Trump fired speaker for McCann event

Why is candidate John McCann rummaging through the detritus of the Trump administration to find supporters?  And can he really argue that being endorsed by someone who was fired by Trump makes him more of a Trump supporter?

Apparently, McCann thinks so.  On the same day that President Trump fired his Secretary of State, the McCann campaign announced that it was bringing in a former White House foreign policy appointee who was also fired by Trump. 

The guy's name is Gorka.  No, not that Gorka.  He's cool.  You can catch his act here...

No, McCann's Gorka was linked to some weird groups,  like the  Hungarian Guard, a paramilitary group described by various sources as "neo-fascist".

And on August 25, 2017, President Trump had enough of McCann's guy's bullshit and his White House tenure ended, one week after Steve Bannon's departure.  Of course, McCann's guy stated that he had resigned because White House officials were "undermining" the Make America Great Again platform, but the White House disputed his claim that he resigned and confirmed he was no longer employed there and did not have further access to the White House grounds.  Yep, it certainly sounds like Trump canned him.

But it's typical of "Stumbling John" McCann and his campaign to think that bringing in a guy who was fired by Trump will get you support from Trump voters.   Of course, someone like McCann has to work real hard to act like he's a Republican, because he was working for Bergen County's Democrat Sheriff just last year.

McCann pocketed $167,000.00 a year to work for the Democrat Sheriff of Bergen County.  McCann held this patronage appointment because he had helped the Democrat Sheriff turn Bergen County into a one-party county belonging to the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Sheriff that John McCann worked for ran for re-election in 2016 on a ticket headed by Hillary Clinton for President and Josh Gottheimer for Congress. So now we know where John McCann is coming from.