Second conference on Religious Liberty to be held in Ocean County

Following up on June’s successful conference on religious Liberty held in Newton, Sussex County, a second conference is scheduled for Ocean County on August 27th in Toms River.

At the first conference, attendees heard from Senator Steve Oroho on the status of various legislative initiatives – including the Human Trafficking & Child Exploitation Prevention Act and the 20/20 bill, which recognizes that a fetus experiences pain at 20 weeks (all but 7 nations on earth recognize this FACT).

Rev. Mandy Leverett gave a talk about the threat of human trafficking in New Jersey and detailed a number of horrific cases.  There was a discussion about how a porous border and the Murphy administration’s Sanctuary State directive empowers human traffickers in the sexual exploitation of women and children. 

Christine Flaherty explained the importance of the 20/20 bill, also known as the "Babies in the Womb Feel Pain".  This legislation recognizes the scientific fact that a fetus or unborn baby is pain-sensitive at 20 weeks.  Every other country on earth recognizes this fact except North Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Canada, and the Netherlands.  Similar legislation has been passed in nearly half the states and is moving forward in others in an attempt bring our laws into line with the rest of the civilized world. 

An ecumenical movement has formed called the 20/20 Project.  Its members represent many religious denominations.  It is actively supported by a number of organizations including the Respect Life Office of the Archdiocese of Metuchen, the Respect Life Office of the Archdiocese of Newark, Project LEARN, the New Jersey Family Policy Council, New Jersey Right to Life, the Center for Garden State Families, Corazon Puro, LifeNet, the League of American Families, among others. 

Of course, the 20/20 bill has been attacked by the death-cult wing of the New Jersey Democrat Party (there are still a great many religious Democrats who value life and recognize that their communities are being slaughtered for profit by Planned Parenthood).  As one activist said:  “They celebrate taking life and would do anything to maintain the barbaric practices that are illegal in most of the civilized world."

And speaking of attacks…  Since the first conference in Sussex County, one of the speakers has been attacked for his Biblical-based beliefs.   

Pastor Phil Rizzo, who spoke to the conference on the importance of religious freedom, was stalked and targeted by Sussex County Democrats for agreeing to help sort out a recent Twitter controversy involving the GOP county chairman.  State Democrats reached out to a political blog to arrange a “hit” on Pastor Rizzo, the gist of which was that he didn’t embrace Islam and wasn’t pro-LGBTQ+. 

The fact that those two world-views differ dramatically apparently didn’t dawn on the author of that hit piece, but the incident did offer up an important lesson:  There are Establishment forces who want to drive traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs out of the public square and to make it punishable (and eventually illegal) to express them. 

Despite the presence of good believers in the Democrat Party, the leadership of that party is in thrall to these forces – as is corporate media.  As evidence of this was the statement by the Sussex County Democrat Chairwoman that compared Pastor Rizzo to “Hitler” because he held traditional Biblical beliefs and the attack by an LGBTQ+ activist employed by the Star-Ledger. 

The battle lines are drawn and they are coming for your Bible.  They want to make reading it (or repeating what you have read) a “hate crime”.  And they will target and stalk anyone who stands for religious freedom.  Faith will either win this one or be driven into the wilderness. 

If you are interested in attending the Second Conference on Religious Liberty, please contact the Center for Garden State Families at

If you have a conflict, please contact the center and ask when the next one will be (at least four more are planned throughout the state).  Let’s get active!

And be of good cheer.  Faith can move mountains, while government and politicians and corporations and media and academics are all… “a small dust in the balance.”

If America’s boundaries are not worthy of respect… how about your front door?

We all have boundaries… lines beyond which someone cannot go without being invited.  It is something we have in common – as human beings.

A refrigerator box that a homeless veteran calls home is every bit as sacrosanct to him, as is the front door of a newspaperman’s McMansion.  Enter that homeless vet’s cardboard home and he will defend it… as quickly as that newspaperman will call the police (men with guns) if you menace his threshold.  

That caravan of migrants, some seeking asylum, others merely wanting to get into a “rich” welfare-providing nation illegally (or simply ahead of others who have been patiently waiting their turn) – the human beings there operate no less on boundaries.  Each has something they carry with them that is their own, around which they establish borders. Don’t touch their stuff or their food or person. Every human being operates on borders and boundaries.

That’s what the MeToo Movement is all about, isn’t it?  Somebody can’t just take it because they believe that they are entitled to it.  That it’s just not about how they feel… but about how you feel too.  An invitation is important.

A lot of rich people – rich and powerful people – they don’t get it.

Guys like Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein and Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose – One Percenters like our Governor… Wall Street’s Masters of the Universe… they don’t understand boundaries and borders.  Money is arrogant. It assumes that it can invade and take whatever it wants – and it instructs those it manipulates to assume the same, generally for its own ends.

This attitude has of late been transferred to and inculcated within, an activist cadre that argues that America is a picket fence without a gate, a house without a door, a person without personal space.  These activists argue that to suggest the existence of boundaries is somehow racist. Of course, they know this is not true, because as human beings each of them maintains their own borders, which they jealously guard.  

Most American citizens agree that our country should bring in as many legal immigrants as it can, provided that the influx does not cause a decline in wages or quality of life.  Go to any theatre, bar, or dance club and they have a sign posted with the number of people who can safely occupy that space.  Posting that sign isn’t a racist act. It is common sense… and done to avoid terrible tragedy.

Post a number.  Once that number is reached… sorry, but you will have to wait.  

But that caravan of migrants, someone talked them into discarding their good manners – that you don’t barge into someone’s home unless invited – and convinced them to gatecrash America.  Yes, you can point to the activists, but they are really only paid mouthpieces. It’s who pays them that really tells the story – and behind every activist group urging migrants to gatecrash America there are members of the One Percent… rich donors and their corporate entities.

They have been at it for years – in both political parties and the media – singing the tune that America’s door swings one way.  Everyone can come here… but Americans can’t go anywhere (unless you have a corporate sponsor). They’ve hired the lobbyists to make coming to America legally a Kafkaesque proposition, but coming to America illegally a piece of cake… a human right… a birthright for anyone born anywhere on planet earth.  

Why does government make legal immigration so difficult, while actively supporting illegal immigration?  Cheap labor.  Illegal immigrants drive down the cost of labor.

The gray economy is a powerful check on rising minimum wages.  It allows so-called “progressive” politicians to play like they are helping the working class when, in fact, they are putting them out of work.  Raising the minimum wage while allowing and supporting the illegal gray economy puts blue-collar workers out of work or severely diminishes their negotiating power.

This is nothing new.  Julius Caesar was hated by Rome’s One Percenters because he pushed legislation that required them to employ citizen laborers instead of relying on slave labor.  Later, he was assassinated by them.

Today’s illegal gray labor is yesterday’s slave labor… and, because of expanding human trafficking interests, has more and more become cases of actual slave labor.  There have been cases of modern slavery adjudicated in processing, manufacturing, agriculture, health care, construction, labor, and – of course – the prostitution and pornography “industries”.  It’s tough for a single mom from Paterson to get a job to feed her kids, when she’s competing with someone who works for next to nothing. It is a human tragedy for both the single mom and the slave or the illegal immigrant being marketed and used.  A tragedy all around…

Except that some rich Wall Streeter like Phil Murphy will be smiling.  Because he’s cut labor costs. He’s shown that trailer park trash who is boss!

Like the political crook Murphy employed – who took taxpayers’ money – and the aide/alleged rapist Murphy employed – who didn’t respect a woman’s boundaries – the Governor is someone who doesn’t understand borders. Not since fellow Democrat, Alabama Governor George C. Wallace, stood on the school house steps have we seen such defiance of our federal system.  

Under Murphy, there will be less cooperation between New Jersey law enforcement and federal officials, than there is between federal officials and their international counterparts, through Interpol.  Already the biggest fiscal mess in America, with the worst property taxes, and an economy stunted by anti-business regulation (in fact, the worst state in America to start a business)… now New Jersey will be the least safe, with a hamstrung law enforcement watching helplessly as human traffickers and those who sexually exploit children set up shop in every city and town in the state… as illegal opioids and narcotics flow across the border under the shield of “sanctuary”.  As illegal gun running gangs hide behind their immigration status to hold law enforcement at bay.

Don’t believe it?  Then why is New Jersey’s urban crime rate so much higher than in other states?  That crime rate will soon be introducing itself to the suburbs, courtesy of Murphy’s new sanctuary state rules.  And meanwhile, the New Jersey Legislature continues to disarm its police officers while making nice to violent gangs, simply because of their fashionable immigration status…

New Jersey Slowly Disarming Its Cops in Fight Against LEOSA




Historically, New Jersey is one of the only states that frequently tries to neuter federal law geared toward law enforcement; perhaps no instance more evident than the ongoing battle over LEOSA (the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act).

In New Jersey, the 2016 violent crime rate in Newark was 135.96 percent higher than the national violent crime rate average. In Camden, the 2012 statistics (the most current) saw a violent crime rate 563.3 percent higher than the national average. And in Trenton, the state capital, the 2016 violent crime rate was 239.33 percent higher than the national violent crime rate. Clearly the members of the New Jersey Legislature are missing all of that during their commute to their Trenton offices.

By comparison, New York City’s 2016 violent crime rate was only 44 percent higher than the national average. Which leads to the question: What is the New Jersey Legislature doing about violent crime in these major urban hubs?

The answer, reinforcing the taking away the guns of law enforcement.

Read further…

So prepare yourselves for higher taxes, more competition for fewer jobs, and a marked decline in the quality of life.  All brought to you by your One Percenter Governor, Smilin’ Phil Murphy! And don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Meet some of the victims of the Sanctuary State movement…

The Democratic Socialist movement that includes the Women’s March, Antifa, Rise Stronger, Indivisible, Action Together… and who support candidates like Andy Kim, Tom Malinowski, and Mikie Sherrill have all lined up behind Governor Phil Murphy’s plan to make New Jersey a Sanctuary State.  Yes, the whole state.

In doing so – wittingly or unwittingly – they have become allies of modern day slavery, the traffickers in human beings and especially those who deal in the trafficking of women and children for America’s booming (and often illegal) sex industry.  The porous border that Kim, Malinowski, and Sherrill advocate serves the needs of criminal traffickers of illegal narcotics and opioids – and illegal firearms – as well.

This isn’t a victimless position to take.  You aren’t helping people when you help those who kidnap them and bring them to America to sell.  A United Nations study estimated that the criminal cartels who control the trafficking of human beings and illegal narcotics into the United States collect $6.6 billion annually. 

And who is being trafficked?  Here, meet some of the victims…

Now let’s ask Andy Kim, Tom Malinowski, and Mikie Sherrill… do you feel better about your movement… or do you feel worse?

Tom Malinowski caught trying to capitalize on John McCain’s death?

Democrat candidate for Congress Tom Malinowski is using Senator John McCain’s death for political gain… so says the executive director of a major national Jewish organization. 

 Apparently Malinowski’s campaign has launched a commercial that makes use of some “kind words” that the late Senator had for Malinowski after President Barack Obama nominated him for a post at the State Department.  Along with this, the Malinowski fundraising machine has launched another appeal for more money (it seems the Washington, DC, political team responsible for the commercial want to be paid).

 Senator McCain did have some “kind words” for Tom Malinowski, but that was after Malinowski told those at the hearing that his lovely mother was present.  It is kind of hard to be tough on someone who has brought his mom… 

 Regarding the Malinowski commercial that trades on the late Senator, Matt Brooks of the RJC issued the following statement:

 “For Tom Malinowski to use Senator John McCain’s kind words in a political advertisement to imply support for Malinowski in his race against Congressman Leonard Lance is wrong, and he should immediately take the commercial down. John McCain would have voted for Leonard Lance if he lived in New Jersey’s 7th district. John McCain would have quickly pointed out that Tom Malinowski is dead wrong on Israel, taxes, and a host of other important issues. John McCain’s strong support of Israel flew in the face of Malinowski’s lobbying against supplying Israel’s military with American weapons and his support for the Iran nuclear deal. To wait until the passing of Senator McCain to release a political ad featuring his kind words, and implying support for Malinowski, a claim that McCain is no longer here to refute, is disgusting. Tom Malinowski must take this disgraceful commercial down."

 Of course, we all know that Tom Malinowski has a long record of Israel-bashing and that his campaign has allied itself with groups like the Women’s March, led by “friend of Louis Farrakhan” Linda Sarsour – who last year called for Jihad against the elected government of the United States of America.  And Tom Malinowski is a close political ally of this guy…


Calling for the end to the border wall and other fortifications that protect Israel against terrorists is like calling for a second Holocaust.  It is not enough that Cory Booker’s international allies have driven Jews out of every country they control, now he wants to tear down Israel’s protective barrier and allow them to march in to commence a pogrom of terror, torture, rape, and murder.

And to make matters worse, thanks to the Philadelphia Inquirer, now we know that Booker's fellow Democrat - Bob Menendez - is allowing his campaign to be run by a lobbyist for the foreign government of Qatar, one of the worse anti-Jewish culprits in the world and a government criticized by the United Nations and Amnesty International for its relaxed attitude towards modern slavery - human trafficking and the exploitation of children. 

 So why has Tom Malinowski used the image of a staunchly pro-Israel Senator in his campaign?  Is it because he knows that now that Senator McCain is dead and buried the Senator won’t be able to correct Malinowski’s misinterpretation of him? 

 Senator John McCain would never have time for a Louis Farrakhan or a Linda Sarsour or a Cory Booker holding a stupid anti-Israel sign like that or the antics of a Bob Menendez.  But Malinowski’s use of McCain’s death isn’t the only thing wrong with his campaign commercial.  He brags about standing up to dictators.  He sucked at standing up to dictators.  Hey Tom, occupying an office that is supposed to stand up to dictators, but sucks, isn’t the same as standing up to dictators.

 Just like Tom sucked at standing up to human traffickers.  Especially after his boss, Barack Obama, wanted to pass the union-screwing, working class eviscerating, job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP).  Malinowski’s State Department willfully ignored the deplorable records on modern slavery of a number of nations and simply said that they were okay to compete with American working men and women.  It was shameful. 

That’s Tom Malinowski… shameless (but pretty).

Is the party of the old slavery now the party of the new?

How has your summer been?

For most members of the New Jersey political establishment we bet it’s been pretty good – surrounded by family, nice food and drink, the sounds of laughter and friendship.  But for the victims of human trafficking -- our modern slavery epidemic – it’s been just another season in hell, made more poignant by the fact that, for almost all of those trafficked, there are memories of when they enjoyed the summer holidays as much as anyone else. 

Human Trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, second to drug dealing and tied with arms dealing.  The FBI recently uncovered and arrested 42 child sex traffickers in New Jersey.  The Star-Ledger reported that the 42 were arrested on charges that included sex trafficking, child exploitation and prostitution.  A total of 84 children were rescued during the operation.  Human Trafficking is modern day slavery and it is happening TODAY -- in the HERE and NOW! 

But some in New Jersey’s political establishment don't want to admit that it is happening, because too many are in hock to contributions from special interests who benefit from the massive profits generated by everything from goods made with indentured labor to Internet porn.  Instead of addressing this modern crime against humanity, many console themselves by virtue signaling about the slavery ended by the Civil War -- in 1865.  This allows them to (1) ignore modern slavery, (2) keep taking the money, and (3) feel good about themselves. 

Imagine if the British government had taken this line in 1807 and -- instead of abolishing the slave trade -- they had merely congratulated themselves on the end of their enslavement by the Romans, centuries before?  No, they were focused on the affliction of slavery in what was their modern times – and they dealt with it, sending out the Royal Navy to sink every slave ship and blast every slave trader from the seven seas.

Modern technology is rapidly expanding the means by which human beings are ensnared and trapped into modern slavery and then trafficked as though they were meat.  The modern "slave ship" is embodied by certain websites and social media -- its "ocean" is the Internet.  The media recently reported about the rescue by the FBI of a "3-month-old girl and her 5-year-old sister" who were being trafficked by a child predator "who was offering to sell the children for sex" using the Internet.  Isn't it time to adopt the technology to blast these scumbags from the Internet?

Child trafficking is a $32 billion-a-year industry and is on the rise in all 50 states, according to the U.S. government.  4.5 Million of trafficked persons have been sexually exploited and nearly 300,000 Americans under 18 have been lured into the commercial sex trade.  The National Human Trafficking Hotline reported that in 2016, human trafficking in the United States increased by 35.7% -- in one year!  But we have the technology to stop it.  So why aren't we adopting it?

We have the legislation.  It's called the Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act (S-540/ A-878).  And it offers a constitutional way to prevent predators from using the Internet to sexually exploit children.  It is supported by Thorn, an anti-human trafficking group that uses technology to defeat child sex traffickers.

So why are some members of New Jersey’s political establishment undermining this legislation by making excuses for the actions of Senator Bob Menendez and his friend, a wealthy man who was convicted of ripping-off taxpayers?  And why are others reluctant to support the Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act on the state and federal level? 

Last week, the New Jersey Democrat State Committee rounded up 88 women operatives to aid Senator Bob Menendez’ comeback bid.  The 88 Democrats brushed aside federal allegations made by prosecutors that there was evidence to suggest that the Senator and his “friend” had been involved in trafficking, including “uncharged allegations of underage prostitution that kicked off the federal probe.”  This is serious stuff and something each of those 88 Democrats should have answers for.

Prosecutors twice say there was “corroborating evidence” to support the initial sex crime allegations, for which Senator Menendez and his convicted friend, Dr. Solomon Melgen, face no charges. In the first instance, they write:

"The defendants present their case as exceptional because the allegations of underage prostitution are 'such easily disprovable allegations about something that would hardly be a federal crime even had it been true.' Id. As an initial matter, it is most certainly a federal crime to leave the country for the purpose of engaging in a commercial sex act with a minor, and the defendants’ suggestion to the contrary is unsettling. See 18 U.S.C. §§ 1952, 1591(a)(1), & 2421. Furthermore, the defendants’ dismissive treatment of these allegations is troubling. Allegations of human trafficking and underage prostitution must be taken seriously and cannot be dismissed merely because the alleged perpetrator is a United States Senator. Given the nature and seriousness of the allegations, in addition to the corroborating evidence, it would have been irresponsible not to investigate."

Then, recounting the initial stages of the investigation and apparently corroborating evidence, prosecutors write:

"As would be done in the normal course, the Government took responsible steps to investigate these serious criminal allegations, which were not so 'easily disprovable,' as the defendants suggest. Some eyewitnesses described a party attended by defendant Melgen in Casa de Campo—where defendant Melgen has a home and where defendant Menendez often visited—involving prostitutes. See Ex. 2 at 2; Ex. 3 at 1-2.. Furthermore, defendant Melgen has flown numerous young women from the United States and from other countries on his private jet to the Dominican Republic. Many of these young women receive substantial financial support from defendant Melgen. For example, defendant Melgen flew two young women—whom he met while they were performing at a South Florida 'Gentlemen’s' Club, see Ex. 4 at 1-2—on his private jet to his villa in Casa de Campo the day after paying one young woman $1,000 and the other young woman $2,000. See Ex. 5. Indeed, one of defendant Melgen’s pilots described 'young girls' who 'look[ed] like escorts' traveling at various times on defendant Melgen’s private jet. Ex. 6 at 9:7-16. Some young women who received substantial sums of money from defendant Melgen were in the same place as defendant Menendez at the same time. Moreover, when the allegations were first reported, defendant Menendez defended himself with public statements that are easily disprovable. Specifically, he repeated several times that he had only flown on defendant Melgen’s private jet on three occasions. That representation is demonstrably false. Confronted with corroborating evidence of such serious crimes, it would have been an inexcusable abdication of responsibility not to investigate these allegations."

While Menendez denies these allegations, did the 88 Democrat women operatives ever stop to ask him about them? 

So who are they?  Well here is the list of the 88…

Afsheen Shamsi, Steering Committee Member, NJDSC South Asian American Caucus

Alison Arne, Atlantic County Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Amie Maria, Cumberland/Salem County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Amy DeGise, Chair, Hudson County Democratic Organization

Analilia Mejia, Executive Director, New Jersey Working Families Alliance

Andrea Smith, Cape May County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Angela Bardoe, Cumberland/Salem County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Angela McKnight, Assemblymember

Angelica Jimenez, Assemblymember

Annette Quijano, Assemblymember

Anita Esteve, Morris County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Ann Twomey, President, Health Professionals and Allied Employees

Anna Maria Tejada, Past President, Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey

Anna Wong, Northeast Regional Director, Action Together New Jersey

Arlene Quinones Perez, Chair, Hunterdon County Democratic Committee

Ashley Henderson, President, Princeton Marching Forward

Barbra Casbar Siperstein, Gender Rights Advocacy Association of NJ

Caitlin Sherman, Hudson County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Careen DeAndrea Lazarus, Passaic County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Carmen Salavarrieta, Angels in Action

Cathy Brienza, JOLT USA

Caty Polanco, Latin American Democratic Association

Cheryl Marciano, Warren County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Christina Zuk, Vice President, New Jersey Young Democrats

Christine Clarke, Environmental Director, Action Together New Jersey

Christine Elias, Gloucester County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Deb Huber, President, NOW-NJ

Devon Mazza, Ocean County Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Donna M Chiera, President, AFTNJ

Dr. Hetal Gor, Advisory Board, NJDSC South Asian American Caucus

Dr. Khyati Y. Joshi, Professor, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Edina Brown, Councilmember, Old Bridge

Elizabeth Cano, Union County Latina Activist

Elizabeth Meyer, Founder, NJ Women’s March

Erin Chung, President and Founder, Women for Progress

Estina Baker, CWA District 1

Gail Black, Statewide Jewish Women’s Advocate

Hetty Rosenstein, CWA

Iris Perrot, Warren County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Jaci Jones, President, Middlesex County Federation of Democratic Women

Jackie Low, Bergen County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Jeanne Fox, Esq., Former BPU President

Jeanne Jordan, Gloucester County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Jill Rhodes, Morris County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Joan Jacobsen, Sussex County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Joan Quigley, Former President of the State Junior Women’s Clubs

Joann Downey, Assemblymember

Kellie Davidson, Morris County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Kelly Shea, Warren County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Laurel Brennan, Secretary-Treasurer, New Jersey State AFL-CIO

Lauren Nicosia, Women’s Health Advocate

Lenace Edwards, SEIU 32BJ

Leslie Huhn, Chair, Sussex County Democratic Committee

Linda Sloan Locke, CNM,LSW

Lindsay Campbell, President, Sussex County NOW

Lisa Anderson, Sussex County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Lisa Bonanno, Gloucester County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Lizette Delgado-Polanco, Vice Chair, New Jersey State Democratic Committee

Marcia Marley, BlueWave NJ

Margaret Weinberger, President, Somerset County Federation of Democratic Women

Megan Coyne, President, College Democrats of New Jersey

Mildred Scott, Sheriff, Middlesex County

Nancy Pinkin, Assemblywoman

Nedia Morsy, Make the Road Action

Pamela Brug, Union County Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Pamela Renee, Councilwoman, Neptune City

Pat Perkins Auguste, Councilwoman, Elizabeth

Patricia Campos, LUPE PAC

Patricia Soteropoulos, Morris County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Patricia Teffenhart, Gender Equity Advocate

Patti Douglass, Morris County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Peg Schaffer, Chair, Somerset County Democratic Committee

Phyllis Salowe-Kay

Rachel Barry, Morris County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Regina Keelan, Democratic Municipal Chair, Atlantic Highlands

Nadia Hussain, Passaic County Director, NJDSC South Asian American Caucus

Safanya Searcy, Labor Leader and Community Activist

Saily M. Avelenda, Esq., Attorney and Activist

Sara Cullinane, Make the Road Action

Shanel Robinson, Deputy Mayor, Franklin Township

Shanti Narra, Middlesex County Freeholder

Shelly Morningstar, Morris County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Stephanie Silvera, Passaic County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Susan Lavine Coleman, Burlington County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Tammi Bathke, Burlington County Co-Chair, Action Together New Jersey

Verlina Reynolds-Jackson, Assemblywoman

Winn Khuong, Executive Director, Action Together New Jersey

Yvonne Lopez, Assemblymember