The first transgendered terrorist?

A few days after Islamic terrorists slaughtered 130 mainly young people at a rock concert in Paris, a few days before Islamic terrorists murdered 14 people at a Christmas party in California, Democrat Speaker Vinnie Prieto put out a press release in support of the process by which refugees from war torn Syria come to the United States.  That process places the United Nations in charge of determining refugee status and then whether or not someone should be placed in another country -- including the United States.

Ignoring how one of the Paris terrorists used the Syrian refugee crisis to slip into Europe, the Speaker claimed that most of those coming to the United States were "orphans", while other Democrats used the term "women and children".  Both are mischaracterizations.  Federal resettlement figures of Syrian refugees indicate that a majority are adult and a plurality are adult males. Besides which, after last week's massacre in California, it should be clear that a woman can be as deadly a terrorist as a man.

Since September 11, 2001, millions of Americans have directly or indirectly suffered the effects of terrorism.  Thousands have been directly killed at the hands of terrorists.  Much has been made by President Obama and other Democrats about how they intend to keep Americans safe AND open to populations coming to America from regions of Islamic conflict.  These Democrats say that the "vetting" process is effective, but a look at the case of the woman who took part in murdering 14 Americans in California makes that argument meaningless.

First, her name.  Tashfeen Malik is the name of a man.  Tashfeen is a male Arabic name meaning "sympathetic" or "compassionate."  Malik is a name common in the Black Muslim community here in America.  It means "king."  So why didn't the Department of State notice this when they issued her a fiancé visa? 

But wait, it gets more explicit.  In history, Tashfeen Malik was a famous Islamic Jihadist who, twenty years after William the Conqueror invaded England, fought the Battle of Sagrajas in Spain that defeated the Christian king and maintained Islam in Europe.  The Spanish Christians were outnumbered three to one, so Tashfeen Malik offered them three choices: Convert to Islam, pay tribute, or death.  The Christians chose to fight and were slaughtered.  The battle in Arabic is called  Zallaqa or "slippery ground" because the soldiers were slipping all over the ground due to the amount of blood.

A woman with a man's name that is also the name of a famous Islamic Jihadist.  So how did those responsible for "vetting" miss that?    

Maybe they are just like Speaker Prieto and the Democrats in New Jersey, who recently passed legislation that allows any man to claim that he is a woman or woman to claim that she is a man, simply by deciding to be so.  No sex reassignment surgery is necessary.  You just think it so and that makes it so. 

Perhaps this way of thinking has infected the State Department?  That would explain how a woman carrying a man's name got a fiancé visa without any objection being raised.

Apparently, State Department officials were so frightened to question the established "politically correct" line on these things that nobody even took a second look at the name -- which absolutely screamed Jihad.  Whatever the reason, 14 Americans will not be spending the holidays with their families.  Instead, their families are burying them.