Why Does Phil Murphy hate average Americans?

Unable to embrace his neighbor, he embraces the world.

The sneering contempt that many in the American "elite" have for average working Americans has been extensively documented.  It comes, quite naturally from the lips of say, a Chelsea Handler, when she says that incest doesn't happen among people like her but only in places like the South and among the working class. 

Of course, this is in marked contrast to the excuses the same "elites" make for violent criminals, cop-killers, terrorists, totalitarians like Stalin, Mao, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, and Pol Pot.  Excuses, excuses... some even make excuses for Sharia law and for its advocates -- like Women's March co-chair Linda Sarsour.

It was Linda Sarsour who called for "jihad" against the government of the United States of America.  She did so in a speech in which she praised Siraj Wahaj, a controversial New York imam who federal prosecutors alleged was a possible "co-conspirator" in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.  You can catch her act here:

Did candidate Phil Murphy distance himself from Linda Sarsour and her organization?  No he did not.  He did not criticize her at all.

When Linda Sarsour made some horrible remarks about a Black woman, a victim of genital mutilation, and noted reformer in the Muslim world, did candidate Phil Murphy say a word about it?  No he did not.  He continues to support Sarsour, her organization, and its goals.

In contrast, candidate Phil Murphy has been quick to play holier-than-thou over a band banner and the word "bitch" used in a private conversation that was illicitly recorded.  Apparently these are worth endless commentary but calling for Islamic "holy war" against the elected government of the United States -- while we have American military men and women in the field -- is not worth candidate Phil Murphy batting an eyelash over.  Apparently, candidate Phil Murphy has no opinion on whether or not Linda Sarsour was out of line when she told a female victim of genital mutilation that she "wanted to take her vagina away."  Maybe Murphy thought that was "cute"?

Now candidate Phil Murphy is complaining because average working Americans can't understand why he would further erode their standard of living in New Jersey.  He and his allies in the establishment media have taken to calling these average working Americans names like "racist" because they don't agree with Murphy's plans to make New Jersey a "sanctuary state" for illegal aliens. 

Former Mayor Steve Lonegan explained what making New Jersey a "sanctuary state" would do to average working Americans living in New Jersey:

Lonegan quoted from a recent letter as to what the Democrats' "sanctuary state" policy would mean to the average taxpayer:

"A 'sanctuary state' will mean a huge influx of people who will need the social services safety net more than average.  The Democrat gubernatorial ticket has promised to impose a so-called 'millionaire's tax' that will chase away those who currently fund the state's social safety net.  Those who are left... the middle class who can't leave because of a job, or because they can't sell their home for what they paid for it, or because their child wants to finish school -- they will have to make up for the shortfall in higher taxes.

That won't be easy, because at 26.1% of income, the cost of living in New Jersey is, according to Bloomberg, by far the most expensive in the nation.  Meanwhile, state household income is nearly seven percent lower than it was in 2008 and has only grown by a little more than one percent since then. 

Those coming to the new 'Sanctuary State' of New Jersey will enter the workforce of the gray economy, where the minimum wage doesn't apply.  But for everyone else it does -- which will leave trade union workers, manufacturing, medical care and health workers, service industry workers, and mothers with part-time jobs all at a disadvantage when competing for a job.  It will be bad news for people trying to pay their mortgage, their property taxes, those hoping to avoid foreclosure. 

And just where will all these newcomers to the 'Sanctuary State of New Jersey' reside?  Why in subsidized sanctuary housing -- courtesy of COAH and its plan to build tens of thousands of new subsidized no-questions-asked units throughout New Jersey. 

This will require massive infrastructure investment by taxpayers -- and an increase in property tax collections.  To pay for it, the Democrats intend to scrap the 2-percent cap on local government spending.  Under the Democrats property taxes rose an average of 6.1 percent a year -- triple the rate of inflation.  Since the cap, property taxes have gone up an average of just 2.1 percent a year."

"If the Democrats are successful with their idea, they will have to build a wall to keep taxpayers in," Lonegan said.  True enough.  But it still doesn't explain what candidate Phil Murphy has against average working Americans and why he is so determined to make the lives of those living in New Jersey more difficult.