Malinowski supports “no-arrest for Terrorists” bill. Why?

Why have Democrats like Tom Malinowski signed-up to support legislation that would prevent federal authorities from arresting virtually anyone within 100 miles of the border, even if that person has committed a serious crime or is suspected of terrorist activities?

The legislation is the brainfart of the Senator from Kooky, the Honorable Dianne Feinstein.  It has one of those nice sounding names that the late Dr. Joseph Goebbels was so adept at coming up with.  No, it’s not the “Law for the Protection of German Women and Families” but rather the  “Keep Families Together Act.”

It is, as everything is these days, a reaction to President Donald Trump’s attempts to get a handle on our national borders.  You know… the borders… through which illegal narcotics, opioids, firearms, and other contraband flow when someone isn’t watching.  And that’s not counting the people smuggling also known as human trafficking, also known (by the United Nations and groups like Amnesty International) as modern slavery.  All those little things liberals don’t like to think about when they get their virtue-signaling on… like the trade in able-bodied workers for cheap labor, the trade in young women and girls for the sex industry (brothels, massage parlors, porn), the trade in children and infants for purchase.   

So all you folks out there who want to be down with Tom Malinowski listen up.  Here is Senator Feinstein herself, on MSNBC, admitting that her legislation is shit…

On June 18th on MSNBC, Sen. Dianne Feinstein admits that the current immigration proposal supported by all 49 members of the Senate Democratic caucus would prevent arrests being made within 100 miles of the US/ Mexico border.

See that… the Democrat admits the bill is a mess and that she would “take out” the part that Senator Susan Collins objected to… you know, the part of the bill that “would essentially prevent arrest within 100 miles of the border, even if the person has committed a serious crime or is suspected of terrorist activities.”

So how come Tom Malinowski… pretty Tom… Tom of the mirror… who is so handsome that he doesn’t expect anybody to suggest that he actually think.  Why is it that Tom Malinowski didn’t see the same bald-faced mess Senator Sue Collins saw?  Why didn’t Tom Malinowski say:  “Hey, I like the idea but you are going to need to fix this because it is just plain crazy.”

Nope, Tom Malinowski just jumped on it.  He’s not one to miss a chance at some brainless virtue-signaling. 

To make matters worse, InsiderNJ reported that Tom Malinowski was “hounding” Congressman Leonard Lance for not being as stupid as Malinowski is.  According to Malinowski, Congressman Lance should let his emotions get the better of his brain and he should follow Malinowski in his folly. 

The Malinowski mantra appears to be:  “Virtue-signal first, think later.”

According to Malinowski, those who don’t join him in supporting legislation that prevents arresting anyone within 100 miles of the border even if the person has committed a serious crime or is a suspected terrorist, are big meanies.  Or in Malinowski’s words:  “Cruel” and “immoral.”

Tom, get a grip.  It is one thing to be a weak-kneed liberal, but being weak-brained is an altogether different matter.

McCann: After victory… radio silence?

The primary over, most winning campaigns are asking supporters and potential supporters for money – to retire their debts from the primary as well as looking forward to the General Election in November.  But not John McCann.

His campaign has been silent.  Despite the fact that the McCann campaign is deeply in debt. 

According to the Federal Election Commission, as of May 16th, the McCann campaign had managed to raise just $61,155 in campaign contributions.  The rest of the campaign’s cash came from the candidate – who was convinced by his consultants to dump even more of his personal resources into the effort in the weeks and days leading up to the primary election.

So where is the effort to reach out to GOP donors who sat out this contentious primary?  And where is the effort to reach out to opponent Steve Lonegan and his donors?  After all, Lonegan was able to raise $429,803 in campaign contributions.  Even Jason Sarnoski – a Freeholder from Warren County who dropped out of the race – raised $75,998 before getting ending his campaign.

But rumors persist that many of McCann’s consultants and/or operatives were paid by sources outside his campaign.  This was a method used by former Essex County GOP boss Jim Treffinger in his abortive 2002 U.S. Senate race.  Treffinger’s race came to an end with his arrest and conviction on charges of political corruption.

That’s not the case with the Lonegan campaign.  Steve Lonegan’s General Consultants – former Ted Cruz political director Mark Campbell and Larry Weitzner (Jamestown Associates) – are clearly listed, as are a host of junior consultants, vendors, and operatives.  We are told that the law was followed in great detail.

One curious McCann connection that popped-up was with DC lobbyist Rosemary Becchi.  Becchi, who now resides in New Jersey, briefly considered challenging incumbent GOP Congressman Leonard Lance (NJ07).

Meanwhile, Democrat incumbent Congressman Josh Gottheimer had raised $4,444,660 by May 16th.  None of it loans from the candidate. 

With Democrat Gottheimer at +$4.4 million and McCann at -$260,000 is it any wonder that everyone who is anyone is downgrading this race, moving it off the board, and into the “safe Democrat” column.  Oh well… maybe next time?

Pastor Brad Winship: The real shadow government

Pastor Brad Winship of God & Country Radio delivers a weekly message from his Monmouth County church.  This week, Pastor Winship discusses the media and its effect on politics and society. 

The media has a powerful influence over the culture.  In the mind of the public, the stories emphasized by the media are the important issues of the day.  Their concerns and opinions unconsciously become our concerns and opinions. The Christian Russian activist Alexander Solzhenitsyn once said the media is the greatest power within Western countries – more powerful than the legislative, executive and judiciary branches of government.

However, the media is only a puppet for a greater shadow organization.  The media can control only what you see and hear on electronic devices; this organization can influence your thoughts.  The hidden organization is the kingdom of Satan , “the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience” ( Ephesians 2:2 ).

This week’s program is a reminder of our spiritual battle in heavenly places.

Scriptural References:  Ephesians 2:2 ; John 12:31 ; Luke 4 ; 2 Corinthians 4:4 ; Revelation 2:13 ; Daniel 10:12 ; Ephesians 6:12 ; Revelation 16:14 , 13:3-4 ; 1 Chronicles 21:1 ; John 13:2 ; Job 1 ; 1Thessalonians 2:18 ; 1 Peter 5:8 ; Revelation 12:15-16 ; 2 Kings 6:16-17

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Has the NJFPC lost its moral authority?

The New Jersey Family Policy Council (NJFPC) is a not-for-profit corporation organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.  The group is supposed to be educational, not political.  According to its public filings with the IRS, the NJFPC has been around since 1996.  It’s mission is to support traditional conservative religious values such as the right-to-life.

The NJFPC is run by Len Deo, who as President of the NJFPC received a salary of $103,225.00 in 2016.  William Horsey is the Chairman and Ray Velez is the Vice Chairman/Treasurer.  They, along with 8 trustees, are responsible for the actions of the NJFPC.  The NJFPC also operates a lobby organization called NJ Family First, but this organization does not appear to be genuinely independent, relying totally on the operations of its parent for its existence. 

According to the public records filed with the IRS, the NJFPC was recently operating in the red.  Salaries account for most of the NJFPC’s outflow.   Since 2014, financial contributions to the NJFPC have steeply declined. 

So where did they come up with the money to trash a pro-life, conservative candidate in a Republican Primary?

Just before the June 5th Republican primary, NJ Family First – a subsidiary of the New Jersey Family Policy Council – did something it has never done before.  It instructed Republican primary voters on how to vote, explicitly telling them to vote for one candidate and against another.

They had never done so against a Democrat.  Even the most liberal, far-left, anti-traditional values, pro-abortion Democrats have been spared this kind of treatment.  They saved this kind of trashing for a Republican.

And guess which Republican they attacked?

Yes, the NJFPC attacked the most consistently Pro-Life/Pro-Traditional Values Republican in New Jersey.  The conservative Republican who led the fight and who put the money together to defeat the 2007 ballot question to use taxpayer money to fund embryonic stem-cell research in New Jersey.  The conservative Republican who led the fight and who put the money together to defeat Garden State Equality’s same-sex marriage legislative push in 2009-10.  The conservative Republican who led the fight and who put the money together to stop the nomination of left-wing sexologist Janet Rosenzweig as the State’s Commissioner of the Department of Children and Families. 

The NJFPC chose to attack Steve Lonegan, a conservative Republican who was ENDORSED by the New Jersey Right to Life PAC, the National Right to Life PAC, United States Senator Ted Cruz, United States Senator Rand Paul, State Senator Mike Doherty, State Senator Gerry Cardinale, State Senator Joe Pennacchio, State Senator Steve Oroho, and every other Pro-Life Legislator in the State.

Why?  And from where did they get the money to pay for the attack?

The answer to that question might lay with who the NJFPC’s attack mailer asked voters to support:  Pro-abortion candidate John McCann.  Yes, the same John McCann who challenged Scott Garrett and Gerry Cardinale for the 5th District Congressional seat in 2002 on the grounds that they were “Pro-Life” and “too conservative.”

Just days before the NJFPC’s attack mailer hit, McCann was quoted in the Bergen Record (June 1, 2018):

“Lonegan is staunchly pro-life, and recently told an audience at the Knights of Columbus in Fair Lawn that he'd support every anti-abortion bill that came before him. He's tried to tag McCann as being pro-choice, but McCann says the label doesn't fit.  

‘I believe that life begins at conception,’ McCann said.

But when asked whether he would support any future bill to further limit abortion, McCann indicated he would not.

‘The law is what is,’ he said.”

John McCann has made so many contradictory  statements regarding traditional values, conservatives, abortion – even with regards to his own spouse (an OB-GYN physician).  McCann is clearly uncomfortable with the people who support groups like the NJFPC.  Year in and year out, the New Jersey Family Policy Council pleads for money from good traditional values conservatives.  Is this how NJFPC uses its good name?

How is the New Jersey Family Policy Council ever going to get its good name back?  Having seen its endorsement so obviously compromised – some would say “bought” – how can the NJFPC hold its head up to take a principled stand?  How can it ever be taken seriously again?

Trenton newspaper claims NJ safe? Not so fast…

The grandees on the editorial board of the world-famous Times newspaper of Trenton have been vigorously patting themselves on the back again.  Generally they are trying to convince themselves – and anyone who will listen – about how great a state New Jersey is and how fortunate they are to reside in or near that garden spot that is Trenton.  Delusions, yes, but these people are paid to keep writing, “More of the same.”

In the run-up to Governor Phil Murphy’s signing of a formal declaration of war on the Bill of Rights, generally, and the Second Amendment, individually, they came up with a column praising the new restrictions and linking them as part of a tradition:

“… former Gov. James Florio set New Jersey on course to adopt the country's strongest gun-safety laws, including a ban on a wide range of semi-automatic weapons.

This coming week, a successor, Gov. Phil Murphy, is expected to do his part to keep Garden State residents safe.”

We suggest the editorial board and the politicians take some sound advice on this before becoming too overly self-congratulatory…

Crime in New Jersey is pretty much the same as it was when Jim Florio’s anti-gun legislation went into effect.   Other states have seen dramatic reductions in the crime rate, but not New Jersey. 

Before Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani took over, New York City was synonymous with crime.  It was the city of the original “Death Wish” movies.  Giuliani’s new policing methods actually did result in a measurable and, more importantly, noticeable drop in crime.  Does anyone remember that happening in the wake of Florio’s virtue signaling?

New York City never went back to the high crime capital it once was.  And New Jersey’s cities never followed in New York’s footsteps.  Today, if you want to save some money and commute to New York from one of New Jersey’s neighboring big cities, you are taking your life in your hands.

New York City has 3.4 murders per 100,000 people.  Jersey City has 10.2 murders and Newark has 33.3 murders.  For Rape, those numbers are New York (14), Jersey City (17.6), and Newark (36.6).  Robbery… New York (198.2), Jersey City (207), and Newark (688.6).  And Burglary comes in with New York (164.9), Jersey City (368.1), and Newark (622).

So perhaps the self-congratulatory delusion is a bit early and we should have a serious discussion on what works to reduce crime rather than focusing on what feels good.