Will Assembly bill require teaching children about famous alcoholics?

Yesterday, the Trenton Democrats voted to send A-1335 (S-1569) to the floor of the Assembly for a vote (this legislation has already been passed in the Senate).  A-1335 (S-1569) MANDATES that local school boards, paid for by local property taxpayers, adopt a new curriculum that is centered on the accomplishments of individuals based on their disabilities and sexual preferences.  Here’s how the bill’s synopsis reads:

“Requires boards of education to include instruction, and adopt instructional materials, that accurately portray political, economic, and social contributions of persons with disabilities and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.”

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) people suffering from alcoholism and drug abuse can qualify as disabled.  Here, check it out for yourself:


So, are we to expect, say a class on the arts to focus on John Barrymore’s drinking, rather than on his acting?  Was General (and later President) Ulysses S. Grant distinguished by his military victories – or by the amount of whiskey he could down?

Should the writer and historian James Morris (Jan Morris) be remembered firstly for having undergone sexual reassignment surgery in 1972, or rather for writing the Pax Britannica Trilogy, along with more than 50 other books?  What makes a person important?  The loss of a penis?  Or some of the best travel writing in the English language?  No matter how one feels about trans this or that – the writing is brilliant, and it is the writing that will remain long after the mortal husk is gone.

The New Jersey Legislature is about to require schools to teach that the most important thing about E. O. Wilson is that he was blinded in one eye – rather than his work in myrmecology.  Hey, don’t get us wrong, the story of his blindness is worth telling, and may serve a didactic purpose, but the man is a biologist first and foremost.  He should not be defined by a disability.

Once upon a time a voter could count on the Republican Party and its elected officials to defend local citizen control of education and to oppose the mandates of big government.  Now some Republicans are crossing the aisle to vote with the Democrats.  This is disappointing, because while the unified Democrats clearly tell the world who they are, the disunified Republicans communicate that they stand for nothing (as a party) and that there is no clear blue water between them and the Democrats.  Not much of a reason to throw the Dems out, is it?

Well, the good news is that someone has already prepared a curriculum that can easily be adopted by local school districts that want to conform with A-1335 (S-1569).  Sure, it’s puerile and prurient, but the focus suits the bill perfectly.  And hey, it’s even called “Drunk History”, so it’s all good.  Judge for yourself…

Welcome to the future of educational instruction in New Jersey!

Assemblyman Wolfe: Another of those “different” kind of Republicans?

What ever happened to the Republican Party being the party of local citizen control of education?  What ever happened to the Republican Party that opposed big government mandates?

Apparently, in New Jersey at least, the Republican Party is of a mixed mind on these once universally agreed upon principles.  See, this is why they lose.  Nobody can tell what they stand for anymore.

The Democrats today in committee – all of them – in lockstep, voted to send to the floor A-1335 (S-1569) which MANDATES that local school boards, paid for by local property taxpayers (unless you are a Democrat Party machine-controlled Abbott District), adopt a new curriculum that is centered on the accomplishments of individuals based on their physical disabilities and sexual preferences.  Once upon a time, average Republican voters could have expected ALL of their elected representatives to oppose such an overreach by a central government.

Now everyone can agree that Dr. Alan Turing OBE was a great mathematician and scientist.  Whether or not his sexual appetite figured into his great mental capacity is speculative, but he should be honored and remembered for his achievements in science and in war – not for how he got off.  That was his personal business.  Of course, the post-war Labour government never forgave him for being Churchill’s man.  The Left was obsessed with the private affairs of Dr. Turing (who, by-the-way, earned his doctorate at Princeton University). 

Today the Left is still more obsessed with Dr. Turing’s penis that with his brain – and while his penis may or may not have been particularly interesting, it was the quality of his mind that earned him a place in history.  Now the New Jersey Legislature – Democrats (all) and Republicans (some) – is set on elevating Dr. Turing’s penis above his brain.  Demanding that we see his sexuality before his science.  That’s sad… and puerile… and stupid.   

Dr. Turing was victimized by a Labour government because they could not get past his being a “gay” man.  They refused to see the scientist and insisted on only seeing the sex act.  Today a committee of the New Jersey Assembly has asked the full Legislature to mandate that children be taught to see the sex act before the human accomplishment.  Today a committee of the New Jersey Assembly has gone on record to state that what you do with your pecker and who you do it with is the principal measure of a man.  They are on record as stating that it is more important than our common humanity, than our shared aspirations, than the greatest accomplishments of science and art.  They’re like a bunch of high school wankers… obsessed with their new toy.  They can think of nothing else… can’t get past it.

It’s sad… puerile… and stupid.   

This foolish over-reach by big government has already been passed by the State Senate, courtesy of those three moes… Senators Addiego, Bateman, and Brown. 

So when will the Republican Party step up and speak for citizen control of local education?  When will it start opposing big government mandates?

Empower NJ = No Jobs for Blue-collar Working People

Here is the  message from groups like Posh People over Pipeline workers, the Bergen Green Faith Circle, Food & Water Watch, the Wood Stove Heating and Cooking Coalition, Roseland Against the Compressor Station (put it somewhere else!), Don’t Heat the Meadowlands Coalition, Blue Wave, the Dunghill Alliance, People of Faith/Without Faith, Citizen Action, Watersports, and

Climate Mama…

Hey Operating Engineers… screw you!

Hey Laborers… screw you! 

Hey Steam Fitters… screw you!

Hey Pipe-Fitters… screw you!

And the list goes on and on.  Any trade union worker who has anything to do laying underground pipe or the plants and facilities it serves has just been flipped the bird by the One Percenters and their mouthpieces in the so-called environmental movement.

When you understand where they live and what they do for a living, you will get the joke about some of these so-called environmentalists.  “Trust fund” isn’t a job description.  Neither is “spouse of a banker” or “of a Wall Streeter” or “of a corporate lawyer”.  You don’t break a sweat running a non-profit.  Living in bubble land and having a lot of free time on your hands doesn’t qualify you to be an expert on the economic fallout of your thoughts and whimseys. 

A former Governor of Colorado – a Democrat – had it right when he called bullshit on the direction that the environmental movement was heading when it refused to recognize that more people equaled less green areas, less farms, less forests and fields – and more of the crap heros like Rachel Carson and Aldo Leopold started the movement to oppose.  If the founders of the environmental movement came back today and saw what was being done in their name – trees chopped down and fields turned into solar panel farms – they’d never stop throwing up.

Every group involved in the Empower NJ – Stop Fossil Fuels Campaign is in favor of shoehorning more and more people into New Jersey – the most densely populated state in America.  That’s right, New Jersey has 1,210 people per square mile; followed by Rhode Island with 1,022 people per square mile; then Massachusetts with 871 people per square mile; and Connecticut with 742 people per square mile. 

And guess what??? Governor Phil Murphy just put out a “come and get some” sign to the entire world with his Sanctuary State program, special status for criminals, free legal counsel, free health care, education, subsidized college, and a plethora of other free and subsidized stuff.  Just wait until they need to unsave that farmland to make way for more subsidized housing… hey, you can’t ask people to come here illegally and then leave them in the streets.  When you invite people in you have the duty, as a good host, to make sure they are comfortable.

Every group involved with Empower NJ is happy to clear-cut every last scrap of green space in the state in order to conform to fashionable opinions regarding illegal immigration, but when it comes to working people of all colors, genders, and ethnicities – they are as one – and with a unified voice Empower NJ says “screw them”!  That’s because the people who run Empower NJ have nothing to do with the woods.  They live in fey, gentrified urban enclaves playing on their phones, sucking down lattes, and complaining that real woodland folk are “trailer trash” who just don’t get it. 

Yep, working people just don’t understand that they are supposed to sacrifice their means to life and their families to the fashion statements of the One Percent and the pet causes they fund.  But you know how fashion is when it comes to people as powerful as the One Percent are… today’s fashions are tomorrow’s laws.

NJ Republicans need to rethink the way they campaign

By “The Happy Warrior”

Not on a single issue, or in one direction or twain,
But conclusively, comprehensively, and several times and again,
Were all our most holy illusions knocked higher than Gilderoy’s kite.
We have had a jolly good lesson, and it serves us jolly well right!

(The Lesson, Rudyard Kipling)

Fellow Republicans:  Before jumping into the 2019 legislative cycle… doing the exact same things we’ve been doing and losing for the past decade – STOP!

We have just been crushed the worst we’ve been crushed in a century.  But it wasn’t unique. We’ve been getting our asses kicked now for a decade.  Not even a popular Governor prevented the usual and customary ass-whooping. We keep losing and the life blood of the party is draining away.

It doesn’t have to be.  It’s not this way in other states.  So STOP and THINK.

Question our old standbys, our comfort zones, that instinctive knee-jerk prescription that hasn’t won in a decade or more.

Because politics isn’t actual warfare, the participants of these slaughters get to live and repeat the performance.  It’s as if General Custer somehow survived the Battle of the Little Bighorn to lead a gallant new troop of cavalry. One would hope that he would think about avoiding the actions that lead to everyone being killed the first time… that he just wouldn’t take command because “he’s done it before” and – having received command – he wouldn’t simply proceed “the way it has always been done before.”

There is certainly no shame in losing.  The founding military and political leader of our nation, George Washington, suffered a string of defeats before and after the Battles of Trenton  and Princeton, before winning the conclusive Battle of Yorktown. The shame comes from not putting a defeat to good use by learning from it. To not ponder a loss and instead stubbornly go back to the exact same way as before.

Then let us develop this marvellous asset which we alone command,
And which, it may subsequently transpire, will be worth as much as the Rand.
Let us approach this pivotal fact in a humble yet hopeful mood—
We have had no end of a lesson, it will do us no end of good!


The Democrats have developed a new way of conducting and winning political campaigns.  It is a loose, fluid, decentralized style of campaigning – and it never ends. The Democrats’ campaign is an endless campaign.

The Democrats have mastered the marshalling of superior resources through the procurement of contracts, the selection of vendors, and the creation of entities – for-profits, non-profits, political action committees, leadership PACS, party organizations, superPACS, and campaign committees – by which fundraised money flows around donor limits and every other rule.  Added to this is their ability to field an army of activists using established issues groups as well as the more generalized “anti” groups born after the election of Donald Trump.

The Democrat command and control structure is instructive – in that it requires only a broad agreement on targets and goals to effectively get the job done.  The Democrats do not micro-manage.  They point everyone in the right direction and then allow the folks on the ground to get the job done.

The Democrats’ method of campaigning is activist-based.  Republicans, on the other hand, insist on campaigns that are highly centralized, tethered, and top-down – echo-chamber campaigns that reinforce the established certainties.  


Both major parties are really each three separate parties all occupying the same space and seeking to speak for the same “brand”.  

(1) There is the broad “party” defined by formal “membership” (voter registration, etc.), self-identification, or electoral support.  These people have some idea of what the party brand means and they like candidates to adhere to it. They like to get what they think they are voting for.

(2) Next is the activist base.  These people are motivated by a particular issue or set of issues (or by a candidate who serves as the vessel for such).  Some organize themselves to great effectiveness. Many are organized permanently and have established themselves as genuine powers.  Others can be motivated in the right season, on a case by case basis. The most successful are able to create enough activity to earn a living from their activism (essentially, they are paid for their leadership).

(3) Finally we have the “professional” party – the regulars.  Broadly speaking, they are paid or make money from politics, whether as attorneys, vendors, lobbyists, elected officials, appointed officials, patronage employees, political consultants, legislative staff, and such.  They are transactional and make money through or directly from politics – that is the big difference between them and the broader party.

Of necessity, the concerns of each of these three groups can be very different.  On the whole, the first two want candidates who will represent their points of view (although, depending on the issue, some in the second might find themselves outside the mainstream of the first).  The concerns of the last can be quite complex depending on relationships (personal, professional, and financial), the political considerations of maintaining power, and monetary contracts or understandings.  Suffice to say that the maintenance of power for its own sake is a primary concern, so they see the world very differently than the almost black or white delineations of the greater party.

All three entities are very important.  Whether Democrat or Republican, a party needs its broad membership, its activist base, and its professional party regulars.  But it needs them working together… not hating each other.

In the election just completed, the Democrats successfully engaged and involved the second group and we saw literally thousands of people from the first group – average voters – flood into the second to become activists.  In contrast, the Republicans maintained rigid, centralized control… and they were nearly wiped out.


In political campaigns, as in warfare, command and control is all about the time it takes to observe a threat or opportunity, orientate your forces to bear on it, decide what to do, and then do it.  In the aftermath of America’s failure in Vietnam, when the President of the United States was personally selecting which bridges to bomb, military theorists grappled with various ways to improve command and control.  After 241 military personnel, mainly United States Marines, were killed by a truck bomb driven into their barracks in Beirut, the need for a “quick action” method of command and control became an imperative. In Beirut, the forces on the ground had to get permission from the brass in Washington in order to react decisively.  Unfortunately, the terrorists didn’t wait.

An Air Force Colonel by the name of John Boyd studied warfare through the critical lens of time.  For Colonel Boyd, it was all about time… reaction time… the ability to get inside your opponent’s decision-making loop.  

Colonel Boyd came up with the concept of OODA loops or time cycles while studying air combat and then applied it more generally to warfare and to other forms of human conflict.  Boyd wrote that the key strategic advantage in any conflict was the ability to Observe a threat or opportunity, Orientate oneself to it, Decide what to do, and then Act… an OODA loop.  If you could complete your OODA loop quicker than your opponent could, you would probably win.

In New Jersey, the Democrats operate on a pretty brisk OODA time cycle.  The Republicans move like glue and are utterly disconnected from the ground.  The Democrats understand who their NCO’s are and largely trust them. This gives the Democrats the ability to communicate what needs to be done, with the view that if they point the field NCO’s in the right direction, they can be trusted to get the job done.

The Democrats would understand Marine Colonel Chesty Puller’s comments to his NCO’s at the start of WWII… it would make no sense to a regular Republican in New Jersey.  We have no NCO’s. (We need them… desperately!)

The reasons for this are historical.  Beginning with the nascent post-war (WWII) ascendancy of the conservative movement and the candidacy of Barry Goldwater, the New Jersey GOP establishment recoiled against the modern conservativism of Bill Buckley and Ronald Reagan.  These sentiments were rooted in the class-based prejudices and religious bigotry of a Republican Party that had been crushed by FDR and the New Deal. Of a party that still expected the gratitude of African-Americans and was shocked when it was withheld.  

With the election of Ronald Reagan as President and the mainstreaming of his platform in 1980, New Jersey’s regular Republicans – the party’s “professionals” pursued a course at an odd variance with that of the national party.  The wider Republican party in New Jersey – and its activist base – kept step with the national Republican Party. The professionals became more and more a strange “hothouse” variety – a hybrid.

The GOP regulars tried to win “our way” but the losing only grew worse and worse, the excuses bolder and brazen.  Governor Chris Christie had the good sense to enlist the activist base, running as an economic and social conservative – a supporter of traditional values, Pro-Life, and Pro-Second Amendment – unfortunately, GOP legislative candidates too often have not.  In the end, with the loss of county and local governments, then the state government, many of the professionals found accommodation with the Democrats – some even becoming Democrats.  

Without jobs for the boys, NCO’s recruited from the professional regulars dried up.  Without an appeal to activist issues or at least the RNC platform… there was no compelling way to replace them.  People fight for money or they fight for cause. Both have been taken away.

Now, with the 2016 election of Donald Trump, the membership of the Republican Party, as well as its activist base, are now totally disjoint from the professional regulars of the NJGOP.  If most average Republicans knew who their “leaders” represented economically, they would find it revolting. Many would never vote again.

But there is hope.  The Democrats under Governor Phil Murphy are demonstrably whacky enough to recruit the support of the activist base as well as the wider party… to enlist and to activate many, many who have not been active before.

Party professionals can earn lucrative livings by wielding the collective power of the votes of many people.  These people willingly turn the power of their vote over to them because they believe the word “Republican” stands for certain things.  All they ask in return for turning their power over to a GOP “leader” is that they not be lied to in such an extreme way that they are made to feel like fools.  And the regular professionals make the wider party feel like fools… at their own peril.

In summary:  Stand for something.  Open the doors to the activist base and the wider party.  Tighten that OODA loop by loosening your grip. Recruit NCO’s, train them, point them in the right direction, and allow them to do their work.

It was our fault, and our very great fault—and now we must turn it to use.
We have forty million reasons for failure, but not a single excuse.
So the more we work and the less we talk the better results we shall get—
We have had an Imperial lesson; it may make us an Empire yet!

If America’s boundaries are not worthy of respect… how about your front door?

We all have boundaries… lines beyond which someone cannot go without being invited.  It is something we have in common – as human beings.

A refrigerator box that a homeless veteran calls home is every bit as sacrosanct to him, as is the front door of a newspaperman’s McMansion.  Enter that homeless vet’s cardboard home and he will defend it… as quickly as that newspaperman will call the police (men with guns) if you menace his threshold.  

That caravan of migrants, some seeking asylum, others merely wanting to get into a “rich” welfare-providing nation illegally (or simply ahead of others who have been patiently waiting their turn) – the human beings there operate no less on boundaries.  Each has something they carry with them that is their own, around which they establish borders. Don’t touch their stuff or their food or person. Every human being operates on borders and boundaries.

That’s what the MeToo Movement is all about, isn’t it?  Somebody can’t just take it because they believe that they are entitled to it.  That it’s just not about how they feel… but about how you feel too.  An invitation is important.

A lot of rich people – rich and powerful people – they don’t get it.

Guys like Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein and Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose – One Percenters like our Governor… Wall Street’s Masters of the Universe… they don’t understand boundaries and borders.  Money is arrogant. It assumes that it can invade and take whatever it wants – and it instructs those it manipulates to assume the same, generally for its own ends.

This attitude has of late been transferred to and inculcated within, an activist cadre that argues that America is a picket fence without a gate, a house without a door, a person without personal space.  These activists argue that to suggest the existence of boundaries is somehow racist. Of course, they know this is not true, because as human beings each of them maintains their own borders, which they jealously guard.  

Most American citizens agree that our country should bring in as many legal immigrants as it can, provided that the influx does not cause a decline in wages or quality of life.  Go to any theatre, bar, or dance club and they have a sign posted with the number of people who can safely occupy that space.  Posting that sign isn’t a racist act. It is common sense… and done to avoid terrible tragedy.

Post a number.  Once that number is reached… sorry, but you will have to wait.  

But that caravan of migrants, someone talked them into discarding their good manners – that you don’t barge into someone’s home unless invited – and convinced them to gatecrash America.  Yes, you can point to the activists, but they are really only paid mouthpieces. It’s who pays them that really tells the story – and behind every activist group urging migrants to gatecrash America there are members of the One Percent… rich donors and their corporate entities.

They have been at it for years – in both political parties and the media – singing the tune that America’s door swings one way.  Everyone can come here… but Americans can’t go anywhere (unless you have a corporate sponsor). They’ve hired the lobbyists to make coming to America legally a Kafkaesque proposition, but coming to America illegally a piece of cake… a human right… a birthright for anyone born anywhere on planet earth.  

Why does government make legal immigration so difficult, while actively supporting illegal immigration?  Cheap labor.  Illegal immigrants drive down the cost of labor.

The gray economy is a powerful check on rising minimum wages.  It allows so-called “progressive” politicians to play like they are helping the working class when, in fact, they are putting them out of work.  Raising the minimum wage while allowing and supporting the illegal gray economy puts blue-collar workers out of work or severely diminishes their negotiating power.

This is nothing new.  Julius Caesar was hated by Rome’s One Percenters because he pushed legislation that required them to employ citizen laborers instead of relying on slave labor.  Later, he was assassinated by them.

Today’s illegal gray labor is yesterday’s slave labor… and, because of expanding human trafficking interests, has more and more become cases of actual slave labor.  There have been cases of modern slavery adjudicated in processing, manufacturing, agriculture, health care, construction, labor, and – of course – the prostitution and pornography “industries”.  It’s tough for a single mom from Paterson to get a job to feed her kids, when she’s competing with someone who works for next to nothing. It is a human tragedy for both the single mom and the slave or the illegal immigrant being marketed and used.  A tragedy all around…

Except that some rich Wall Streeter like Phil Murphy will be smiling.  Because he’s cut labor costs. He’s shown that trailer park trash who is boss!

Like the political crook Murphy employed – who took taxpayers’ money – and the aide/alleged rapist Murphy employed – who didn’t respect a woman’s boundaries – the Governor is someone who doesn’t understand borders. Not since fellow Democrat, Alabama Governor George C. Wallace, stood on the school house steps have we seen such defiance of our federal system.  

Under Murphy, there will be less cooperation between New Jersey law enforcement and federal officials, than there is between federal officials and their international counterparts, through Interpol.  Already the biggest fiscal mess in America, with the worst property taxes, and an economy stunted by anti-business regulation (in fact, the worst state in America to start a business)… now New Jersey will be the least safe, with a hamstrung law enforcement watching helplessly as human traffickers and those who sexually exploit children set up shop in every city and town in the state… as illegal opioids and narcotics flow across the border under the shield of “sanctuary”.  As illegal gun running gangs hide behind their immigration status to hold law enforcement at bay.

Don’t believe it?  Then why is New Jersey’s urban crime rate so much higher than in other states?  That crime rate will soon be introducing itself to the suburbs, courtesy of Murphy’s new sanctuary state rules.  And meanwhile, the New Jersey Legislature continues to disarm its police officers while making nice to violent gangs, simply because of their fashionable immigration status…

New Jersey Slowly Disarming Its Cops in Fight Against LEOSA




Historically, New Jersey is one of the only states that frequently tries to neuter federal law geared toward law enforcement; perhaps no instance more evident than the ongoing battle over LEOSA (the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act).

In New Jersey, the 2016 violent crime rate in Newark was 135.96 percent higher than the national violent crime rate average. In Camden, the 2012 statistics (the most current) saw a violent crime rate 563.3 percent higher than the national average. And in Trenton, the state capital, the 2016 violent crime rate was 239.33 percent higher than the national violent crime rate. Clearly the members of the New Jersey Legislature are missing all of that during their commute to their Trenton offices.

By comparison, New York City’s 2016 violent crime rate was only 44 percent higher than the national average. Which leads to the question: What is the New Jersey Legislature doing about violent crime in these major urban hubs?

The answer, reinforcing the taking away the guns of law enforcement.

Read further… https://www.tactical-life.com/news/new-jersey-disarming-cops-leosa/

So prepare yourselves for higher taxes, more competition for fewer jobs, and a marked decline in the quality of life.  All brought to you by your One Percenter Governor, Smilin’ Phil Murphy! And don’t say we didn’t warn you.