The Rogers-Murphy alliance. Is Rogers off his rocker?

Maybe he really believes his own bullshit?  Maybe he thinks he really is the Steve Rogers?  The Captain America of the comic books!

Rogers reminds us a lot of Dick LaRossa.  They both ran non-campaign campaigns for statewide office.  LaRossa got 25,608 in the 1996 GOP primary for U.S. Senate and came in last place.  Rogers got 14,187 in last year's GOP primary for Governor and came in last place.

Otherwise, Rogers is a candidate from central casting.  He looks like a Governor.  He's an attractive man.  Something tells us that he knows it. 

But he came in last, and like every attractive person who is rebuffed and who cannot understand why, Steve Rogers now carries around with him the burden of having been offended by the world-at-large.  And so you get pronouncements like the one today:

"During the 2016 presidential election many of us worked very hard to elect Donald Trump to the presidency. Sadly, there were too many Trenton politicians who didn’t stand with us when they could have. I won’t be endorsing any of them,” said Rogers, who ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2017. “I am, however, willing to endorse candidates who will support President Trump’s efforts to Make America Great Again. To that end, I’m pleased to endorse Tony Ghee, a fellow military officer, an outsider from the swamp, and a man who will energize our party in 2018 and beyond. The GOP must begin to embrace and engage people from all walks of life. In my view, Tony Ghee is the face of a new dynamic GOP that will welcome the Republicans long forgotten by the establishment. I support Tony because I have full faith in him. He will help Make American and New Jersey Great Again."

Come again? 

You are endorsing someone who wouldn't tell a group of Republican Trump supporters who he voted for in the 2016 Presidential election, which means one of three things:  (1) He voted for Hillary Clinton, (2) he voted for Donald Trump but is ashamed of saying so, or (3) he skipped over that office or voted for a third party candidate.  In any case, Rogers should cut the Trump shit.

Hey, we LOVE Tony Ghee and think he will make a great candidate... one day.  But you can't get much "swampier" than being hand-picked by a corrupt convict of a party boss.  That doesn't make you an "outsider" -- it makes you a ward heeler.

Now Tony is young and new and idealistic, and isn't used to traveling in the low-life circles he now inhabits.  He's a good family man and an upstanding member of the community.  How is he to know what lurks behind the grin of that cherubic, whiskey drinking, boss?

Peter Murphy, the GOP party boss of Passaic County and the man who recruited young Tony Ghee, is the kind of guy who will cut the throat of his own candidate if there is a deal to be had.  He's done it before and he'll do it again.  Tony will learn.

As for the rest of Rogers' blather, may we remind him that the NJGOP is still in the process of getting over an eight-year cult of personality.  Let's not make our party about cult personalities or demographic groups.  We are a party of ideas.

Ronald Reagan wasn't a cult figure.  We didn't elect him and then learn what he was about.  Reagan was the culmination of a decades-long process of discussing and testing ideas.  The ideas carried Reagan.

Ideas matter -- and it is on his ideas that we should judge Tony Ghee.  Now he's new, and hasn't had time to consider much of what a candidate needs to consider, but he needs to start.  Because Tony, you are not running to be a celebrity, you are running for Congress -- to go there and vote on ideas that will have a profound impact on our economy and culture.

So don't let a convict do your thinking for you.  No good will come of that.

Ending School Shootings and Suicide

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 11.50.56 AM.png

Many years ago, back on June 6, 1956, the townspeople of Minoa, NY gathered together in the high school auditorium in what was described by event emcee and WFPL radio personality Bill Tharp as the “largest gathering he’s ever seen in the town”. The event was to honor Frank Maxwell on his retirement as a teacher and principal. Through meticulous planning and research, a “This is your Life – Frank Maxwell” program was presented with scenes of Mr. Maxwell’s life and testimonials from notable guests consisting of family, friends, colleagues and former students all providing their fondest memories. The entire town pitched in to buy Mr. Maxwell a new TV and a brand-new Oldsmobile to enjoy during his retirement.

Among the testimonials from former students were stories about how Mr. Maxwell saved school documents during a school fire by charging into the building and recovering important records and barely making it out alive. How he would personally drive the high schoolers to sports events and farm show contests. But the most compelling testimonials would be from students who were, what we would call today, at-risk students. These students shared stories of difficulties in their youth that were leading them to a life definitely heading in the wrong direction. Many of these kids were poor, but some were not. Some came from intact families, some not. All of them had one thing in common – a story of how the high school principal never gave up on them. Of how he would visit them at their homes and kept in touch with them long after graduation to monitor their progress. They all attributed whatever success they had in life to the personal intervention of Mr. Maxwell.

There were no school shootings, bombings or suicides at Minoa High School during those years.

Join us in making schools a safe place for your children.  


Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 11.52.02 AM.png

Flash forward 62 years to the present day and what do we have?

High schools built to industrial-size scale that are overcrowded, overstimulating, and alienating to many students. You have an army of school counselors, psychologists, assessors, consultants, lawyers, networks of alternative schools to serve the needs for so called at-risk students.  You have taxpayer-funded professional resources that are seemingly unlimited. Yet, as we know we still have students so angry, so despondent, so alienated, so fraught with feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness that they direct their destructive actions inward and commit suicide, or outward and engage in school shootings or bombings. This is all too common across the country.

Exhibit 1 is the tragic story of Nikolas Cruz. We note the early diagnoses of autism, developmental delay, and ADHD. He experienced the trauma of watching his father die of a cardiac arrest at the age of 5. We are aware of the endless bullying and ridicule he endured at home and at school. We are aware of the long record of anti-social and violent behavior triggered by the trauma of being bullied and ridiculed in the public-school system.  We know of his transfer to a school for special-needs students, Cross Creek, where for two years, free of the bullying and ridicule, and taken under the tutelage of a caring industrial arts teacher, he improved. The violent outbursts dissipated. Tragically, as it turns out, after two years he was returned to the mammoth public-school system (why?) where he was traumatized all over again with another round of abuse. Thus, began another set of school transfers but by now it was too late. The public school special education system failed him. Through his final school years professional after professional worked with him –  at arm’s length. All the right boxes were checked and procedures followed.  Yet apparently no one really wanted to get their hands dirty, make a personal investment in the boy, and protect him from the mistreatment. The end result was predictable. Either the anger and despondency would be directed inward – resulting in suicide, or outward, resulting in shootings of bombings.   Then as standard procedure would dictate, comes the heartfelt letter of remorse sent out to the community from the superintendent, just to show how much he cared and how the district is responding with grief counselors. Too little too late.  

Join us, be informed about what is going on in public schools regarding your children.  


Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 11.53.30 AM.png

Although many systems failed Nikolas, and much is said about lax gun laws, or failed police or FBI surveillance, little attention is directed towards a public-school system where children with special needs are attended to in a legal sense to avoid lawsuits, but are not truly valued and supported with their best interests in mind. Instead of box checking, superintendents and principals need to take personal responsibility for the students under their charge and quickly address situations where kids are alienated, mistreated, or abused by their classmates and do something about it.  

They should be held personally accountable, even to the point of dismissal, for the educational environment they provide for their students. They need to take a personal interest in all students and return any lost sheep back to the herd. Superintendents, principals, and staff should be trained accordingly and become trauma-informed so that clear signals are not overlooked, ignored, or buried to protect the staff and district reputation.   In short, we need to return to the Frank Maxwell model that worked so well of caring and nurturing every student to make them feel like the unique, precious and unrepeatable children that they are.  Long before the legal and law enforcement systems failed Cruz, the public-school system failed him even worse.  This youngster could and should have been saved and the killings prevented.  Society paid a horrible price for passing a youngster along at arms-length from school to school, from counselor to counselor, without the sincere attention, support and guidance of a school official like Frank Maxwell. 

No matter how large the school, each student must be provided with a school environment whereby they feel safe, secure, respected and are free of any type of bullying and harassment.   
We need to return to the Frank Maxwell model that worked so well in years past. If direct accountability and personal responsibility were to be ingrained in the public school system then there would be no need to discuss arming teachers, or changing gun laws. A basic attitude change is what is most needed.  In the Parkland shooting all the recriminations have been directed at law enforcement.   But long before the legal and law enforcement failed Nikolas Cruz, the public-school system failed him even worse.  

Please consider helping us defend the family


Passaic GOP outcome was more Putin than Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin's 77% win is being disputed as "fixed" and "undemocratic" by most Western observers.  Elections in modern democracies simply don't go that way.  Ronald Reagan won the biggest landslide in modern American history with 59% of the vote. 

Putin should have taken lessons from Passaic County GOP boss Peter Murphy, who engineered even more lop-sided wins for his chosen slate last week.  If Putin's 77% win was labeled "suspect" -- then what about the 82% Peter Murphy got for John McCann... or the 91% for Bob Hugin... or the 78% for Tony Ghee? 

And get a load of this.  There are 55,973 Republicans in Passaic County.

Guess how many got to vote in Peter Murphy's election?


23 out of 55,973

That's not an American election. 

The metro-sexual wing of the YR's obviously needs an education in basic American civics, because these assbandits called Peter Murphy's abomination an "election" and compared these 23 hand-picked insiders to the United States Congress.  Two examples should clear the dung from their brains.  When a vacancy occurs in the Legislature and that district's elected county committee members of the vacating legislator's party are called to appoint a successor, that person is never said to have been "elected" but rather, "selected".

New Jersey has an unelected judiciary, despite the fact that members of the State Senate vote on each nominee put forward by the Governor.  John McCann is telling yet another stupid lie when he puts out trash to the contrary.  But then, he is uniquely stupid fellow.

As for Peter Murphy, let's remember what then U.S. Attorney Chris Christie had to say about the critter:  "We are pleased with the end result here – that Mr. Murphy served a considerable amount of time in prison for crimes which he has finally acknowledged committing as Republican party chairman in Passaic County... For those crimes, Mr. Murphy has lost his prestige and power, nearly a year of freedom and now is a convicted felon."

Hey, get rid of all that Irish music you play at Murph's Bar and put on something that reflects who you really are...

John McCann and Peter Murphy... giving new meaning to the term "red state".

BlueJersey's Melli joins firm subpoenaed in Mueller's Russia probe

You probably read today that Mercury Public Affairs has hired Juan Melli as a Vice President.  Melli is the founder of, a former associate editor and columnist for David Wildstein's, and communications manager for Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Last year, Mercury Public Affairs was the subject of a subpoena in the on-going investigation into Russia's meddling in the United States presidential election in 2016.  According to the Washington Post, former FBI Director and Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller obtained the subpoenas seeking information about work Mercury had done for a pro-Putin political party in the Ukraine:

"The investigators asked Mercury for information about their public relations work at Manafort’s behest for a Brussels-based organization called the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine, which pushed for improved relations between Ukraine and European countries. The Brussels group primarily advanced the interests of a Russia-friendly Ukrainian political party that had been a client of Manafort’s before he joined the Trump campaign.

Mercury, which has prominent Republicans among its senior partners, had worked on the Ukraine lobbying project with the Podesta group, led by Anthony Podesta, brother of John Podesta, who led Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign."

The full article can be access below:

Melli joins several other members of the New Jersey political establishment at Mercury Public Affairs.  These include Mo Butler, United States Senator Cory Booker's campaign consultant, former chief of staff, and "longtime advisor"; Michael Soliman, United States Senator and former Chairman of the Senate Committee of Foreign Relations Robert Menendez's political advisor and former State Director; and Michael DuHaime, Governor Chris Christie's campaign consultant and someone who has worked on several Republican presidential campaigns.

Once upon a time, there were campaign managers who came up through the ranks alongside the politicians whose careers they helped to manage.  In Great Britain, they call them election "agents" and this is how they once operated in this country too -- wedded to the ups and downs of a particular political personality, often finding a job in the bureaucracy in between campaigns. 

From these manager/agents came the first campaign consultants.  Regional or statewide at first, but with the centralizing power of the national committees and national money there soon came to be the "national" consultant -- recommended by one of the party committees or put in place by them.  We recall a list, circa 1994, that the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) gave out, with the names of those "recommended" media consultants and pollsters on it. There were about a dozen names in all.

But as more money washed into DC and was funneled into campaigns, that changed.  Consultants proliferated and firms became larger.  Following the money, a few either merged with or morphed into public relations and lobbying (government relations) operations.  Why not?  Corporations paid big for access to politicians and there is nobody politicians love more than the person who got them elected.

It was only a matter of time that things went global.  And that is why these New Jersey political operatives became members of an international firm representing the interests of quite a few unsavory foreign governments.  Mercury Public Affairs is itself a subsidiary of an even larger international firm that handles the image-making for Russian President Vladimir Putin, receiving credit for, among other accomplishments, getting Putin's face on the cover of Time magazine -- as the "Person of the Year" for 2007.

Mercury Public Affairs began in 1999 as a decidedly Republican shop with connections to the RNC and politicians like John McCain and Mitt Romney, around 2013 it embarked on a mission to "diversify" -- meaning making the firm "more bipartisan and full-service."  Mike DuHaime joined the firm in 2009, first as a "managing director" but swiftly rising to partner.  Michael Soliman joined Mercury in 2013 and became a partner this year.  Mo Butler joined as a "managing director" in 2016.  Mercury Public Affairs has 10 partners and 160 employees.  Omnicom purchased Mercury in 2003.

Mercury Public Affairs has 18 offices worldwide -- including London; Mexico City; Washington, DC; New York; and Westfield, New Jersey.  The New Jersey offices (a satellite operates out of Trenton) of Mercury are the haunt of Messrs. DuHaime, Soliman, Butler, and other connected operatives like newspaperman Darryl Isherwood (former top political reporter for the Star-Ledger and editor of PolitickerNJ), and "Christie campaign vet" Mark Mowers. 

In January 2015, Michael Soliman registered with the United States Justice Department, pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, as a person representing the Embassy of the State of Qatar.  You must have read about Qatar in the news...Amnesty International has accused Qatar of being complicit in human trafficking and modern-day slavery.  Yes, slavery.  In fact, in March of 2016, the United Nations gave Qatar one year "to end migrant worker slavery" or face an international investigation. 

Qatar is just one of freedom's garden spots represented by Mercury Public Affairs.  Remember the controversy in Uganda, when the President of that country decided that homosexuality was a crime that should be punishable by death?  Well, the law he wanted passed was "moderated" in December 2013, substituting life imprisonment for the death penalty.   In 2015, Mercury was brought on to provide public relations, lobbying, and media monitoring services with regards to the Office of the President and the Ugandan government in general on subjects beginning with "human rights" and ending with "good governance."  For which the contract calls for Mercury to be compensated at the rate of $50,000 per month, with $150,000 up front.

Mercury also represents individuals.  Folks like Khalid bin Saqr Al Qasimi, who in 2003 led an anti-American demonstration in which he personally burned an American flag.  For its work, Mercury pocketed a $30,000 monthly retainer, plus expenses.

In January 2016, Mercury Public Affairs partner Morris Reid negotiated a contract with Amsterdam & Partners, an international law firm with offices in London and Washington, DC.  The document is marked "confidential and privileged" but is public information under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.  In August of 2015, Amsterdam & Partners signed a contract with the Turkish Ambassador to the United States to provide legal services related to a "matter of importance" to the embassy.  The government of Turkey paid Amsterdam a retainer of $50,000 a month.

While the contract stipulates that the greatest security and confidentiality be observed, under the terms of the contract between Amsterdam and Turkey, third parties may be hired "as the Firm and the Client agree in writing are necessary to further the Engagement."  And so, in March of 2016, Amsterdam hired Mercury to perform work on behalf of the Turkish government for $20,000 a month -- above and beyond what was being paid to Amsterdam by Turkey.  It is in the contract between Amsterdam & Partners and Mercury Public Affairs that we learn what all this cloak and dagger is in aid of:


The Amsterdam-Mercury contract references an "investigation into Fethullah Gulen and his organization in the United States."  So who is Fethullah Gulen?

Gulen has been in the news since the attempted coup in Turkey in 2016.  Gulen is a religious leader from Turkey, and a one-time political ally of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  Erdogan is the increasingly authoritarian and Islamist President of Turkey.  He has been repeatedly in the news for purging the judiciary, jailing journalists who write unflattering reports, and successfully intimidating the opposition.  Erdogan had a law passed to allow the government to ban websites and he has promised to "rip out the roots" of Twitter.  He has even attempted to censor speech in other nations, in 2015 Turkey demanding that Germany prosecute a poet who had written some verse critical of Erdogan.

Erdogan and Gulen had a falling out over allegations of political corruption by Erdogan in 2013.  Gulen's books were banned.  First, he was indicted on charges that a Turkish judge threw out, but then was indicted a few months later for treasonable offenses that carried the death penalty.  Gulen fled Turkey, came to the United States, and was convicted in absentia.  According to Wikipedia, Gulen was one of the first Muslim leaders to condemn the attacks on September 11, 2001, writing a "condemnation article" in the Washington Post, the next day.  He wrote:  "A Muslim cannot be a terrorist, nor can a terrorist be a true Muslim."

Gülen teaches a Hanafi version of Islam, deriving from Sunni Muslim scholar Said Nursi's teachings. Gülen has stated that he believes in science, interfaith dialogue among the People of the Book, and multi-party democracy.  He has initiated such dialogue with the Vatican and some Jewish organizations.

Gülen is actively involved in the societal debate concerning the future of the Turkish state, and Islam in the modern world. He has been described in the English-language media as an imam "who promotes a tolerant Islam which emphasises altruism, hard work and education" and as "one of the world's most important Muslim figures."

The government of Turkish President Erdogan has attempted to extradite Gulen back to Turkey to face punishment, but the government of the United States hasn't cooperated.  In the hours after the coup attempt, Erdogan was quick to blame Gulen, while Gulen put forward the theory that Erdogan had staged the coup himself in order to consolidate power.

The Associated Press identified Amsterdam & Partners (the firm Mercury is working for) as "lawyer(s) for the Turkish government" and quoted Robert Amsterdam:  "There are indications of direct involvement (in the coup attempt) by Fethullah Gulen."  Amsterdam added that he and his firm "have attempted repeatedly to warn the U.S. government of the threat posed (by Gulen)."  Amsterdam said that "according to Turkish intelligence sources, there are signs that Gulen is working closely with certain members of military leadership against the elected civilian government."

Why does Mercury Public Affairs want to be a part of extraditing a moderate cleric to satisfy the rage of an Islamist dictator?  The close relationships with powerful figures in American politics that many of Mercury's partners and employees enjoy is a matter for deep concern. Given who Mercury's relationship with American politicians and the confidential relationships they have with them, shouldn't some clients be out-of-bounds?

Wouldn't it be better if American political consultants stuck with helping to elect the best candidates to serve the American people?  With all this money from foreign powers floating around, at what point does a political advisor to an elected official in America find himself in an existential conflict of interest?

Murphy endorsement of McCann endangers Hugin

FACT:  There is one thing that rigs an election more than gerrymandering.  It is called "the line"


A few county party organizations in New Jersey (both Democrat and Republican) have usurped the actual government-prepared ballot so that they can use it to advertise who their "official" candidates are.  That's right.  A few party bosses in a few counties are using the taxpayer-funded ballot to "instruct" the voters of their party on how to vote.

This doesn't happen anywhere else in America, and it happens in New Jersey only because the state's unelected courts have allowed it to happen.  Of course, these are the same courts that have given us Abbott Districts (where all the money for education goes to a few counties controlled by urban political machines). Because of Abbott we have the highest property taxes in America.

If you want to know why you pay so much, look no further than "the line" which keeps the same corrupt party machines in power, selecting the same insider politicians, who make the judges who inhabit the courts.  So if you are content with paying the highest property taxes in America, keep supporting the same party bosses and go on voting "the line."

Candidate John McCann has defended this misuse of the official ballot by political party bosses.  He has done so even when the party boss is someone like Passaic County's Peter Murphy, who was convicted of public corruption and sent to prison.

Passaic County Republican Chairman Is Indicted on U.S. Bribery and ...

Dec 5, 2000 - The chairman of the Passaic County Republican Party was indicted today on federal bribery and mail fraud charges in a continuing investigation of the Republican-dominated county government that has already resulted in guilty pleas by two other officials. ... For most of that time ...

Once prosecuted by Christie, Passaic GOP power broker poised for ...

Jul 16, 2015 - Former Passaic GOP chairman Peter Murphy of Totowa ultimately plead guilty to mail fraud back in 2003 after a lengthy prosecution and conviction (the ... involving dishonesty or moral turpitude or which constitutes a felony in either the State of New Jersey, Federal jurisdiction or equivalent of same in ...

Why would anyone in their right mind support someone like Peter Murphy?  Isn't politics corrupt enough already?

Not only is "the line" an aberration used nowhere in America outside a few political machine controlled counties in New Jersey, it wouldn't pass muster in a Third World election overseen by the United Nations.  "The line" -- the Murphy/ McCann endorsed vehicle for public corruption -- is arguably in violation of several United Nations General Assembly Resolutions, including A/RES/46/137 (1991), A/RES/55/96 (2001), as well as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR, 1966).

So while we send American service men and women far from home to make the world "safe for democracy," a few county politicians in New Jersey are laughing at them by corrupted the process and are making a mockery of the sacrifice of those young lives.  They should be ashamed but corrupt party bosses like Passaic County's Peter Murphy are beyond shame.  And candidate John McCann is right there with them.

President Donald Trump was criticized recently for employing the term "shithole" to describe some Third World nations.  Well, as far as political processes go, there are quite a few "shithole" county party committees (both Democrat and Republican) who are making an effort to turn New Jersey into a political and economic "shithole."

GOP U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin is running on a platform with corruption as its centerpiece.  Can Hugin accept Peter Murphy's endorsement and run on Peter Murphy's slate, while making a serious argument against Senator Bob Menendez?  After all, Murphy was convicted and sent to prison, Menendez was not.

Bob Hugin shouldn't take our word for it, he should ask his friend and ally, former Governor Chris Christie, about Peter Murphy.  It was Christie who said of Murphy: "We are pleased with the end result here – that Mr. Murphy served a considerable amount of time in prison for crimes which he has finally acknowledged committing as Republican party chairman in Passaic County... For those crimes, Mr. Murphy has lost his prestige and power, nearly a year of freedom and now is a convicted felon."

Good luck playing this one down the middle, Mr. Hugin.


Bob Hugin's campaign staff enjoys the Saint Patrick's Day celebrations at convict Peter Murphy's bar.  (And these clowns want to piss on Bob Menendez?)