Senator Vitale endangers women

We understand from a highly placed source in the Legislature that S-283 will be making an appearance again.  Apparently Senator Joseph "I managed to make it through the 12th Grade" Vitale (D-McGreevey) is salivating over the prospects promised by this legislation.  This source also confirmed that S-283 will have GOP support.  Ouch, we didn't expect such a betrayal of the Republican base in an election cycle as rebellious as 2016-17 is turning out to be.   

If passed into law, S-283 allows a man, with a penis, to become a legal "woman", simply by saying that he is seeing a therapist and then re-submitting his birth certificate to reflect his "new sex".  No surgery required. 

And it won't be recorded as an "amended" birth certificate.  It will be filed as the original.  The government will pretend that it can go back in time to correct the "perception" of the doctors and nurses who saw a child with a penis and checked "male".  The government will, in fact, lie and pretend that the attending physician checked "female" when, of course, he did not.    

Now there is no public or private data that we can find to indicate any reason in a representative democracy for this legislation to enjoy such support.  So it seems that once again some billionaire is financing some backdoor lobby effort to get his little wet dream pushed ahead of all those issues he considers "minor" -- like child hunger, foreclosure, unemployment, debt, and the highest in America property taxes.

What S-283 will do is endanger the lives of women and girls in New Jersey.  And come election time every legislator who votes for S-283, regardless of their party, is going to have to answer some tough questions from average constituents about why you had to do this and not property tax relief. 

Watch the video below and see if you are ready to answer those questions:

Men say we have nothing to fear from them in our locker rooms, bathrooms, and sleeping spaces. We say: Decide for yourself.