Did he cover for a Nazi? Democrats placed in bad spot by Malinowski.

When a Republican legislator attended a country music concert last year and was photographed standing in front of the band’s banner, he was excoriated by a long list of Democrats because that band banner incorporated aspects of a “rebel” flag.  The Democrats promptly accused the Republican legislator of being a racist (even though he has African-American family members who quickly came to his defense) and called for his resignation and a boycott of his business (a course of action that caused the Executive Director of the local County Democratic Committee to break with her party and come to the defense of the Republican).

Last week, Democrat U.S. Senator Cory Booker got caught holding up an anti-Israel sign and calling for the destruction of the border security wall that has done so much to reduce the number of terrorist murders of innocent women and children by Islamic extremists.  It was a grossly irresponsible act by the increasingly light-weight, childish Senator.


Now it’s emerged that Democrat Tom Malinowski ran an organization that was decidedly anti-Israel and that employed as one of its top operatives, a guy who is obsessed with the Third Reich.  In a column published in yesterday’s  Times of Israel, journalist Robert Goldberg writes:  “Tom Malinowski Defended Advisor’s Nazi Fetish.”

The author notes how Tom Malinowski ran Human Rights Watch’s Washington, DC, office when it came out that Marc Garlasco, Human Rights Watch’s longtime senior military advisor was “an enthusiastic collector of Nazi memorabilia.”  The column continues:  “Rather than speak out against ‘any sign of anti-Semitism’, Malinowski defended Garlasco, claiming he was just a student of history and that his critics were part ‘of a campaign to deflect attention from Human Rights Watch’s rigorous and detailed reporting on violations of international human rights and humanitarian law by the Israeli government.’”

That’s right Tom, blame the Jews themselves for the anti-Semitism inflicted upon them.  The column continues…

“The website NGO Monitor which was critical of Human Rights Watch for claiming – based on Garlasco’s assessment – Israel was guilty of war crimes during Operation Cast Lead – noted at the time, that collecting Nazi memorabilia in many European countries is illegal. ‘It is banned on many internet sites and from auction houses….The Simon Wiesenthal Center notes it glorifies the horrors of Nazi Germany.'”

Garlasco’s Screen Logo

Garlasco’s Screen Logo

Garlasco’s Flak-88 Mini Cooper

Garlasco’s Flak-88 Mini Cooper

“Garlasco’s screen logo was a picture of a German badge with a swastika.  His screen name on the Nazi memorabilia sites was Flak88, which is a German anti-aircraft gun but also a code for ‘Heil Hitler’ used by neo-Nazis to identify themselves. Though Garlasco likely knew of the dual meaning, NGO Monitor notes, ‘he even used it on his license plate (a practice which is banned in Germany) and as a screen name on websites unrelated to his Nazi collection.’  When he obtained a leather SS jacket Garlasco gushed that it made his ‘blood ran cold.  It is so COOL.’”

“… in September 2007, Garlasco wrote: ‘Need advice. So I am trying to figure out what to do. My book [on Nazi war medals] is clsoe [sic] to done, but I am not sure if I should put my name on it. If folks at work found out I might very well lose my job. That is the reality, so don’t dwell on it – ok? But this is a small group of people – should I worry? And shouldn’t I stand up for myself? And if I use a psyeudonym [sic] isn’t that worse, like I am trying to hide something?’

Garlasco then added, ‘I will talk quietly to some at work that I trust – a small group indeed.’”

“If he did talk to people at HRW in 2007, it means that someone at the organization knew about his fetish two years before he was exposed and did nothing then, as well as in 2009. HRW was, at the time, leading the effort to get the United Nations, Obama administration and Congress to endorse the Goldstone report which concluded Israel had committed war crimes and released several reports urging endorsement.  Garlasco’s claims that Israel deliberately bombed civilians and used incendiary weapons during Operation Cast Lead were cited repeatedly by the report. And Garlasco’s reports – as well as he alleged military expertise —  were being successfully .”

“…Through all this, Malinowski, who had no problem praising Garlasco before the controversy, remained silent.  Garlasco was suspended without pay pending an investigation, if It was ever conducted, has not been discussed publicly.

Malinowski’s behavior during the Garlasco affair not a profile in courage. It was an act of political expediency.  It raises the question of whether Malinowski would have defended  Garlasco was an exuberant collector KKK memorabilia. In either case, the fascination with an evil regime dedicated to killing Jews (and African Americans) is a disturbing fetish that Malinowski and HRW defended as scholarship.”

The author notes that Malinowski’s “actions then and now were inconsistent with his moralizing about running for Congress… But it is consistent with Malinowski’s leadership of HRW when it supported the virulently anti-Semitic Durban Conference on Racism in 2001 and in 2009, which, as the Forward noted, was ‘the blueprint and launching pad for the modern iteration of the boycott movement against Israel, otherwise known as BDS’.”

Author Robert Goldberg closes by asking Tom Malinowski to disclose…

“It is consistent with his leadership in developing and defending the discredited Goldstone Report as well as vigorous efforts to get the world to condemn Israel based on that review. Indeed, it is consistent with Malinowski’s accepting the endorsement of a group that honored Linda Sarsour (an admirer of Louis Farrakhan).

Mr. Malinowski should provide the public with a full and honest explanation of his defense of Garlasco’s Nazi souvenir collection as well as HRW’s campaign against Israel. It’s what any normal, decent person would do.”

Well, well, all you Democrats who lost your ass over that band banner in 2017, what say you now?  Crickets?  Well here’s a heads up, you are not going to get away with saying nothing.  We’re going to get you all on the record on this and on Booker… so beware next time someone comes up to you and says those dreaded words:  “Pardon me…”