Malinowski and Kim embrace the dangerous Left

There’s a group called BlueWave.  It comes out of one of the most radical places in America… Amherst, Massachusetts… a far-left academic enclave where they fly the flag of the United Nations over their town hall.  Yep, they are “citizens of the world” not the United States of America.

In New Jersey, BlueWave is organized out of Montclair in Essex County.  That’s right, Montclair – a town that gave Barack Obama 83 percent of its votes.  Where Hillary Clinton got 18,000 votes to Donald Trump’s 2,300.  Does this sound like your town?

The deal with BlueWave is that they send people from places like Montclair – into communities like yours.  They go door-to-door and raise money to bring their vision of how the world should be to you… and you better accept it!

Now BlueWave is raising money for Tom Malinowski and Andy Kim – two career bureaucrats who were so imbued with leftist “government-knows-best” ideology that rather than give the newly elected President the benefit-of-the-doubt, they quit government to join Leftist groups to undermine his administration.  Wow, refusing to accept the outcome of a democratic election, and then working to undermine the government you work for, is kind of like…

Well, tonight BlueWave is hosting an event for Malinowski and Kim – two bureaucrats whose tenure in government so screwed the American people that they reacted by electing Donald Trump.  And to place an exclamation point on just how dangerously far-Left they are, they’ve invited in Senator Elizabeth Warren… who represents Amherst, Massachusetts. 

Senator Warren is an academic and the sponsor or supporter of a number of far-Left initiatives that obviously Tom Malinowski and Andy Kim stand for as well.  These include…

1.     Warren, Malinowski, and Kim stands for the abolition of ICE;

2.     Warren, Malinowski, and Kim stands for higher taxes;

3.     Warren, Malinowski, and Kim stands for government, run single-payer healthcare;

4.     Warren, Malinowski, and Kim stands for extreme partisanship;

5.     Warren, Malinowski, and Kim stands for increased job-killing regulations;

6.     Warren, Malinowski, and Kim stands against Israel;

7.     Warren, Malinowski, and Kim stands against free trade.