Will they pull down JFK’s statues too?

Remember John Fitzgerald Kennedy?  He was the Senator from Massachusetts when he ran for President in 1960, took on Vice President Richard Nixon, and won.  Check out this election advertisement from that campaign:

Did you get that appeal to Southern White Voters?

Yes, that’s a representation of a rebel flag made up of Kennedy buttons at the 53 seconds mark.

Kennedy needed Democrat states in the South to win what was one of the closest presidential contests in American history.  He went on to win North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas – 49 percent of the vote and an electoral college majority.

Kennedy wasn’t the last Democrat to use such an appeal to Southern voters…


Take a look at that red MAGA-style cap.  Hillary had them before Donald!

We wonder how long it will take the new Democratic Socialist wing of the Democrats to get around to purging all mention of these folks too?  They will.  At some point in the future they will consider it non-PC to mention any but them.

2019: There are millions in conservative money in NJ

When it comes to picking through the detritus and finding the gems nobody does it better than David Wildstein.  Yep, before he was Wally Edge he was a political consultant, campaign manager, opposition researcher, and successful candidate for public office.  You can’t take that away from him.  He’s been in battles up close and personal.  He’s had to punch and claw.  And that’s what makes him different from a guy like Max Pizarro.  David Wildstein remembers what it was like to be in the muck of the trenches.  Max Pizarro has only known clean sheets and maid service.

Given the excruciatingly poor results Republicans have had raising the necessary levels of funding for legislative races in New Jersey, a recent post by Wildstein on his latest venture – NewJerseyGlobe.com – noted that the very conservative United States Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, has raised more money in New Jersey than his very woke, very hip, wildly popular with the Left opponent – Congressman Beto O’Rourke.  Cruz has raised $139,783 in New Jersey to fund his re-election effort in Texas.  Media darling Beto managed just $52,349.  

But here’s the clincher.  Wildstein notes that in his failed 2016 run for President, the plain-as-day, no-doubt-about-it, right-winger raised $903,417 in New Jersey

How is that possible?  We are endlessly told that there aren’t any conservatives in New Jersey – let alone nearly a million bucks worth (and that’s not counting what the other wingers raised in New Jersey, like Rand Paul, and Donald Trump himself!).  A million bucks would be a BIG part of the budget of a committee like ARV, wouldn’t it be?

Reminder to those concerned:  In preparation for next year, get a message that doesn’t ignore the acres of diamonds out there.