Speaker Prieto: Suspend the Bill of Rights

Speaker Vinnie Prieto stepped away from the podium yesterday to suggest that the Bill of Rights be suspended if it will save one life.  Later, Assemblyman Lou "man hair" Greenwald said much the same thing.  This phrase has become a kind of last refuge when they run out of logic:  "It is worth it, if it saves just one life."

Good thing President Franklin Delano Roosevelt didn't think so, otherwise he would have surrendered to the Japanese Empire and the Nazis.  Quite a few "just one" lives would have been saved.  Of course our freedom would have been screwed and our country would have looked something like out of the video below, but hey, "if it saves just one life..."

Of course, Speaker Prieto ignores the thousands of lives sacrificed to an undefended border that allows violent criminals into America illegally.  When fellow Hudson County Democrat Senator Robert Menendez wrote a book in which he took leaves of his senses -- suggesting that the United States change its emphasis from patrolling our southern border with Mexico to focusing on our northern border with Canada -- Speaker Prieto sat in silent agreement.  But there the words remain, as a testament to the madness of political correctness:

“Good fences don’t make good neighbors with this wall.  The existence of the southern-border fence is bad enough, and its estimated four-billion-dollar price tag is mind-boggling.  Meanwhile, Americans appear to fret little about those lightly patrolled 3,987 miles on the Canadian border from Atlantic to Pacific.  Our border with Canada is twice as long as the border with Mexico.”  (Page 147)

“Solidifying the porous northern border should be a priority for the Department of Homeland Security.  And yet, as of 2007, far fewer than ten percent of the fourteen thousand U.S. agents were patrolling the Canadian border.  How is it possible that we haven’t been focusing on the danger of terrorists crossing the U.S. – Canadian frontier?  Instead, we have been listening to hot air from Lou Dobbs and his allies, complaining about people who would cross that border in search of jobs as gardeners, busboys, hotel workers, and maids.”  (Pages 148 and 149)

Speaker Prieto's hold on reality was just as tenuous when he supported allowing the United Nations to continue to vet refugee applications from Islamic war zones for placement of those refugees within the borders of the United States.  Speaker Prieto did this only days after the terrorist attacks in Paris -- in which at least one terrorist used Syrian refugee status to gain entry into Europe -- and just days before America suffered a similar terrorist attack in California.

While Speaker Prieto and the Democrats he leads in the New Jersey Assembly trust the United Nations -- with its employees from member states like Yemen, Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, and Vietnam -- to vet refugees that include combatants from Islamic zones of conflict, many Americans are concerned that we may be importing Islamic terrorism into the American homeland.  And while Speaker Prieto and his fellow Democrats call for disarming law-abiding American citizens every time terrorists attack a military base, a recruiting office, or a Christmas party, many ordinary Americans question why they should be made defenseless in the face of the importation of terror into the United States.

So much of our illegal immigration comes from countries with violent crime rates many times higher than in the United States and we have no way of safely vetting refugee applications from Islamic war zones.  Speaker Prieto and the Assembly Democrats are adding to our hazards, while trying to take away our ability to defend ourselves.  They should be held responsible for every violent young man who slips into the United Sates and commits an act of violence here.  They should be held responsible for every act of terror nurtured by their words and actions.