Is Democrat Andy Kim "embellishing" his resume?

Recently, our friends at the Burlington County Times caught this flowing out of the mouth of Democrat congressional candidate Andy Kim...

“I feel like I have a track record for this,” Kim said Tuesday during a roundtable meeting with supporters in Moorestown. ”(The MacArthur campaign) calls me a partisan hack, but I was a career public servant. I served under Republican and Democratic administrations. 

Well... No.

Andy Kim is a career ideological activist.

Kim was a career college student and far-left community organizer pushing for some genuinely screwed up legislation before he got a job with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in 2005.

Kim wrote that the reason he wanted the USAID job was to "help shape the path that I take and will help me to decide what graduate school track and career path I would like to take."

Those are his words, from his USAID application.  That wasn't his career so much as an extension of his endless summer of college employment.  Kim's own LinkedIn page reports that he quit the USAID job after less than a year so that he could go back to school for five years and continue that long quest of self-discovery.  For Kim, that meant going abroad... to England.

It must be nice.

And when Andy Kim emerged to start his career, it was as an ideological warrior in the regime of Democrat President Barack Obama.  Andy Kim served the Obama administration the whole of his career in government. 

When that administration ended and Hillary Clinton's candidacy for President was rejected, Andy Kim did exactly what you would expect a committed ideological radical to do -- he formed a radical far-left group to "resist" the incoming Republican administration.

That isn't being a career public servant.  That's called being a committed ideological radical.

Hey, whatever floats your boat, Andy... but don't play like you were ever a Republican.