HATE: Left moves on from hunting people on social media to movies about killing them.

If you are someone like Jerry Scanlan, the Sussex County GOP Chairman, you already know what the movie “The Hunt” is all about.  After Sussex County legislators demanded that the state Attorney General come to Sussex County to explain to county taxpayers why their Sheriff was being asked to comply with the Murphy administration’s illegal Sanctuary scheme, the state Democrat Party assigned a local Democrat the task of stalking Scanlan’s social media, to find something to kill his political career.

As we know from the testimony of several Democrat insiders, the Murphy administration was desperate to change the topic from its illegal Sanctuary scheme to something else.  So Scanlan was stalked by Democrats who soon found that he had been sloppy in monitoring the content of a handful of MAGA re-tweets.  After hunting for something to be offended about, the stalkers found it, promptly exclaimed that they had been “offended” and then demanded that Scanlan be fired for the offense of “Free Speech”.

The Democrats appear to forget that here – in America – in this country, we have something called the Bill of Rights.  The same Bill of Rights that allows Democrats to do some of their favorite things… like burn the American flag, or wipe their feet on it, or disrespect Disabled American Veterans (something the Left has been up to since the end of the Vietnam War), or paint a portrait of the Virgin Mother using feces, or place a Christian cross in a vat of urine… The same Bill of Rights allows someone to re-tweet something that is disrespectful of Islam or of Left wing politicians or of Caucasian politicians who claim to be “of color”. 

And even though Scanlan said that the controversial re-tweets were not intentional, that they were mistakenly re-tweeted as part of long Twitter “trains”, and that he apologized for doing it… the stalkers are on the hunt and they want their trophy.  Rather like the new movie the Left is promoting…

Comcast’s board of directors is stone silent amid widespread controversy over the media conglomerate’s “The Hunt” movie that has ruffled feathers for reportedly depicting humans hunting people with different political views for sport as the country mourns a pair of mass shootings.

NBC’s Universal Pictures falls under the Comcast cooperate umbrella, along with liberal news network MSNBC.

A Deadline report confirming the screenplay had been picked for production described the movie as “politically charged,” and The Hollywood Reporter sets up the battle as between “elite liberals” hunting “MAGA types.”

The hypocrisy of some Democrats has jumped the bounds of decency. 

The Murphy administration places gag orders against whistleblowers in a rape case, as it sends stalkers to hunt for something to be “offended” about, so it can have someone fired. 

Murphy’s media allies published the “offensive” material – that nobody would have even known existed if not for the media publishing it – and then claim that so many people have been “offended” that someone must be fired. 

Of course, the media was never “offended” when someone burned the American flag, or wiped their feet on it, or trashed Disabled American Veterans, or placed a Christian cross in a vat of urine.  They never asked that someone be fired for offending millions of Americans.  The media called those offenders “heroes”, even called some of their offensive material “art” and said it should be supported with tax dollars.

The Democrats have long supported flag burning.  Have long voted to spend taxpayer money to support “transgressive” art – so long as it transgressed against America and traditional values.  Now, when such transgression applies to Islam or far-left politicians… they call it “hate”.

Just hypocrites and corrupt politicians on the make.

State Dems scrap direct attack, use Politico’s Friedman to attack Christian religion.

Sources from within the Democrat Party in Trenton now say there will not be a “direct attack” on traditional Christian religions (and, by implication, traditional Judaism and Islamic traditions as well).  We are informed that the Democrats had planned to issue a press release yesterday, which would have attacked the Baptist pastor who has been asked to review the Sussex County GOP’s Twitter page to remove objectionable content, in keeping with the party’s platform and its traditional values. 

Two sources within the Democrat Party informed us that this attack would focus on the fact that the Baptist faith in particular (and traditionalist Christianity, Judaism, and Islam in general) is not “pro-LGBTQ+ enough” to satisfy the Democrat Party and the media, as represented by Politico’s Matt Friedman.  We all remember Friedman as the “hatchet man” for the “mastermind of Bridgegate” when said “mastermind” ran the blog PoliticsNJ.

Apparently, Friedman got his assignment this morning.  Generally, his handler is Jay Lassiter, a pro-LGBTQ+ Democrat operative from South Jersey.  We understand that Friedman is pursuing his assignment as we write.  This will be interesting, so stay tuned…

Matt Rooney calls out the Democrats on their hypocrisy

This is a must read from Matt Rooney – one of New Jersey brightest Republican stars (and, hopefully, a future candidate for public office).  Rooney is a South Jersey attorney and editor of the Save Jersey news website.  He often teams up with NJ 101.5’s Bill Spadea both on radio and on Fox’s Chasing News program.

Rooney’s latest column is titled, As rich white guys battle for control, N.J. Democrats’ rhetoric doesn’t match their reality.  In it, Rooney makes these important points:  

For all the progressive/woke/social justice warrior BS we hear from New Jersey Democrats these days, their party’s power structure is remarkably simple and boils down to two mega rich white guys (Murphy, a former Goldman Sachs executive and Norcross, a labor leader turned insurance industry titan) battling over the Garden State’s Iron Throne.

Power, money, tax credits, crony capitalism, special legislation… even loyalty oaths.

…My issue here is one of intellectual integrity. The public sector unions are powerful, you bet, but the NJEA couldn’t touch Steve Sweeney (the Senate President and the Norcross-led machine’s top elected asset) in the 2017 election.

Diversity gets a lot of lip service from the Left in this state, but New Jersey’s most powerful Democrat decision-makers (Murphy, Sweeney, Norcross, Assembly Speaker Coughlin) are all older white dudes. We hear a lot about the “working class” from Trenton, but each and every policy and budget are designed to put the screws to taxpayers in favor of keeping these rich guys and their power structures chugging right along.

What I’m saying is that Democrats’ lofty rhetoric doesn’t match their reality. On either side of this fight. New Jersey’s true form of government is a blend of socialism and oligarchy (with a sprinkle of kleptocracy for good measure).

They may disagree with one another on tax credits and a small handful of other issues, but Leftist economic policies supported by both sides of the Murphy-Norcross divide haven’t helped the Middle Class in this state. New Jersey’s women, minority communities, and millennials are being left out of the economic BOOM sweeping the rest of the country as a direct result of the aforementioned bad decision and sometimes self-serving business decisions of the Democrat power elite which has dominated the legislature (and therefore Trenton) for almost two full decades.

Helping the Middle Class = lowering property taxes. None of these guys are talking about that. Ever wonder why?

Yes, why indeed?

You can read Matt Rooney’s entire column here…


Tom Malinowski wants you to be afraid of these guys…

white firefighters.jpg

Oh look… white Americans!

These are the kind of people that Leftist “new” Democrats Tom Malinowski, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Abdullahi Omar say we need to “worry” about.  They claim that white Americans are the real terrorists.  In fact, Congressman Malinowski wrote an op-ed for the newspaper belonging to the king of the corporate One Percenters, Jeff Bezos, claiming that white Americans are the biggest terrorist threat. 

No, we don’t think somebody took a dump in his brain and forgot to flush it.  Tom Malinowski is just playing a cynical political game – he’s ignoring real terrorist threats (and leaving America vulnerable to another September 11th attack) – while kissing the hindquarters of those fashionable leftist one-percenters who fund his political career.  You know, the kind of people who employ lots of men-with-guns to defend their gated communities, but who want to make it a crime for you to have one to defend your family from the criminals they push out on to the streets (another of their new “fashionable” causes).

And what is worse is that Tom Malinowski stayed silent when volunteer and union firefighters became the latest of fellow Democrat Phil Murphy’s victims.  Tom Malinowski said not a word when Governor Murphy announced that he was stealing more than $33 million in money meant to provide services for firefighters who are old and without sufficient means or who have post-traumatic stress troubles. 

Governor Murphy announced that he was stealing their money so that he and First Lady Tammy Jane Murphy (nee Macbeth) could use it to fund One Percenter fashion statements… like subsidized legal services for undocumented immigrants illegally resident in the United States.  Murphy tried to steal the money and Tom Malinowski gave silent consent. 

Congressman Malinowski is a disgrace.

Democrat Malinowski says White Americans are world’s greatest terrorist threat

America is experiencing another strange wave of paranoia – top down again, as in the 1950’s.  Only this time, it is the far Left who want us to believe that there is a “red” under every bed.  Of course – and as they are the last vestige of the failed ideology of Soviet Marxist Leninism – it is not “reds” that they want us to be afraid of, it is “whites”. 

In an opinion piece published on Saturday, freshman Congressman Tom Malinowski (D-7), argued that “America’s greatest terrorist threat comes from within.”  He attempts to make the point that what he calls “white supremacists” are a growing phenomenon on the terror scene.  To back this up, Malinowski notes several recent incidents – including the attack on a mosque in New Zealand – but for some reason fails to mention the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka that killed more than 300 human beings. 

Congressman Malinowski needs to be asked directly:  Why the deliberate oversight?  Do the lives of Asian Christians not count?

But Malinowski’s column is flawed in so many more ways that just that.  First, can Tom Malinowski actually argue that the threat of white supremacism is greater today than in, say 1972, when openly racist Governor George Corley Wallace won Democratic Party primaries in Maryland, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee?  Wallace came in second in Wisconsin, New Mexico, Indiana, West Virginia, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.  In a field of 14 candidates, the Democrat Governor who stood in the school house door to personally block Black students from entering got 3.7 million votes in Democrat primaries – nearly a quarter of all cast – before an assassination attempt paralyzed him and ended his presidential campaign.

Does Congressman Tom Malinowski really believe that there are more “white supremacists” around today than then?  If so, then he seriously needs to take a few years off to study the history of his own party.

Everyone knows that terrorism is a global phenomenon.  It is not confined to one country and it does not respect national borders.  Everyone knows this – from counter-terrorism experts to average citizens.  Everyone but those “new” Democrats – like New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Minnesota’s Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, and New Jersey’s Tom Malinowski.  They push a narrative that claims that it is “America” or “Americans” (read: “White Americans”) who constitute the real terror threat.

But of course, the world disagrees with them.  In Saturday’s op-ed, Congressman Malinowski wrote that there were 18 “white supremacist” “hate” groups that were terror threats (and that was just in New Jersey).  Having worked at the State Department, Tom Malinowski knows this is nonsense.  He knows that those groups are not designated as terrorist threats – no matter what their stupid ideology is. 

Wikipedia provides a very good list of the world’s terrorist groups – as designated by individual nations as well as international organizations like the United Nations, NATO, and the European Union.  There are dozens and dozens of terrorist organizations across the globe.  Can anyone find those 18 “hate” groups that Congressman Malinowski and his “new” Democrats would like us to focus our attention on?


Anyone – from an expert on counter-terrorism, to a citizen, or even a “new Democrat” member of Congress – after reading this list of designated terrorist groups would have a pretty good idea of where the threat of terrorism is coming from.  And it isn’t some Alt-Right group that put this list together.  This is from the United Nations, the European Union, and the Obama State Department.  Tom Malinowski should check out just who the Muslim nations of the world think are terrorists.  No, it’s not his 18 “hate” groups, it’s groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.

In his op-ed, Congressman Malinowski brought up the recent attack on a mosque in New Zealand.  Okay, well which groups does the government of New Zealand designate as terrorist groups?  Well, here’s the full list:  Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Ansar Bait al-Maqdis, Ansaru (The Vanguards for the Protection of Muslims in Black Africa), Boku Haram, Communist Party of the Philippines/ New Peoples’ Army, Continuity Irish Republican Army, ETA, Hamas, Harakat Sham al-Islam, Hezbollah (military wing), Indian Mujahideen, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Jundallah (Peoples’ Resistance Movement of Iran), Kurdistan Workers’ Party, National Liberation Army, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Real Irish Republican Army, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, and the Taliban.

Does anyone see those 18 “hate” groups Tom Malinowski is babbling about?  No, you don’t, because mature statesmen understand the true nature of terrorism and understand that to effectively combat it, you have to know what it is.  And it isn’t some mental deficient looking for social media attention.  Every multiple shooting isn’t the work of a terror organization.  Every serial killer isn’t a terrorist.

There’s also the idea of what constitutes “hate” and “hate crime” to consider.  According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reports, in 2001, just 10 people died as a result of “hate crimes”.  This sounds a bit short to us… like 2,977 short.  That’s right.  The FBI doesn’t count terrorist attacks like those of September 11, 2001, as “hate crimes.”  Terrorism isn’t counted as “hate”, so why is Tom Malinowski conflating the two?   

If Congressman Malinowski wanted to correct an injustice – and honor the 715 New Jersey residents murdered on September 11, 2001 – he would work to get the FBI to count them as victims of a hate crime.  Instead, Malinowski plays politics by whitewashing the real terrorists in an attempt to smear his political enemies and focus American against American. 

Malinowski’s attempts to silence union workers who complain about job losses due to outsourcing and offshoring are particularly disingenuous.  Calling such workers “anti-Semitic” and likening them to terrorists is way, way over the top. 

Especially as Malinowski’s allies in groups like ANTIFA are, in fact, anti-Semitic and anti-globalist.  Just ask the Government of the State of Israel and its Prime Minister which American political party is the truer friend of the Jewish State?

Of course, Tom Malinowski knows all this, but he deliberately lied in his op-ed anyway.  Malinowski is a divider who seeks to pit American against American, while he and his party willfully ignore the next September 11th attack.