Malinowski’s dilemma: One school shooter a Democrat. The other is Transgendered.

The couple involved in the Colorado school shooting are a modern Bonnie & Clyde… well, sort of.

It is reported that “she” is Maya Elizabeth McKinney – except that her public defender said on Wednesday that his client uses male pronouns and goes by the name Alec.

And our modern day “Clyde” is a fellow (still, as of this printing) reportedly called Devon Erickson, described as an “actor and musician.”  According to published reports, Mr. Erickson “shared two posts about politics – one criticizing President Donald Trump and one praising Barack Obama. Erickson is a registered Democrat.”

Ray Lesniak will be glad to know that Mr. Erickson lists paintball (along with videogames and skateboard) as an activity.  So maybe that deadly paintball assault weapon that Lesniak warned us about is germane after all.  No word yet on whether or not he used it in the school shooting.

Both suspects are “white” – so maybe Tom Malinowski will be emboldened to continue arguing that the biggest terrorists on earth are White Americans.  But somehow we don’t think these two were what he had in mind. 

This is what happens when you conflate juvenile attention seekers and the mentally deficient with genuine terrorists.  As our erstwhile “Bonnie” wrote in a social media post… “I probably sucked more today than anyone in the history of kung fu. In the history of China. In the history of sucking.”

These are not the words of a terrorist group, taking credit for an act of terror. 

Tom Malinowski should take note and remember the difference.

Video: Democrats try to criminalize “White Americans”

An orchestrated effort is going on by Socialists within the Democrat Party.  Leftist “new” Democrats like Tom Malinowski, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Abdullahi Omar say we need to “worry” about “White Americans”.  They claim that white Americans are the real terrorists.  On Saturday, Congressman Malinowski published an opinion column claiming that white Americans are the biggest terrorist threat. 

As if on cue, an organization using the name of corrupt former State Senator Ray “pay to play” Lesniak sent out an email claiming that the AR-15 is the “weapon of choice of white supremacists.”  This email was stupid for a number of reasons.

First, every terrorism expert knows that the “weapon of choice” for 90 percent of the terrorists around the world is the AK-47, a fully automatic Soviet-model weapon. Of course, an old wanker like Ray Lesniak would never blame a weapon made by his old Communist comrades, so he blames an American-made weapon instead.

Second, the email claims that the AR-15 is the modern day equivalent of the M-16.  That is a lie.  The AR-15 is not a military grade weapon and Ray “the hand” Lesniak should know that.  For a start, the AR-15 isn’t an automatic weapon, while the M-16 was the U.S. Army’s standard issue automatic rifle for decades.  No military would send its troops into combat with the AR-15.

In fact, the AR-15 is something that would have been useful had Ray Ray decided to put up a fight when a couple of young rough boys broke into his house a few years back.  But then, why would he?

Third, the idiots who put out Lesniak’s email used a photo of a very scary paint ball gun to show just what an “assault weapon” used by a “white supremacist” looks like.  That’s right all you paint ball enthusiasts – now the Democrats are accusing you all of being “white supremacists” (even if you are Black, Hispanic, or Asian).  Yeah, you can’t make this b.s. up. 

This madness knows no borders.  A Pennsylvania state legislator also got the Malinowski memo.  He decided to use it to harass an old “white lady” and several “white” teenaged girls.  The legislator called them racial names – calling them out for being “white”. 

It looks like Tom Malinowski’s dirtbaggery is becoming the fashion statement of the moment.  Stay tuned…

Democrat Malinowski ignores genocide. Blames White Americans.

The oldest magazine in the English-speaking world – The Spectator – recently reminded its readers of the 2017 study conclusively reporting that 92 percent of all terrorism murders in the United States were the work of Islamist fanatics.  92 percent. 

Of course, both here and around the world, innocent Muslims have themselves been victims of terrorism perpetrated against them by Islamist fanatics.  The most notable outrage against innocent Muslims being perpetrated at the moment is in Burma and the perpetrators are not fellow Islamists, but rather…

Congressman Tom Malinowski would have you believe that it’s “White Americans” who are oppressing the innocent Muslim population of Burma, known as the Rohingya people.  That’s what Malinowski would have you believe, but it’s a lie.   

Leftist “new” Democrats like Tom Malinowski, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Abdullahi Omar say we need to “worry” about “White Americans”.  They claim that white Americans are the real terrorists.  In fact, Congressman Malinowski recently wrote an op-ed for Jeff Bezos’ newspaper, claiming that white Americans are the biggest terrorist threat. 

There’s been a genocide going on in the former Burma – now called Myanmar – since 2012, when the military started persecuting an ethnic minority called the Rohingya people, many of whom practice the Muslim faith in this majority Buddhist country.  Around the time that Tom Malinowski began his campaign for Congress – in August of 2017 – the government of Myanmar let loose its latest pogrom on the Rohingyas.  This included “atrocities” in the form of “looting and burning down Rohingya villages, mass killing of Rohingya civilians, gang rapes, and other sexual violence.”

Médecins Sans Frontières estimated in December 2017 that the violence claimed the lives of “at least 10,000 Rohingya people…  At least 392 Rohingya villages in Rakhine state were reported as burned down and destroyed…  as well as the looting of many Rohingya houses, and widespread gang rapes and other forms of sexual violence against the Rohingya Muslim women and girls.”

In September 2018, the United Nations reported that over 700,000 Rohingya people had been driven out of Rakhine state and had become refugees in neighboring Bangladesh.  Two Reuters journalists covering a massacre of innocent people at Inn Din were arrested and imprisoned by the Myanmar government.

Agencies of the United Nations and the International Criminal Court have termed these attacks as acts of “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide”.  In August 2018, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights declared that the leaders in Myanmar should face charges in the International Criminal Court for "crimes against humanity", including acts of "ethnic cleansing" and "genocide."

The leader of Myanmar, State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi has been strongly criticized for her inaction and silence in response to the military abuses. On September 27, 2018, the Canadian Parliament voted unanimously to dispossess Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi of her honorary Canadian citizenship for the atrocities against Rohingya Muslims.

Tom Malinowski personally knows State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi and has, in the past, championed her.  Unfortunately, back when he was working for the State Department – during the administration of President Barack Obama – Malinowski had the opportunity to publicly say something about the genocide, instead, said nothing.  In 2014, the organization United to End Genocide reported: 

“The Burmese government has isolated and demonized the 1.3 million Rohingya in Burma as part of a plan to promote a singular nationalist and Buddhist identity. This was formalized in the 1982 Citizenship Act when they were declared ‘non-national’ or ‘foreign residents.’ Today, the Rohingya have become outsiders in a land they have occupied for generations. They are prohibited from marrying, having children, working, obtaining healthcare and going to school...

So who can the Rohingya rely on for protection? Instead of taking a hardline approach against Burma’s repressive government, much of the international community is fighting for the economic spoils of a resource-rich country that is now opening its economy to the world.

Eager to please the Burmese government, the international community is now honoring Burma’s request not even to mention the name Rohingya.

In August, when U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visited Burma, he met with President Thein Sein and other leading officials, and did not use the word Rohingya. When questioned, a State Department representative said the name issue should be ‘set aside.’

Earlier this summer, Tom Malinowski, the U.S. Special Envoy for Human Rights, visited Burma and failed to say the word ‘Rohingya’. When giving a presentation on the status of the Rakhine state where the majority of the Rohingya live, he did not even acknowledge the group.”

Think about it for just a moment…

This is the same Tom Malinowski who weeps publicly because not enough taxpayer money is being spent on providing Sanctuary State services to illegal immigrants in New Jersey.  But then he does nothing – won’t even acknowledge – the plight of people who have been deemed “foreign” in their own country.

In Congress and in newspaper op-eds, Tom Malinowski has been blaming “White Americans” and labeling them the world’s worst terrorists.  But when an actual bricks and mortar government and its military commits institutional genocide and crimes against humanity… it’s crickets.  Tom Malinowski does nothing.

And remember these words from United to End Genocide… “Instead of taking a hardline approach against Burma’s repressive government, much of the international community is fighting for the economic spoils of a resource-rich country that is now opening its economy to the world.  Eager to please the Burmese government, the international community is now honoring Burma’s request not even to mention the name Rohingya.” 

So what did Tom Malinowski do in between leaving the Obama State Department and running for Congress?  Well, it was disclosed when he filed for Congress:

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 7.53.01 AM.png

You guessed it.  He tried to help the “international community” cash in on those “economic spoils” of “resource-rich” Myanmar/Burma.  Tom Malinowski became part of an entity called the Inle Advisory Group.  Who are they? Well, we’ll let them tell you themselves…

Uniting Myanmar’s Heritage With its Brightest Future.

Inle Advisory Group is a boutique firm focused on development opportunities in Myanmar. As Myanmar opens up to political and economic engagement from around the globe, Inle Advisory Group will be there to provide in-depth and comprehensive advisory services for clients across industries.  

Like the iconic fishermen using his distinctive rowing style to navigate the difficult waters of Inle Lake, Inle Advisory Group will utilize our unique knowhow and capabilities to steer our clients through the many investment challenges. The strength of Inle Advisory Group is unparalleled knowledge of Myanmar. This deep expertise equips us to provide clients looking to invest in the world’s newest emerging market with a tailored package of the best possible tools and strategies for long-term growth and desired results.  

Inle Advisory Group will ensure our clients are fully informed to invest successfully in a challenging environment, promoting the “gold standard” of business practices that will benefit U.S. companies and the people of Myanmar.

Something tells us that there was an Inle-type “advisory group” back in the 1930’s promoting a “gold standard” of business practices and enabling another regime set on genocide.  Hey Congressman, is trade really the right response to genocide and crimes against humanity? What point is made by making murderers rich?

Tom Malinowski trades real action to prevent genocide for fashion statements and virtue signaling.  Now it’s time to meet some of his victims…

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 7.59.58 AM.png

Tom Malinowski is a disgrace… as is everyone who votes for him.  You are all complicit. 

Tom Malinowski wants you to be afraid of these guys…

white firefighters.jpg

Oh look… white Americans!

These are the kind of people that Leftist “new” Democrats Tom Malinowski, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Abdullahi Omar say we need to “worry” about.  They claim that white Americans are the real terrorists.  In fact, Congressman Malinowski wrote an op-ed for the newspaper belonging to the king of the corporate One Percenters, Jeff Bezos, claiming that white Americans are the biggest terrorist threat. 

No, we don’t think somebody took a dump in his brain and forgot to flush it.  Tom Malinowski is just playing a cynical political game – he’s ignoring real terrorist threats (and leaving America vulnerable to another September 11th attack) – while kissing the hindquarters of those fashionable leftist one-percenters who fund his political career.  You know, the kind of people who employ lots of men-with-guns to defend their gated communities, but who want to make it a crime for you to have one to defend your family from the criminals they push out on to the streets (another of their new “fashionable” causes).

And what is worse is that Tom Malinowski stayed silent when volunteer and union firefighters became the latest of fellow Democrat Phil Murphy’s victims.  Tom Malinowski said not a word when Governor Murphy announced that he was stealing more than $33 million in money meant to provide services for firefighters who are old and without sufficient means or who have post-traumatic stress troubles. 

Governor Murphy announced that he was stealing their money so that he and First Lady Tammy Jane Murphy (nee Macbeth) could use it to fund One Percenter fashion statements… like subsidized legal services for undocumented immigrants illegally resident in the United States.  Murphy tried to steal the money and Tom Malinowski gave silent consent. 

Congressman Malinowski is a disgrace.

Democrat Malinowski says White Americans are world’s greatest terrorist threat

America is experiencing another strange wave of paranoia – top down again, as in the 1950’s.  Only this time, it is the far Left who want us to believe that there is a “red” under every bed.  Of course – and as they are the last vestige of the failed ideology of Soviet Marxist Leninism – it is not “reds” that they want us to be afraid of, it is “whites”. 

In an opinion piece published on Saturday, freshman Congressman Tom Malinowski (D-7), argued that “America’s greatest terrorist threat comes from within.”  He attempts to make the point that what he calls “white supremacists” are a growing phenomenon on the terror scene.  To back this up, Malinowski notes several recent incidents – including the attack on a mosque in New Zealand – but for some reason fails to mention the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka that killed more than 300 human beings. 

Congressman Malinowski needs to be asked directly:  Why the deliberate oversight?  Do the lives of Asian Christians not count?

But Malinowski’s column is flawed in so many more ways that just that.  First, can Tom Malinowski actually argue that the threat of white supremacism is greater today than in, say 1972, when openly racist Governor George Corley Wallace won Democratic Party primaries in Maryland, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee?  Wallace came in second in Wisconsin, New Mexico, Indiana, West Virginia, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.  In a field of 14 candidates, the Democrat Governor who stood in the school house door to personally block Black students from entering got 3.7 million votes in Democrat primaries – nearly a quarter of all cast – before an assassination attempt paralyzed him and ended his presidential campaign.

Does Congressman Tom Malinowski really believe that there are more “white supremacists” around today than then?  If so, then he seriously needs to take a few years off to study the history of his own party.

Everyone knows that terrorism is a global phenomenon.  It is not confined to one country and it does not respect national borders.  Everyone knows this – from counter-terrorism experts to average citizens.  Everyone but those “new” Democrats – like New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Minnesota’s Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, and New Jersey’s Tom Malinowski.  They push a narrative that claims that it is “America” or “Americans” (read: “White Americans”) who constitute the real terror threat.

But of course, the world disagrees with them.  In Saturday’s op-ed, Congressman Malinowski wrote that there were 18 “white supremacist” “hate” groups that were terror threats (and that was just in New Jersey).  Having worked at the State Department, Tom Malinowski knows this is nonsense.  He knows that those groups are not designated as terrorist threats – no matter what their stupid ideology is. 

Wikipedia provides a very good list of the world’s terrorist groups – as designated by individual nations as well as international organizations like the United Nations, NATO, and the European Union.  There are dozens and dozens of terrorist organizations across the globe.  Can anyone find those 18 “hate” groups that Congressman Malinowski and his “new” Democrats would like us to focus our attention on?

Anyone – from an expert on counter-terrorism, to a citizen, or even a “new Democrat” member of Congress – after reading this list of designated terrorist groups would have a pretty good idea of where the threat of terrorism is coming from.  And it isn’t some Alt-Right group that put this list together.  This is from the United Nations, the European Union, and the Obama State Department.  Tom Malinowski should check out just who the Muslim nations of the world think are terrorists.  No, it’s not his 18 “hate” groups, it’s groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.

In his op-ed, Congressman Malinowski brought up the recent attack on a mosque in New Zealand.  Okay, well which groups does the government of New Zealand designate as terrorist groups?  Well, here’s the full list:  Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Ansar Bait al-Maqdis, Ansaru (The Vanguards for the Protection of Muslims in Black Africa), Boku Haram, Communist Party of the Philippines/ New Peoples’ Army, Continuity Irish Republican Army, ETA, Hamas, Harakat Sham al-Islam, Hezbollah (military wing), Indian Mujahideen, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Jundallah (Peoples’ Resistance Movement of Iran), Kurdistan Workers’ Party, National Liberation Army, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Real Irish Republican Army, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, and the Taliban.

Does anyone see those 18 “hate” groups Tom Malinowski is babbling about?  No, you don’t, because mature statesmen understand the true nature of terrorism and understand that to effectively combat it, you have to know what it is.  And it isn’t some mental deficient looking for social media attention.  Every multiple shooting isn’t the work of a terror organization.  Every serial killer isn’t a terrorist.

There’s also the idea of what constitutes “hate” and “hate crime” to consider.  According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reports, in 2001, just 10 people died as a result of “hate crimes”.  This sounds a bit short to us… like 2,977 short.  That’s right.  The FBI doesn’t count terrorist attacks like those of September 11, 2001, as “hate crimes.”  Terrorism isn’t counted as “hate”, so why is Tom Malinowski conflating the two?   

If Congressman Malinowski wanted to correct an injustice – and honor the 715 New Jersey residents murdered on September 11, 2001 – he would work to get the FBI to count them as victims of a hate crime.  Instead, Malinowski plays politics by whitewashing the real terrorists in an attempt to smear his political enemies and focus American against American. 

Malinowski’s attempts to silence union workers who complain about job losses due to outsourcing and offshoring are particularly disingenuous.  Calling such workers “anti-Semitic” and likening them to terrorists is way, way over the top. 

Especially as Malinowski’s allies in groups like ANTIFA are, in fact, anti-Semitic and anti-globalist.  Just ask the Government of the State of Israel and its Prime Minister which American political party is the truer friend of the Jewish State?

Of course, Tom Malinowski knows all this, but he deliberately lied in his op-ed anyway.  Malinowski is a divider who seeks to pit American against American, while he and his party willfully ignore the next September 11th attack.