Marxism” took on a theological bent, as more and more faith was required to maintain it.

Enter the repentant sinners…

In some religions, “good works” are the pathway to salvation. And so it was for our new “Marxists”. And who is in the best position to do “good works”? Why the rich of course. They can spread money about like fertilizer.

And so, little by little, the very richest amongst those guilty of “white privilege” escaped its taint. They and their families, their corporations and institutions, fell into the column of those “saved through good works”. They got a pass when, for instance, they poisoned a generation with opioids. Or when they deliberately marketed a product that caused uterine cancer. Or when they passed laws to collect taxes in poor neighborhoods that led to young men being killed. They were not held responsible… it was that vast “white privileged class” that was responsible, as if one’s skin color had the capacity to fill one’s belly.

And strangely enough, herded together as part of those hated people of “privilege” were members of religious and ethnic groups who had suffered the most appalling persecution in the history of man. We wonder if, while exempting themselves, are these new “Marxists” giving leave for a new persecution of these groups, based on designations such as “of color” or “not of color”?

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist…

And the greatest trick the One-Percenters who now make up the “new” Left have pulled is to convince people that economic class matters less than skin color. That being George Soros doesn’t imply “privilege” but that the weather-beaten white skin of a homeless veteran does.

You can see this at work in New Jersey, where – to an unprecedented degree – One Percenters dominate the Democrat Party and account for its most woke candidates. And we’re not just talking about Governor “Goldman-Sachs” Murphy, who is happy to excuse criminal behavior in a politician if he is of the right identity group. Or Congressman Tom Malinowski, who bangs on endlessly about the sins of “white privilege” while ignoring his genuinely privileged – economically privileged – background.

Just look at this harvest of woke “resistance fighter” Assembly candidates the Democrats are putting up to address the sins of “privilege”. You could not find a more economically privileged bunch if you tried.

In District 25, there’s Lisa Bhimani – who went to Brown University, has a degree in medicine that she doesn’t need to use, because she is so rich. How rich? Rich enough to have a $1.6 million condo in Manhattan to hang in when she’s shopping in NYC. Her husband is… wait for it… the Managing Director at JP Morgan Chase.

You remember those guys, don’t you? They helped crash the world’s economy in 2008. Lay-offs, unemployment, foreclosures followed. Not for them though, they bought their $1.6 million condo after the crash. Nice.

Lisa Bhimani’s running mate is Darcy Draeger… of Wall Street. Draeger’s daddy was a newspaper executive and she worked in New York City for the Swiss UBS Investment Bank. During her time at UBS, the bank got up to some mischief and attracted the attention of federal investigators. In 2015, UBS pleaded guilty to the “biggest financial scam in history”. Cool.

Nowadays, Draeger calls herself a “farmer” – although her “farm” appears to be little more than a way to avoid paying the full whack in property taxes. We’re sure that Draeger herself will admit that her farm is nothing like the farms she remembers growing up in the Midwest. She bought her farm six years ago, for $1.3 million. 1.7 acres are fully taxed at $23,572 a year (2017). 9 acres are taxed at $25.65 (2017). According to the USDA, the average size of a “small” sustainable family farm is 231 acres. Hey, we aren’t judging… but you do seem mighty darn privileged to us.

Over in District 21, we have Democrat Lisa Mandelblatt, whose husband was Managing Director at Lehman Brothers when it went bankrupt… and crashed the world’s economy. Ouch.

And what can’t you say about Laura Fortgang? She practically started her own New Age religion – while teaching the Masters-of-the-Universe how to better shill their b.s. to a public already drowning in their b.s. A remarkable person, if you go for that kind of happy-clappy, rainbow-fantasy nonsense that obfuscates the genuine problems faced by the vast majority of working stiffs. Fortgang is hoping to ride her winged unicorn of delusion into office in District 26.

In District 24 the Democrats have found a Lobbyist for the insurance industry to represent them. Deana Lykins actually lobbied to screw the surviving family members of fallen first responders out of their benefits. That’s right, the insurance industry she worked for needed to make a little more profit on top of their already obscene profits – so screw those working class first responders. Heck, some of them are white and therefor guilty of the most heinous privilege!

This is the Democrat Party in New Jersey. A party who once claimed to represent the “working class” but who now just represent various “identities” – led by One Percenters.

And what of the working class? Who represents them? Well… nobody, of course, especially the white ones – privileged as they are.

In his book, White-Collar Government: The Hidden Role of Class in Economic Policy Making, Duke University's Nick Carnes points out that while upwards of 65 percent of citizens are "working class" and 54 percent are employed in a blue-collar occupation, just 2 percent of the members of Congress and 3 percent of state legislators held blue-collar jobs at the time of their election. Is this “Resistance” movement beginning to feel more like a “counter-revolution” to you too? A long-suffering working class, under-represented in Congress and the Legislature, screwed-over by BOTH political parties votes for Obama in 2008 (and is promptly screwed again) then in its pain and desperation turns to Trump in 2016… and now the “Resistance” has come, to put us all back in our place!

Hey Democrats… how about some diversity?

From Katie Brennan to at-risk children: Why are the Democrats ignoring Rape?

Does it seem like the administration of Governor Phil Murphy and his allies in the Democrat-controlled Legislature care more about keeping up appearances than they do about addressing actual sexual assaults against women and children? As the unresolved crime against former Democratic Party staffer Katie Brennan made clear – Murphy’s Democrats will close ranks (even against one of their own) if it threatens to tarnish their image or expose them for who they are.

Katie Brennan was one of several women who said that a top Murphy political operative had sexually assaulted them. The Murphy administration’s response was to try to cover it up and to intimidate whistleblowers who came forward.

This mirrors what is going on nationally in the liberal media, where NBC was caught trying to cover-up the sexual assault and exploitation of women by a critter named Harvey Weinstein – a top Democrat donor and “friend of Hillary”. The work done by investigative journalist Ronan Farrow to expose this corporate media cover-up has been impressive…

This is journalism today. So it’s not just the boys at InsiderNJ or Julie O’Connor and Jonathan Salant at the Star-Ledger – corporations owned by rich benefactors who are in the “news” business because it serves as a public relations tool for their other enterprises. Journalism is very sick, maybe on life-support, and unless measures are taken to ethically correct its degradation, it may well perish.

Journalists like Ronan Farrow, Glenn Greenwald, Chris Hedges, Douglas Murray, and Ross Douthat offer a way forward. But will the corporations who own the media follow?

Meanwhile the Murphy administration and the Murphy Democrats are getting away with ignoring sexual assaults on women and children.

Murphy’s Sanctuary State scheme – a major campaign promise he made to secure far-Left votes – is allowing accused rapists and child predators to be released back into the community. And when asked to come before the people who pay his salary – Murphy has refused, ignoring all requests to explain whether his Sanctuary State scheme was created with law enforcement goals or was it simply a matter of politics.

It is noteworthy that while the European Union and the British government are in frantic negotiations aimed at maintaining border-security cooperation between all levels of law enforcement – Governor Murphy and his Democrat allies have willfully destroyed such cooperation, creating a safe-haven for criminals not seen since Post-World War Two Argentina. As the United Nations reminds us, un-policed porous borders are an enhancement to the trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation, the illegal importation of narcotics and opioids, and the trafficking of illegal firearms.

And on top of all of this, now the Murphy Democrats are blocking legislation that will protect at-risk children from being raped.

The Democrat leadership is holding up legislation designed to protect children from sexual assault at state supervised health care facilities. These are the same politicians who are pouring money into the campaigns of Democrat Assembly candidates Bruce Land and Matthew Milam in District 1, Gina LaPlaca and Mark Natale in District 8, Lisa Mandelblatt and Stacey Gunderman in District 21, Lisa Bhimani and Darcy Draeger in District 25, Christine Clarke and Laura Fortgang in District 26, and Deana Lykins in District 24.

The legislation would require psychiatric health care facilities to provide 24-hour-a-day monitoring of children under their supervision and was proposed following documented horrific sex attacks on children. So why is there no action after 18 months?

Why are children being exposed to violent sexual assault by the Democrats?

Because the Murphy administration doesn’t like the bill, that’s why. And the Democrats – dependent on assorted Murphy donors for their campaign cash – do what they’re told.

Would the legislation have a better chance of passing if the vulnerable children who are exposed to rape were to renounce their citizenship and apply for Sanctuary Status? But hey, shouldn’t health care facilities under the supervision of the state be sanctuaries free from fear of violent sexual assault anyway? We are talking children here.

Republican Assemblyman Hal Wirths (R-24) has championed the victims of the Murphy administration’s lack of action. Wirths was quoted in a New Jersey Herald article:

“This is a parent’s worst nightmare. What this family has had to endure is horrendous. We urgently need to address these facilities’ inadequate supervision policies through legislation by requiring them to properly supervise and protect children who are in their care due to psychiatric crises. More children are put at risk every day that this legislation remains at a standstill.”

In response, the Democrats trotted out Joann Downey, who sounded decidedly less enthused about helping protect children at risk of sexual assault. She told the New Jersey Herald:

“As chair of the Assembly Committee on Human Services, it’s my first priority to make sure that the vulnerable families, children and communities of New Jersey are well cared for and supported in their times of need… I appreciate Assemblyman Wirths’ interest in our state’s psychiatric facilities and look forward to reviewing this legislation as we develop the Committee’s agenda for the coming months.”

In other words… screw you and the kids and their parents. We’ll get around to it when Boss Murphy tells us we can. Real scumbags.

Meanwhile the question remains: How many kids were sexually assaulted over the last 18 months while the Democrats have been waiting for permission to advance the bill? How many more will be raped while their parents wait for action from the Democrats?

Democrat Suleiman’s racialist comment about “GOP base”

Atlantic County Democrat Party Chairman Michael Suleiman today issued a press statement in which he made racialist comments about the “GOP base”.  Suleiman said:  “They (the GOP) never miss an opportunity to not stand up to their base.” 

What does Suleiman mean by the “GOP base”?

Does he mean “property taxpayers”?

Maybe he means “religious Christians and Jews”?

Or the “unionized working class” that his own party once represented?

Or is he making a snide reference to “white Christians”?

Suleiman needs to explain himself because he holds a taxpayer-funded patronage job and some of the people he might be disparaging pay his very generous salary, benefits, and perks.  In March 2018, the Democrats gave Suleiman a public job as the lobbyist for the South Jersey Transportation Authority.

While the Democrats cut school funding across New Jersey, guys like Suleiman get paid.  Of course, Suleiman supports Murphy’s illegal Sanctuary State scheme that bullies law enforcement into ignoring the findings of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (also known as the 9-11 Commission).

Suleiman is a made member of a corrupt political machine.  He would support a horseshoe crab for office if his party told him to.  Suleiman’s Twitter page is filled with selfies featuring the love-struck Suleiman with Hillary Clinton, Phil Murphy, and Cory Booker.  Talk about having some explaining to do – we’re surprised this moron didn’t feature panegyrics to Jeff Epstein and Al Alvarez. 

Oh, and we wonder what Suleiman thinks about this stunt by Cory Booker…


While attacking taxpayer advocate Seth Grossman, Suleiman ignored this anti-Jewish prank by Cory Booker.  What does Suleiman have against taxpayers like Grossman?

But wait… in his statement, Suleiman compounds his racialism by making ethnic (and racial) assumptions about who comes into the United States illegally. He makes the claim that it is “race-baiting” to oppose illegal immigration.  That is a horrible generalization.  The term “illegal” does not denote a racial or ethnic group.

For Suleiman’s information of the 707,265 LEGAL immigrants who became LEGAL naturalized American citizens in 2017, 17 percent were from Mexico (118,559), followed by 7 percent from India (50,802), 5 percent each from China (37,674) and the Philippines (36,828), and about 4 percent each from the Dominican Republic (29,734) and Cuba (25,961).  Nationals of these six countries accounted for 42 percent of all naturalizations.  Other leading countries of origin included Vietnam (19,323 or 3 percent), El Salvador (16,941, 2 percent), Colombia (16,184, 2 percent), and Jamaica (15,087, 2 percent).

In common with many Democrats, Michael Suleiman uses race as a measurement for every human interaction.  People who do this – who think in terms of “people of color” – are called racialistsWikipedia notes that “Racialism is the belief that the human species is naturally divided into races, that are ostensibly distinct biological categories.”

The philosopher W.E.B. DuBois argued that racialism was merely the philosophical position that races existed, and that collective differences existed among such categories.  DuBois held that racialism was a value-neutral term and differed from racism in that the latter required advancing the argument that one race is superior to other races of human beings.

But science has largely erased such arguments.  Aside from some genetic correlations in the incidence of diseases in this subset or that, the idea of “racial identity” that is forced down every American child’s throat, that haunts our society in everything from census forms to employment applications, is entirely a political construct.  The American idea of “race” is nonsense and calling people “racist” is a nonsense game.  The actor Morgan Freeman got it right…

The Democrats’ insistence on the primacy of race is an inverted return to their past.  Like then, Democrats today are obsessed with what measure of blood from this group or that flows through someone’s veins.  They seem to forget that our blood – the blood of our common humanity – is categorized, not in terms like Black or White or “of color” or “not of color” – but as O, A, B, and AB.

The Democrats need to end their obsession… and embrace humanity.

The same NJ media that covered up for Clinton, tries to do the same for Menendez

Remember how the newspapers tried to discredit the source for the claim that Bill Clinton had seduced Monica Lewinsky in the White House?  Remember how the media told us that Linda Tripp was a “liar” and that she used “right wing” media outlets to peddle her "meaningless" allegations?


All part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” Hillary Clinton assured us.  And NOW – the National Organization for Women – stood by their man, and so did legions of Democrat women politicians.  They all assured us that Bill Clinton would NEVER act so inappropriately.

Bill Clinton .jpg

Yep, the media was right on that!  We all know today that Bill Clinton DID NOT have sex with Monica Lewinsky, right???

And as more and more evidence piled up, the media just dismissed it.  When other women came forward and said they were raped.  The media trashed them, called them trailer park trash, said it was all a plot to damage the good name of William Jefferson Clinton.  They advised us to Move On…

One New Jersey newspaper published an editorial with the title:  "GOTCHA" POLITICS HIT A NEW LOW WITH STARR'S SEX INVESTIGATION

Another New Jersey newspaper did an editorial that simply said:  TIME TO END IT.

Well, it’s déjà vu all over again!


On Wednesday, there was United States Senator Bob Menendez and, like Bill Clinton once upon a time, he was surrounded by NOW and a bevy of female Democrat office holders whose political fortunes (for better or for worse) are tied to the Senator’s.  There was Bob Menendez himself, doing his best… “I did not have sex…” imitation of Bill Clinton.  And there was the media, once again failing to read what they wrote last time, talking about “gutter” politics and “right wing blogs” and trashing the women, and the prosecutors, and the GOP. 

Hey Tom Moran, Fred Snowflake, Hand of Hand, Moe of Moe, and all those media mavens who want to shake their tallywhackers at us to make it so…

Guys, you bullshit us once.  Then – along comes Brett Kavanaugh – and you went back on your bullshit and said the opposite of everything you said when it was Bill Clinton.  Now (and it’s just been a few weeks for Christ sake!) you want to go back on everything you just said about Brett Kavanaugh and tell us there’s a new set of rules – and why?  Because it’s about Bob Menendez???

Fellas, keep your bullshit.  You have the collective credibility and moral authority of an unwiped ass.  Nobody is buying it besides those phonies from NOW.

InsiderNJ is owned by an insurance vendor grease machine: So why did they get to choose who’s who in NJ media?

There’s an old saying among machine politicians in Philadelphia.  It goes like this, “If you say you’re the boss, and nobody says you aint the boss, then you’re the boss.”

John F.X. Graham probably heard it back in the day, when he was prowling around amongst the ward healers in that sainted city of brotherly love.  Back when “ethnic” meant second or third generation Irish or Polish or Italian and individual neighborhoods developed their own dialects (yes, people really did talk like Rocky back then).

John F. X. moved to New Jersey where he followed the yellow brick road of selling insurance to government entities.  Unlike South Jersey’s George Norcross, John F. X. wasn’t really interested in building a political machine.  He was content with a money machine – the old-fashioned kind, the grease machine that uses campaign contributions to lube the representatives of the taxpayers, so that their money pumps out in a nice, steady stream.

Last December, the Observer wrote about John F.X. and his operation – the Fairview Insurance Agency – in a “special report” about “How Insurance Brokers Reap Public Funds Without Disclosure.”  It makes for interesting reading:

Insurance brokerages that make political donations are declining to disclose large amounts of money received indirectly from public entities.

One of the biggest goldmines for contractors in New Jersey is selling insurance plans to public entities, which employ hundreds of thousands of workers across the state.

But an Observer review of dozens of public documents shows that in some cases, it’s difficult or impossible to get a complete accounting of the money going back and forth between insurance brokerages — some of which are deep-pocketed campaign donors — and the public entities that award lucrative insurance contracts.

For instance, Fairview Insurance Agency Associates is one of the largest political donors in New Jersey, giving more than $120,000 to various candidates and committees in 2016, the ninth-highest among businesses in the state, according to the state’s campaign finance watchdog agency.

The Verona-based brokerage is also a big contractor, raking in at least $1.1 million through public contracts or agreements across New Jersey in 2016.

Under state law, the firm is required to report annually all of its political donations and public contracts to the Election Law Enforcement Commission, provided it gets at least $50,000 in public contracts and makes at least one political donation of any amount. Curiously, however, some of the money Fairview gets indirectly from public entities is then reported to ELEC as $0.

The effect is that, to the average observer reading ELEC reports, Fairview would appear to have made much less from public entities and institutions than it actually got — directly and indirectly — in a given year.

Observer reviewed ELEC disclosures for five companies, only three of which were required to itemize their contracts and donations.

A review of six ELEC disclosure forms, 29 invoices, four contracts and eight resolutions by school boards and local councils revealed a loophole in state law that allows brokerages such as Fairview to not report to ELEC tens of thousands of dollars, or more, that they receive as a result of working for governments or public entities.

In 93 cases, three brokerages reported receiving $0 from public agreements in 2016 on their disclosure forms filed with ELEC...  In one case, Observer found that Fairview was paid $54,000 indirectly from Jersey City’s school board but later disclosed $0 to ELEC.

It works like this. Brokerages — which sell insurance plans to local governments — are often paid commissions or fees by third-party companies. In this scenario, the actual contract does not go to the brokerage, but to the third-party company, while the brokerage still gets a cut of the business.

In some cases, the dollar amount of these fees or commissions can be traced back by filing public records requests with local governments. Some public entities that answered such requests from Observer provided copies of the original public contracts, which in turn detailed the actual fees or commissions paid to insurance brokerages that were reported to ELEC as $0.

In other cases, there is no mechanism to piece together what a third-party company paid to a brokerage in commissions. Some public entities did not disclose or could not say how much their brokers were paid indirectly by their contractors.

In March 2015, the Jersey City Board of Education passed a resolution to award Fairview a $54,000 contract to be the school district’s prescription insurance broker for fiscal year 2016.

Fairview did not end up receiving an actual contract. The school board struck a deal two months later with Express Scripts to manage its prescription benefits plan, and in that contract, it directed Express Scripts to pay Fairview $4,500 per month on its behalf, according to a copy of the contract provided by the Jersey City school board. The school district essentially paid someone else to pay Fairview.

In the end, Fairview reported that it received $0 in 2015 and 2016 from its work for the Jersey City Board of Education, according to its annual reports filed with ELEC. The firm noted that the amounts it disclosed “do not include commissions received from the insurance carriers.” (Observer, December 6, 2017) 

Campaign contributions flowing one-way, huge contracts flowing the other… minimal to no transparency. That’s New Jersey. 

The problem is… the Fairview Insurance Agency owns the news agency (InsiderNJ) that just handed out the designations as to who is who in New Jersey media. 

Yep, there’s John F. X. Graham who owns both the Fairview Insurance Agency and InsiderNJ (he holds titles of founder and publisher, respectively).  Michael J. Graham is Chief Operating Officer of both the Fairview Insurance Agency and InsiderNJ.  Ryan Graham is the Director of Business Development for the Fairview Insurance Agency and the Associate Publisher of InsiderNJ. 

That’s it folks… John F.X.’s grease machine has its own media mouthpiece with which to skew perceptions.  And that’s a handy thing to have in an age of hollowed out local coverage and a dearth of what was once called “investigative journalism.”  The press is now routinely used to punish the whistleblower, the taxpayer advocate, citizen activist, the underdog.  It’s easy to see why.

Now don’t get us wrong, just because John F.X. is all about the money… and the money… and the money… and the money… That doesn’t mean he’s not above playing the part of the noble, the enlightened, crony capitalist.  Hey, didn’t some notorious mob boss put a roof on a church?  Doesn’t Johnson & Johnson make up for failing to warn women that their product could cause uterine cancer by being oh so woke on LGBTQ?  It pays to have fashionable connections and to assist those connections in the higher causes of fashion.

John F.X. is a friend of Hillary.  Yes, that old wind bag.  You could forgive him being a friend of Bill because, heck, who wouldn’t want a night out on the town with Bill Clinton?  He’d make a Saturday night seem like a month of weekends.  But Hillary?  You know that’s just fashion.

Nevertheless, John F.X. has been called “a top Democrat fundraiser” by newspapers like the Bergen Record and the Newark Star-Ledger.  In addition to Hillary Clinton, John F.X. raised money for John Kerry in his 2004 presidential race, and he’s been a big giver to United States Senator Bob Menendez.  In fact, it was John F.X. who pushed the idea of Menendez on a national ticket as vice president:

In January 2008, the Jersey Journal along with other media outlets reported that “John F.X. Graham, one of Hillary Clinton’s National Finance Co-Chairs, thinks that New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez would make a great choice if Clinton wins the Democratic Primary… Graham fired off an email this morning to Clinton Campaign Manager Terry McAuliffe listing politicians who would make good vice presidential material, including the choices most often brought up:  Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, John Edwards and Joe Biden.  But Menendez, a Clinton campaign national co-chair, would be the “most intriguing” choice, Graham wrote.”

“The name Richardson does not sound exactly Latino,” wrote Graham.  “The Latino voting block is becoming the most influential in this election, especially with the immigration and other economic issues confronting our prosperity.  For lack of a better term, he is the Latino Barack Obama with the experience.” 

Why would John F.X. think that encouraging people to vote along racial or ethnic lines is good public policy?  Has he not heard of the former Yugoslavia? 

Finally, John F.X. made his pronouncements while Senator Menendez was the subject of an FBI investigation.  Not that something like that matters when you are making a fashion statement.

Yes, so it seems that InsiderNJ can also be considered an outpost of the far-flung Clinton Empire.  Ahhhh, corruption at its most tasty. 

And it looks as though John F.X. is quite a big deal.  Even Wikileaks picked up loads of correspondence between John F.X. and his fellow Clintonistas.  Here is an example:

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.47.47 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.48.44 AM.png

As far as the money goes, national contacts and a national reach does have its advantages.  We found dozens of John F.X.’s insurance agency’s outposts around the country.  All making him money – but northern New Jersey and Essex County in particular is his base.  It was reported in Politico (November 24, 2014) that Essex County Democrat Party boss Joe DiVincenzo’s son worked for John F.X.’s insurance agency.  He also held a full-time public job as well.   

So it was no surprise that the most corrupt political machine in the state – the Essex County Democrats – inducted John F.X. into their “Hall of Fame” in March of 2015.  InsiderNJ editor, Max Pizarro wrote the panegyric, which we suppose was less messy than the alternative. 

Now can we ask this again?  What are these people doing handing out the rankings on New Jersey journalists?  Shouldn’t some organization, like the Society of Professional Journalists, be doing it?  Or the Columbia School of Journalism?  Or anything but the god-damned grease machine itself!

Ten years ago, the authors of The Soprano State – two old-school investigative journalists – joined with journalists like Josh Margolin to decry the corruption tax that added to the cost paid by New Jersey taxpayers on everything to do with government.  Could they have guessed that, ten years later, not only would the tax be more imbedded and less transparent, but that the very news agencies responsible for exposing and reporting on it would now be wholly-owned subsidiaries of the same grease machine responsible for the corruption?

New Jersey… you can’t make this stuff up.