Veterans Day 101 years ago: The Final Hours

Monday is Veterans Day. Originally called Armistice Day, it celebrates the end of the Great War – World War One – at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, one hundred and one years ago. Today it is a holiday to honor all military veterans.

Now let’s go back to the final hours of that day, 101 years ago…

The last three soldiers to die in the Great War -- representing the British Empire (Canada), France, and the United States.

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them." (For the Fallen, by Laurence Binyon)

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt: 20 reasons to Vote Republican on Tuesday

Over on the New Jersey Globe website, editor David Wildstein assures us that New Jersey is still a two-party state, with the caveat that the GOP might not be one of those two parties. Wildstein’s words must be taken seriously, for whatever his faults, he has a laudable record as a campaign manager and operative. He even managed to get elected himself.

Under Governor Chris Christie, the New Jersey Republican Party functioned as a kind of cult of personality. If you were around for earlier GOP administrations, you would have recognized the difference. So far as legislative seats are concerned, this didn’t work all that well even while Christie was Governor.

Post-Christie, New Jersey Republicans have suffered from a crisis of identity. This has been exacerbated by two things. The first, of course, is Donald Trump – the face of the national Republican Party. Many New Jersey Republicans don’t know how to explain him or fit even the positive aspects of his hegemony into a local narrative. They got out of the habit of having big vision ideas or policies – so that they can’t even effectively change the subject.

This brings us to the second… the rise of South Jersey Democrats as a kind of opposition party to the Democrats of Governor Phil Murphy. As they did with the so-called “Clean Elections” gambit, they pose as “reformers” who are “pro-business” and “pro-taxpayer” – with watchwords like “efficiency”. In reality, they are an old-world political machine, fueled by crony capitalism and soft corruption (at the very least). Their model is the one-party state, with a relationship between political power and business that resembles something out of Red China… or National Socialist Germany.

But at least they have ideas and policies, many of which are attractive to business, so they occupy an alternative ground to the Murphy Democrats’ collectivist and confiscatory impulses. On social issues they are equally disreputable. Their refusal to post the Human Trafficking & Child Exploitation Prevention Act for a vote shows that they monetize anything to please a supplicant corporate interest. Just keep the money flowing… and suffer the children.

Which brings us to a post over the weekend on Matt Rooney’s Save Jersey website. In it, NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt provides an outline of why voters should choose Republican candidates over Democrats this coming Tuesday.

It really is a good list, and Matt did a great service publishing it. With due acknowledgement to Matt and to Chairman Steinhardt, we are re-publishing it below:

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 2.04.03 PM.png

State Republican Chairman Doug Steinhardt

#20: New Jersey Has The Worst Foreclosure Rate In The U.S.
Phil Murphy and Democrats have had full control of the state house for 2 years now. Their liberal agenda has produced the highest foreclosure rate in the country. New Jersey is too expensive, and Phil Murphy, who said “If … tax rate is your issue … we’re probably not your state,” is too aloof, for hard working families to afford their homes. This is the danger of one-party rule in Trenton.

#19: Governor Murphy Tried To Steal Money From Firefighter Burial Fund
The NJGOP is proud to fight alongside New Jersey’s first responders, especially after their Governor tried to pay for his laundry list of liberal handouts by stealing $33 million from the Firemen’s Association burial fund. And even though his screwball scheme failed, Phil Murphy’s last second retreat can’t erase his blatant disregard for the hard working men and women who risk their lives to protect our lives. New Jersey voters should be shocked and appalled, but then, hey, this is the same Governor who, last week, said, “If … tax rate is your issue … we’re probably not your state.” You shouldn’t be our Governor either, and your Party’s policies are killing our State.

#18: New Jersey Has The Lowest Mainland US GDP Growth
Governor Murphy’s job-killing regulations and ever-expanding tax burden is leaving New Jersey’s economy hobbled and lagging behind the rest of mainland America. While the US economy is booming, New Jersey is failing. Trenton needs business-minded conservatives to bring a common sense check to Governor Murphy’s unbalanced budget.

#17: Phil Murphy Blew The Amazon Bid
Just weeks after New Jersey Democrats passed Phil Murphy’s billion plus dollar tax hikes, Amazon passed on New Jersey and put its HQ2 in New York and Virginia. Governor Murphy’s liberal lunacy cost thousands of well-paying jobs and a chance to revitalize our state’s biggest city. But this is the same Governor who maintains, “If … tax rate is your issue … we’re probably not your state.”

#16: Phil Murphy’s Online Sales Tax
Phil Murphy calls New Jersey a high tax for high value state, but Democrats are squeezing out what little value is left. If it walks, talks, ships, shoots, rides, drives, eats or roots, New Jersey’s daft Democrats devise a devilish way to tax it. Under the Murphy Administration, New Jersey residents now pay an internet sales tax. But, this is the same Governor who says, “If … tax rate is your issue … we’re probably not your state.”

#15: NJ Transit Fail
If a good executive keeps the trains running on time, Phil Murphy isn’t – good. New Jersey Transit is rated among the least reliable nationally. And even though Governor Murphy has the power to change it, he can’t. That’s because he’s more interested in liberal headlines than commuter wait times. People spend more time commuting than they do with their families. The system is so bad that even Democrats are investigating Murphy’s abject failure.

#14: Hiring Corrupt Officials
We should be throwing corruption out of government, not welcoming it back in. When Governor Murphy hired into his administration a former public official convicted of taking bribes, he called it the new normal. Never! The bar should never be so low. At a time when we should be building the public’s trust in government, Phil Murphy is tearing it down.

#13: Sky Blue Soccer Scandal
Governor Murphy preaches public equality, but fails miserably to practice it privately. As the owner of a women’s soccer team, Phil Murphy oversaw a team that was so badly treated that the Star Ledger equated the player’s conditions to a sweatshop. These professional women were housed in impoverished conditions, played without simple resources, like locker-room showers, and refused payment on their medical bills. That’s not stronger and fairer, that’s weaker and poorer.

#12: Legal Aid For Illegal Immigrants
The NJGOP will not ignore Governor Murphy while he scoffs at federal immigration laws for the sake of his personal political agenda. He has funneled millions of taxpayer dollars into state sponsored legal aid for illegal immigrants while hardworking, middle-class New Jersey residents miss another opportunity for tax relief. But this is the same Governor who says, “If … tax rate is your issue … we’re probably not your state.

#11: So-Called Free College
Phil Murphy’s promise of free college tuition is the classic political bait and switch. He dangles the feels-good carrot of “free education”, then beats New Jersey’s already battered taxpayers with his tax hike stick. Two years of free tuition for a lifetime of tax increases isn’t a bargain. It’s another bad deal that New Jersey can’t afford. Then again, all this is from a Governor who said, “If tax rate is your issue … we’re probably not your State.” That’s not leadership Governor. It’s what millionaires say to the middle class.

#10: Sanctuary State
Phil Murphy can’t pay for his progressive platitudes with the health, safety and welfare of New Jersey families. The Governor and the Attorney General should encourage cooperation between law enforcement agencies at all levels. Instead, they weaponize the Attorney General’s office and are taking aim at our County Sheriffs. Millions of innocent New Jerseyans depend on law enforcement to keep them safe from predators, drug dealers and violent criminals, but Phil Murphy will ignore them for a progressive headline.

#9: Worst Employment Rate In The Region
America’s economy is booming and our neighboring states are thriving, but New Jersey lags behind. Evidence continues to mount that New Jersey is teetering on the edge of an economic meltdown, but Governor Phil Murphy is stuck in a tax and spend trance. He is oblivious to, or simply ignores, the State’s affordability crisis and the crippling effect it’s having on New Jersey families. That was on full display at Rowan College in October, when the Governor let slip, “If tax rate is your issue … we’re probably not your State.” If you want more blind, political indifference, elect more Democrats this November, but if you want honest answers to the State’s real problems, vote Republican.

#8: Largest out migration of retirees, businesses and residents
Governor Murphy’s radical, liberal policies aren’t just emptying wallets, they’re emptying nests. More jobs and people are leaving New Jersey than any other State in America. Millionaire Phil Murphy is so disconnected from New Jersey’s working and middle classes that he let slip that, “If tax rate is your issue … we’re probably not your State.” Trenton’s Democrats share Phil Murphy’s callous indifference, so if you want honest answers to the State’s real problems, elect Republicans.

#7: Highest property and income tax rates in the US
Phil Murphy inherited a state with high taxes, but he campaigned on a promise for a stronger and fairer New Jersey. In reality, his radical tax hikes and progressive platitudes make us weaker and poorer. His solution is to tell working and middle class families, who can’t afford his high tax agenda, to move. But why move when we can vote? We need leaders in Trenton who will have the courage to reduce the size of state government and create real tax relief. On November 5, vote Republican.

#6: Ride Share Tax
Ride sharing has revolutionized urban and suburban transportation. Innovative new companies like Uber and Lyft provide safe rides home, affordable transportation for people who don’t own a car, and help stop drunk driving. So, how does Governor Murphy reward successful new businesses providing valuable services? He taxes them! That’s Phil Murphy’s New Jersey. If you don’t like it or can’t afford it, he says you’re welcome to leave. Don’t like the choices? Vote Republican instead. We can do better.

#5: Second Amendment Attacks
Governor Murphy’s political obsession with appeasing the radical, anti-gun lobby can’t come at the expense, or from the pockets, of New Jersey’s law abiding citizens for simply exercising their Second Amendment right to own a firearm. In his haste to punish legal gun owners, he’s proven unwilling and unable to deal with the scourge of gun crime, opting instead to criminalize lawful gun ownership. Taxes, fees and laws must have a rational nexus to a legitimate government purpose, and not just be a back channel to pay for feel-good, liberal giveaways. No Governor is empowered to choose which constitutional rights matter and which don’t and where Phil Murphy will trample long standing rights in his quest to replace them, the NJGOP will fight alongside grassroots Republicans to defend those rights.

#4: Shore Rental Tax
This year, among Governor Phil Murphy’s multitude of new taxes, he signed a tax on Jersey Shore vacation rentals. The NJGOP called on the Governor to refund to the moms and pops who were forced to pay it, the money he was so quick to take. In response, he ignored us, and them. It seems this was just another Democrat money grab that hit hardest in communities still recovering from Superstorm Sandy.

#3: Second Most Miserable State
The most miserable state in the Union is California. Governor Murphy has said he wants New Jersey to be the California of the east. So, it’s no surprise we’re number two. Under Phil Murphy, New Jersey is the second most miserable state in America. People in New Jersey are struggling with affordability. We have the highest foreclosure rate, and one in four families goes hungry. So, when our Governor says that, “If tax rate is your issue … we’re probably not your state,” it hurts. New Jerseyans need hope for a better tomorrow, but they won’t find it in our state’s Democrat Party. This year, vote for the party that still has New Jersey pride and honest answers to our state’s real problems. Vote Republican.

#2: Corporate Business Tax
New Jersey has the worst business climate in America. We lead the nation, not just in the outmigration of residents, but in the outmigration of jobs. We’ve suffered the exodus of leading corporations, like Honeywell and Gerber, who uproot and run for low cost states like North Carolina and Virginia. We even lost the bid for Amazon’s HQ2. When Governor Murphy hikes the corporate business tax by over $1 billion it signals to business owners that they can’t count on New Jersey for stability, predictability or affordability. But then this is the Governor who said, “If tax rate is your issue … whether you’re a business or an individual … we’re probably not your state.

#1: Rain Tax
A rainy day fund used to be what responsible government collected for emergencies. Not anymore. Not in New Jersey. And not under Governor Murphy. Today, it’s just another Democratic property tax and Trenton money grab. Instead of feeding your families, Phil Murphy’s rain tax scheme drains money from your pockets and pours it into Trenton’s coffers, to feed Murphy’s liberal agenda. None of that should come as a surprise, since the Governor let slip that, “If tax rate is your issue … we’re probably not your state.”

Please visit the Save Jersey website here:

What happens after Tuesday will determine whether this is a first step on the road to an actual party platform… or if it was a one-off, albeit a very strong and persuasive one. Stay tuned…

Marks & Pappas argue: Far-Left Democrats are preferable to Moderate Republicans

A precedent is being set within New Jersey’s Republican family. It is the precedent of fratricide. That if you disagree on issues of substance – or even those of perceived “loyalty” to a national figure or, dare we say it in New Jersey, the national party platform (for there is none here) – then it is okay to kill your fellow Republican outside the arena of the primary.

The tradition of old was that these matters were settled in the internecine contests in June and that afterwards both winners and losers joined together in commonality to defeat the real enemy, the common foe. This method was created by men who had been to war, who had trained hard, unit pitted against unit, who had their likes and dislikes even within their own unit, but who understood that they had to put all that aside and fight together – if they wanted to survive.

But the draft ended a long time ago – before many in politics today were even born – and military service is no longer the commonplace it once was. Now we hold grudges, nurse them, fondle them, and make them the reason why.

And so we come to Martin Marks and Harry Pappas. They have formed a third ticket in the District 21 Assembly race. Like the Democrat Party candidates, they are running against incumbent Republicans Jon Bramnick and Nancy Munoz.

Marks is a former Republican mayor and Pappas is a former Democrat county chairman. Both have publicly stated that their campaign is about defeating the incumbent Republicans. Marks and Pappas acknowledge they have no chance of winning themselves and indeed they have not even taken the necessary measures to mount a serious campaign in terms of resources, organization, policies, or time.

Marks and Pappas are present in the race for the purpose of killing the Republicans. And in killing the Republicans, Marks and Pappas will play an important role in electing Democrat candidates Lisa Mandelblatt and Stacey Gunderman.

They are not just any Democrats. They are pink pussy-hat wearing members of Action Together New Jersey – a far-Left organization that supports the policies of the so-called “Jihad Squad”, so often criticized by President Donald Trump. They support Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ Green New Deal and are actively cohabitating with an Islamic group that campaigns for the anti-Semitic BDS Movement. This group has been designated a “terrorist” organization by one of America’s closest Islamic allies – and we have just sent troops there and they are actively engaged!

How can helping to engineer the election of two such dangerous, far-Left Democrats be thought of as a “conservative” act? It is an act of delusion by anyone advancing it.

Whether you like him or not, Jon Bramnick is the Republican Leader in the Assembly, and as such, he is our Colonel. If you have a disagreement with your commanding officer, you do not replace him by allowing the enemy to kill him.

Harry Pappas is clearly a fellow-traveler of the Left. His actions on behalf the Democrats are transparent. Worse is the so-called “idealism” expressed by Martin Marks. This “idealism” is like that of Jane Fonda, who hated the policies of her country so much that she called for the execution of American military personnel.

In killing the candidacy of Nancy Munoz, Martin Marks will be derailing one of the most important issues on the agenda of social conservatives: The Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act. Assemblywoman Munoz is the legislation’s prime sponsor in the Assembly and its most outspoken proponent.

Both the U.S. State Department and the United Nations have warned about the rise in human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women and children. These and other national and international agencies have warned against the kind of porous borders created as the result of policies like Governor Phil Murphy’s illegal Sanctuary State scheme.

Due to the hard work of legislators like Assemblywoman Munoz – and activists like Rev. Mandy Leverett, Rev. Greg Quinlan, Rev. Dominick Cuozzo, Rev. Phil Rizzo, Gabriella Brandeal, Josh Jalinski, Barb Dedeyn, Theresa Yarosh, and many others – the Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act has enough bi-partisan support to become law. The defeat of Assemblywoman Munoz at the hands of Marks & Pappas/ Mandelblatt & Gunderman would be a horrible set-back for those currently enslaved or about to be enslaved by human traffickers.

Martin Marks should have taken this into consideration before launching his petulant jihad against those with whom he has some disagreement, on behalf of those with whom he agrees on nothing. As in the Vietnam War – to any thinking man – the sins of your own should always be preferable to the tyranny of others.

Rev. Mandy Leverett has been working with victims across New Jersey – from all walks of life. Marks should have talked with her and met some of those victims before deciding to bring down the Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act.

But all that is past now. Martin Marks has done what he has done –aided or guided by ex-Democrat Party boss Harry Pappas. The question now becomes… Who will follow him? Who will compound this?

A precedent is being set within New Jersey’s Republican family. It is the precedent of fratricide.

Bhimani, Draeger, Mandelblatt, Fortgang, Lykins… The One Percenters of the so-called “Resistance”

Once upon a time, Marxism was pretty clear about who the “enemy” was. It was the rich. Money equaled power and influence to make the world as you wished it to be – to serve you and to make you feel good about yourself (while enjoying all the best food, the best housing, the best education, the best creature comforts, the best life style). Money even gave you the power to extract sex from unwilling victims… just ask BIG Democrat donor and “Friend of Hillary” Harvey Weinstein.

During the 1960’s a group of Leftist academics – tenured, cosseted, well-off and wanting to remain so – devised a new “Marxism” that replaced the central tenet of “class” with that of “identity”. Economic status no longer mattered. Now it was all about your gender, your color, or who you slept with. It was a neat trick and one that allowed a class of increasingly prosperous academics and those they launched on professional careers to remain “Marxists” while growing increasingly rich.

In place of the traditional bogeyman of the working classes – the rich – these new “Marxists” offered something called the “White Race”. Suddenly the very peasants and workers who launched Soviet Marxism in 1917 were the enemy, based solely on their skin color. It didn’t matter if you were a mill worker or a miner or a subsistence farmer in Appalachia… you were one of the hated “privileged” class.

Yes, a lot of blind faith was required to accept such nonsense – and a lot of ignorance to the facts and actual conditions of how people lived, regardless of their skin color or gender or sexual habits. Reflecting on his own Marxism of the 1930’s, the poet W.H. Auden noted the religious aspect of it. Similarly, this new “Marxism” took on a theological bent, as more and more faith was required to maintain it.

Enter the repentant sinners…

In some religions, “good works” are the pathway to salvation. And so it was for our new “Marxists”. And who is in the best position to do “good works”? Why the rich of course. They can spread money about like fertilizer.

And so, little by little, the very richest amongst those guilty of “white privilege” escaped its taint. They and their families, their corporations and institutions, fell into the column of those “saved through good works”. They got a pass when, for instance, they poisoned a generation with opioids. Or when they deliberately marketed a product that caused uterine cancer. Or when they passed laws to collect taxes in poor neighborhoods that led to young men being killed. They were not held responsible… it was that vast “white privileged class” that was responsible, as if one’s skin color had the capacity to fill one’s belly.

And strangely enough, herded together as part of those hated people of “privilege” were members of religious and ethnic groups who had suffered the most appalling persecution in the history of man. We wonder if, while exempting themselves, are these new “Marxists” giving leave for a new persecution of these groups, based on designations such as “of color” or “not of color”?

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist…

And the greatest trick the One-Percenters who now make up the “new” Left have pulled is to convince people that economic class matters less than skin color. That being George Soros doesn’t imply “privilege” but that the weather-beaten white skin of a homeless veteran does.

You can see this at work in New Jersey, where – to an unprecedented degree – One Percenters dominate the Democrat Party and account for its most woke candidates. And we’re not just talking about Governor “Goldman-Sachs” Murphy, who is happy to excuse criminal behavior in a politician if he is of the right identity group. Or Congressman Tom Malinowski, who bangs on endlessly about the sins of “white privilege” while ignoring his genuinely privileged – economically privileged – background.

Just look at this harvest of woke “resistance fighter” Assembly candidates the Democrats are putting up to address the sins of “privilege”. You could not find a more economically privileged bunch if you tried.

In District 25, there’s Lisa Bhimani – who went to Brown University, has a degree in medicine that she doesn’t need to use, because she is so rich. How rich? Rich enough to have a $1.6 million condo in Manhattan to hang in when she’s shopping in NYC. Her husband is… wait for it… the Managing Director at JP Morgan Chase.

You remember those guys, don’t you? They helped crash the world’s economy in 2008. Lay-offs, unemployment, foreclosures followed. Not for them though, they bought their $1.6 million condo after the crash. Nice.

Lisa Bhimani’s running mate is Darcy Draeger… of Wall Street. Draeger’s daddy was a newspaper executive and she worked in New York City for the Swiss UBS Investment Bank. During her time at UBS, the bank got up to some mischief and attracted the attention of federal investigators. In 2015, UBS pleaded guilty to the “biggest financial scam in history”. Cool.

Nowadays, Draeger calls herself a “farmer” – although her “farm” appears to be little more than a way to avoid paying the full whack in property taxes. We’re sure that Draeger herself will admit that her farm is nothing like the farms she remembers growing up in the Midwest. She bought her farm six years ago, for $1.3 million. 1.7 acres are fully taxed at $23,572 a year (2017). 9 acres are taxed at $25.65 (2017). According to the USDA, the average size of a “small” sustainable family farm is 231 acres. Hey, we aren’t judging… but you do seem mighty darn privileged to us.

Over in District 21, we have Democrat Lisa Mandelblatt, whose husband was Managing Director at Lehman Brothers when it went bankrupt… and crashed the world’s economy. Ouch.

And what can’t you say about Laura Fortgang? She practically started her own New Age religion – while teaching the Masters-of-the-Universe how to better shill their b.s. to a public already drowning in their b.s. A remarkable person, if you go for that kind of happy-clappy, rainbow-fantasy nonsense that obfuscates the genuine problems faced by the vast majority of working stiffs. Fortgang is hoping to ride her winged unicorn of delusion into office in District 26.

In District 24 the Democrats have found a Lobbyist for the insurance industry to represent them. Deana Lykins actually lobbied to screw the surviving family members of fallen first responders out of their benefits. That’s right, the insurance industry she worked for needed to make a little more profit on top of their already obscene profits – so screw those working class first responders. Heck, some of them are white and therefor guilty of the most heinous privilege!

This is the Democrat Party in New Jersey. A party who once claimed to represent the “working class” but who now just represent various “identities” – led by One Percenters.

And what of the working class? Who represents them? Well… nobody, of course, especially the white ones – privileged as they are.

In his book, White-Collar Government: The Hidden Role of Class in Economic Policy Making, Duke University's Nick Carnes points out that while upwards of 65 percent of citizens are "working class" and 54 percent are employed in a blue-collar occupation, just 2 percent of the members of Congress and 3 percent of state legislators held blue-collar jobs at the time of their election. Is this “Resistance” movement beginning to feel more like a “counter-revolution” to you too? A long-suffering working class, under-represented in Congress and the Legislature, screwed-over by BOTH political parties votes for Obama in 2008 (and is promptly screwed again) then in its pain and desperation turns to Trump in 2016… and now the “Resistance” has come, to put us all back in our place!

Hey Democrats… how about some diversity?

Are we one generation away from scrapping the First Amendment?

Journalist Collin Anderson did some excellent work reporting on a recent poll conducted by The Campaign for Free Speech. According to the poll, a majority of Americans believe the First Amendment should be rewritten and are willing to restrict free speech, as well as the media. Anderson writes:

More than 60 percent of Americans agree on restricting speech in some way, while a slim majority, 51 percent, want to see the First Amendment rewritten to "reflect the cultural norms of today."

The Campaign for Free Speech said the results "indicate free speech is under more threat than previously believed." Bob Lystad, the group’s executive director added: "The findings are frankly extraordinary. Our free speech rights and our free press rights have evolved well over 200 years, and people now seem to be rethinking them." Anderson continued:

Of the 1,004 respondents, young people were the most likely to support curbing free expression and punishing those who engage in "hate speech." Nearly 60 percent of Millennials—respondents between the ages of 21 and 38—agreed that the Constitution "goes too far in allowing hate speech in modern America" and should be rewritten, compared to 48 percent of Gen Xers and 47 percent of Baby Boomers. A majority of Millennials also supported laws that would make "hate speech" a crime—of those supporters, 54 percent said violators should face jail time.

Hostility towards the First Amendment did not stop at speech. Many would also like to see a crackdown on the free press. Nearly 60 percent of respondents agreed that the "government should be able to take action against newspapers and TV stations that publish content that is biased, inflammatory, or false." Of those respondents, 46 percent supported possible jail time.

Here is a five-minute explanation of the First Amendment by constitutional attorney Floyd Abrams…

In an era of politically-correct curricula – with laws like the one that Governor Phil Murphy and Democrat legislative leaders used to force a silly LGBTQ curriculum on New Jersey school districts – it is clear from the numbers above that we are forgetting to teach the basics of citizenship. The maintenance of our Bill of Rights and the preservation of American freedoms depends on electing the right people to the Legislature and to local school boards. School boards are a vital line of defense in the effort to curb the embrace of openly fascist, anti-freedom ideologies by future generations.

What we teach America’s children is now more important than ever.