Democrat Suleiman’s racialist comment about “GOP base”

Atlantic County Democrat Party Chairman Michael Suleiman today issued a press statement in which he made racialist comments about the “GOP base”.  Suleiman said:  “They (the GOP) never miss an opportunity to not stand up to their base.” 

What does Suleiman mean by the “GOP base”?

Does he mean “property taxpayers”?

Maybe he means “religious Christians and Jews”?

Or the “unionized working class” that his own party once represented?

Or is he making a snide reference to “white Christians”?

Suleiman needs to explain himself because he holds a taxpayer-funded patronage job and some of the people he might be disparaging pay his very generous salary, benefits, and perks.  In March 2018, the Democrats gave Suleiman a public job as the lobbyist for the South Jersey Transportation Authority.

While the Democrats cut school funding across New Jersey, guys like Suleiman get paid.  Of course, Suleiman supports Murphy’s illegal Sanctuary State scheme that bullies law enforcement into ignoring the findings of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (also known as the 9-11 Commission).

Suleiman is a made member of a corrupt political machine.  He would support a horseshoe crab for office if his party told him to.  Suleiman’s Twitter page is filled with selfies featuring the love-struck Suleiman with Hillary Clinton, Phil Murphy, and Cory Booker.  Talk about having some explaining to do – we’re surprised this moron didn’t feature panegyrics to Jeff Epstein and Al Alvarez. 

Oh, and we wonder what Suleiman thinks about this stunt by Cory Booker…


While attacking taxpayer advocate Seth Grossman, Suleiman ignored this anti-Jewish prank by Cory Booker.  What does Suleiman have against taxpayers like Grossman?

But wait… in his statement, Suleiman compounds his racialism by making ethnic (and racial) assumptions about who comes into the United States illegally. He makes the claim that it is “race-baiting” to oppose illegal immigration.  That is a horrible generalization.  The term “illegal” does not denote a racial or ethnic group.

For Suleiman’s information of the 707,265 LEGAL immigrants who became LEGAL naturalized American citizens in 2017, 17 percent were from Mexico (118,559), followed by 7 percent from India (50,802), 5 percent each from China (37,674) and the Philippines (36,828), and about 4 percent each from the Dominican Republic (29,734) and Cuba (25,961).  Nationals of these six countries accounted for 42 percent of all naturalizations.  Other leading countries of origin included Vietnam (19,323 or 3 percent), El Salvador (16,941, 2 percent), Colombia (16,184, 2 percent), and Jamaica (15,087, 2 percent).

In common with many Democrats, Michael Suleiman uses race as a measurement for every human interaction.  People who do this – who think in terms of “people of color” – are called racialistsWikipedia notes that “Racialism is the belief that the human species is naturally divided into races, that are ostensibly distinct biological categories.”

The philosopher W.E.B. DuBois argued that racialism was merely the philosophical position that races existed, and that collective differences existed among such categories.  DuBois held that racialism was a value-neutral term and differed from racism in that the latter required advancing the argument that one race is superior to other races of human beings.

But science has largely erased such arguments.  Aside from some genetic correlations in the incidence of diseases in this subset or that, the idea of “racial identity” that is forced down every American child’s throat, that haunts our society in everything from census forms to employment applications, is entirely a political construct.  The American idea of “race” is nonsense and calling people “racist” is a nonsense game.  The actor Morgan Freeman got it right…

The Democrats’ insistence on the primacy of race is an inverted return to their past.  Like then, Democrats today are obsessed with what measure of blood from this group or that flows through someone’s veins.  They seem to forget that our blood – the blood of our common humanity – is categorized, not in terms like Black or White or “of color” or “not of color” – but as O, A, B, and AB.

The Democrats need to end their obsession… and embrace humanity.

Seth Grossman has the guts to stand up for Kate Smith

Say what you will about him – and some of us who write for this website have had occasion to disagree with him – but Seth Grossman has the guts and integrity to stand up to the caterwauling of modern-day Inspector Javerts who obsessively want to hunt down and punish any human being – dead or living – who they believe does not live up to the fashions of their moment.  Grossman, who runs the free market group Liberty and Prosperity, recently wrote:

There was nothing racist in any of the 3,000 songs by Kate Smith. To suggest or assume otherwise is ignorant, hateful, or both. Two songs in question, like those of Gershwin's "Porgy & Bess" and Hammerstein/Kern's "Showboat" raised awareness of the oppression of blacks a South run by white. At the time, most blacks voted Republican & threatened Democratic political machines as they moved north during the "Great Migration". Democrats used racist movies like "Birth of a Nation" in 1915 to demonize blacks, revive the KKK, suppress black voters, and win the 1916 elections. Tragically, they succeeded. During the 1920s & 1930s, young artists like 24 year old Kate Smith, Paul Robeson and others used these songs to undo that damage by humanizing blacks and raising awareness of their situation.

Grossman is correct.  Kate Smith and Paul Robeson used satire to make their point.  We wonder what some future Inspector Javerts will make of this effort at satire by the comedian Russell Brand…

Will he be exhumed and placed on trial before the fashion judges of some future moment?  Is he ready for trial even now?  Time will tell. 

Sabrin pummels young Dem on taxes. Grossman weighs in on Kate Smith

When a young Democrat suggested that a frustrated property taxpayer was wrong for pulling up stakes and leaving the Garden State, libertarian stalwart Murray Sabrin, a finance professor at Ramapo College beat him about the head (rhetorically) with a large dose of economic reality.  Here’s what Sabrin had to say:

In a guest column millennial entrepreneur and Kinnelon Board of Education member Jason DeAlessi criticizes a previous guest columnist who explained why he is leaving New Jersey for Pennsylvania where taxes are lower.

DeAlessi’s criticism reflects the prevailing collectivist ideology that has been embraced by individuals from all generations who believe: “From each according to his ability to each according to his needs.” If this sounds familiar it should, because it is the foundation of Karl Marx’s vision for the world.

DeAlessi makes the egregious assertion that successful people should be the “cash cows” for social welfare spending. This is the heart of the rationale for all taxes in contemporary America. Taxes have become the prime vehicle for politicians to “buy” the votes of the public who believe the redistribution of income will make them better off and not have any negative consequences for the economy.

The millennial critic of anyone who does not want to pay exorbitant taxes states: “But year after year, the value of your stock portfolio, IRA, and 401K goes up – on the backs of your fellow hard-working New Jerseyans.” This is not only false but defamatory. People earn their money by providing goods and services in the marketplace. In other words, they improve living standards for those who buy their produces and use their services. Entrepreneurs like DeAlessi are dependent on customers who value their services and pay their employees a wage or salary reflecting their value to the firm. This how a free market economy works.

Finally, an analogy should lay to rest the notion that people should stay in New Jersey despite the high taxes. If a slave owner prior to the Civil War decried the escape of slaves from his plantation with the assertion that their labor is needed to keep the plantation functioning, anyone who values individual liberty would consider that an outrageous assertion. Slavery being the most egregious involuntary relationship is no different than taxation, which is the modern equivalent of “slavery.” Why? Both slavery and taxation abuse and individual’s right to liberty.

In short, escaping a slave plantation and leaving a high tax state are not “selfish.” They are noble actions to be free and have more freedom over one’s income and wealth.

You can read more by Professor Sabrin at his blog…

Meanwhile, former Atlantic County Freeholder Seth Grossman is kicking some socialist ass of his own.  In an email blast earlier today, Grossman wrote: 

Last year, Stockton University lied about its namesake Richard Stockton and removed his statue.   Last week, the same "progressive" mob lied about Kate Smith, and bullied the Philadelphia Flyers into covering her statue, and taking away her song.   Today, they took away her statue.
Details at
This did not happen overnight.   This is the latest result of 50 years of people who hate our country, our freedom, and our independence using our public schools and colleges to lie to our children.

Richard Stockton and his family dedicated their lives to ending slavery in America.   Yet Stockton University professors falsely taught its students that he and his family were racists because they temporarily owned some slaves while in the process of giving them educations and preparing them to live on their own.  The real reason Stockton professors hate Richard Stockton is that they hate the Declaration of Independence he signed, and the America based on limited government and individual rights that he helped create.

Kate Smith introduced America to Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America” at a time when it was needed most.   But our schools and colleges are now teach the lie that she was a racist because the perfectly acceptable language she used 86 years ago is now considered offensive by some.

Get the facts on what is going on, and what we can do about it.

Few people in America have more knowledge on this subject than Dr. Duke Pesta.   One of our members, Steve Jones will host a workshop and discussion featuring Dr. Pesta’s latest video presentation this Wednesday, April 24, at the Shore Diner in Egg Harbor Township.

Topic:  Campus Carnage:  Moral Chaos and Indoctrination in the University.
Video Presentation by Dr. Duke Pesta
This Wednesday, 7pm at Shore Diner
6710 Tilton Road (corner of Fire Road near Parkway Exit 36)
Egg Harbor Township, NJ  08234

No charge, but please order and pay for dinner off the menu and tip your server.
Please RSVP with Steve Jones at  Or leave a message at (609) 927-7333. Feel free to contact him for details.    Thanks.
Seth Grossman, Executive Director
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Seth Grossman on why the “Convention of the States” should concern us.

Our U.S. Constitution provides two methods to amend or change it. They are both found in Article V.   One is for 2/3 of both houses of Congress to propose amendments.   The other is for 2/3 of the State Legislatures to "call a Convention for proposing Amendments".  Amendments proposed by either method become effective "when ratified by the Legislatures of 3/4 of the states by Conventions in 3/4 thereof".

Our Constitution was amended 18 times since it was first adopted in 1787.   The first ten amendments were adopted together as our "Bill of Rights" in 1791.   It was then amended 17 times during the next 227 years.  Each of those 27 amendments was proposed by 2/3 of both houses of Congress.  So far, the states never called a "Convention of States" or "Constitutional Convention" to amend our Constitution.

During the past few years, several well known conservatives proposed a "Convention of States" (Constitutional Convention) to amend or change our Constitution.  They claim that such a convention can propose amendments with good ideas like term limits and limits on borrowing and spending. 

However,  Communists, socialists, and "progressive" Democrats also want to change our Constitution.   They are proposing many bad ideas.  They want to get rid of the First Amendment so that "hate speech" (speech by anyone who disagrees with them) can be punished like it is in Europe, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.  They want to get rid of the 2d Amendment and outlaw all private gun ownership.    They want to get rid of the 10th Amendment that limits the power of the federal government.  They want to get rid of the Electoral College so a handful of big, socialist "sanctuary states" like California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey can pick all future Presidents.

If we have a "Convention of States" to propose changes to our Constitution, who would control it?  Whose proposed amendments would come out of it?   Even if 3/4 of all states fail to ratify bad amendments, there will be enormous pressure to change the ratification process if the big socialist states with a majority of the population support them.    Look at how they are already undermining  the  Electoral College!

Since 2014, Legislatures in 29 states adopted resolutions calling for a "Convention of States" to change our Constitution. There will be a Constitutional Convention if 2/3 (34) or just 5 more states adopt the resolution.

Most conservatives agree that America was great when our Constitution was understood, respected, and enforced as written.   We also agree that most Senators, Members of Congress, Judges, and State and Local Officials today routinely ignore and violate our Constitution.   Why not work to elect officials who will  "preserve, protect, and defend" our Constitution?   If those officials ignore the clear written language of the Constitution we have now, why would they respect and comply with a different Constitution?

Last year, our organization voted overwhelmingly to oppose any "Convention of States".  However, during the past few breakfasts, several guests and members asked us to talk about this issue again.

For that reason, we are having a special two hour breakfast program on the Convention of States Issue this Saturday, March 23.  We will begin at our regular 9:30AM time.   There will be special video presentations and speakers during the first hour moderated by Steve Jones.     There will be an optional Question and Answer session and discussion for those who wish to stay during the next hour. from 10:30AM to 11:30AM.

If you like our work, please support us with a tax deductible donation or be a $30 per year supporting member.   Pay online at, or at any Saturday Breakfast Discussion.   Or mail or drop off your check at our Somers Point office.   Thanks!

For More Information contact:

Seth Grossman, Executive Director

Learn how a South Jersey Tea Party group took control of their local government

Stafford's "Tea Party" Took Control of Local Government Last November.  Last Week, They Ousted Establishment's Local Republican Club.  Learn How They Did It.

Stafford Township at Parkway Exit 63 has 26,000 residents.  It includes Manahawkin and Beach Haven West.  In 2010, a handful of conservatives including Mike Mazzucca, Tom Steadman, Eric Libenschek, Steve Jeffries, and Greg Myhre formed a Tea Party Group there. After being ignored and ridiculed by local and county GOP officials, they organized and worked.

They raised money, they ran for public office.  They did not run and lose as "independents".  They instead joined an existing party, and used Primary Elections to take it over.   In 2015, they lost by less than 100 votes, but they did not give up.  They stayed active for the next 3 years and ran again last June.  They formed a column on the ballot with U.S. Senate and House candidates Brian Goldberg and Seth Grossman called “Ocean County MAGA Republicans”.   They won “Column A” in the ballot position lottery.

These “MAGA Republicans” won last June.  Then they beat the Democrats (and sore loser Republicans who backed them) in November.  This week, this former “Tea Party” group was recognized by Ocean County GOP leaders as the official local Republican Club in Stafford Township.  The local Establishment Republican Club that opposed them to the bitter end was ousted.

Seth Grossman is Guest Hosting for John DeMasi tomorrow, Saturday March 16 on WPGG Radio.  DeMasi's “Talk With a Purpose” is 3 hours of live 2-Way Talk Radio from 9AM to 12 Noon.  Learn about how the Stafford Tea Party took over their local government.  WPGG Radio is heard in most of South Jersey at 1450AM and 104.1FM.  Or anywhere online at