Tom Malinowski needs to quit lying to his donors.

Tom Malinowski needs to quit lying.

We all understand that he needs money.  Every candidate does.  But to use the confirmation of a United States Supreme Court Justice to get it is an injustice to his donors.  One of them was so pissed-off that he sent us the Malinowski campaign’s latest fundraising plea… the one in which he pretends that (1) the next Supreme Court nominee will be confirmed after the next Congress is seated in January 2019, and (2) that the United States House of Representatives has something to do with confirming Justices of the Supreme Court.

Hey Tommy, did you fail to pay attention to that lesson in your high school civics class?  The United States Senate, not the House of Representatives, confirms Justices of the Supreme Court.  Maybe you think you are running for a different office?

And here is another lie by Tom Malinowski… or his campaign (or both)…

“Big Money has been chipping away at the integrity of our elections at a breakneck pace since Supreme Court Justice Kennedy authored the decision on Citizens United. We risk an even bigger hit with Trump’s Supreme Court justice pick, Brett Kavanaugh… We can’t allow another Big Money justice get to the Supreme Court.”

Hey, it didn’t begin with Citizens United and Princeton University proved that!

In fact, every good-government group knows that the problem started decades before Citizens United.  They also know that BOTH political parties are funded by special interests looking out for number one. 

Tom Malinowski’s old boss – Hillary Rodham Clinton, Incorporated – could teach a master class at how to make government work for NUMBER ONE.  And like so many Democrats, she tried to play the game of saying she wasn’t taking money from corporate PACs, while taking millions from corporate leadership and lobbyists.  Even the Left called her out on it…

So quit the b.s. Tommy… nobody is more BIG MONEY than your old boss Hillary Clinton.  Stop spreading the fantasy that ending Citizens United is all that needs to be done.  That is a lie.  Tell us the truth about what YOU intend to do about ending BIG MONEY’s chokehold on Congress… and don’t raise money by inferring you will vote against Brett Kavanaugh.  Sheesh.