Who Remembered Abe Lincoln's Birthday Last Tuesday?


In 1968, Democrat President Lyndon Johnson and a Democrat super majority in Congress adopted the "Uniform Monday Holiday Law". They eliminated Washington’s February 22d birthday as a national holiday. They ignored Abraham Lincoln’s February 12th birthday.   They replaced it with a new “President’s Day”.

Few noticed at the time.  The country was still in shock over recent murders of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. We were afraid of Communist trained and inspired radicals who were robbing banks, setting off bombs, murdering police officers, and starting riots that burned and looted stores in dozens of cities. (Just a few years later, many of those radicals got jobs in government, colleges, public schools, newspapers, TV, and Hollywood.  Today, most hold senior management positions there.Two of them, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn later became mentors to Barack Obama when he began is career in politics.)
With so much going on, why was it so important for Democrats to eliminate national holidays for George Washington and Abraham Lincoln?  The new federal holiday had no theme or purpose other than giving government employees a guaranteed three day weekend in February. However, it did erase George Washington and Abraham Lincoln from our national memory.
Several years ago, a study by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) found that only 9 percent of fourth graders could correctly identify a photograph of Abraham Lincoln and state two reasons for his importance.

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