The Nastiness of Senator Loretta Weinberg

Every day, thousands of fellow human beings suffer household accidents.  Most involve falls -- in the bathtub, shower, on the stairs, or when improperly using a step stool or ladder.  Others are injured while using appliances and tools -- electric saws, nail guns, and the like.  All of these are personal tragedies for the people involved, which often involve one family member injuring another, like when an 11-year-old daughter accidentally ran over her mother with the family SUV.  The two were in the car together, the mother got out to check on something, the car accelerated over her and the mother was pronounced dead at the scene.  Her daughter and her other children were deeply traumatized by the tragedy.

Yesterday, a mother was accidentally shot in the back by her 4-year-old.  It seems she was driving her car, her son strapped into a child seat, and she made the mistake of leaving a loaded firearm where the child could find it.  The firearm was legal and was being transported legally.  Nevertheless, it was a careless and stupid mistake and one for which the mother has grievously paid.  She survived and is in stable condition.

To avoid such tragedies, young children must be carefully monitored.  They must be prevented from touching hot surfaces in the kitchen, electric outlets, power tools, sharp implements, and firearms.  Parents must be very careful with children around plastic bags and water -- even an inch or two in a bathtub can cause a child to drown.

This is not how Senator Weinberg reacted to the news of this tragedy.  Instead, she "celebrated" it, posted it on her Facebook page as an "I told you so" -- because the accident involved a gun.  Senator Weinberg politicized a family's tragedy.  She allowed her ideology to get the better of her humanity.

Senator Weinberg says she hates guns.  She would limit the ability of people of a lower socio-economic class than her to have firearms for self-protection.  But as a member of the Legislature, she enjoys the protection of men with guns.  Lots and lots of them. 

In America, the only real crime is not to have money.  If you are a billionaire pedophile and convicted sex offender, like Jeffrey Epstein, you can expect to be forgiven by the rich and powerful.  The good times roll on like before and the likes of Bill Clinton, Katie Couric, George Stephanopoulos, and Charlie Rose party with you as though nothing happened.  Men with guns guard your private island, your many yachts, your private jets, and your person.  Those guns are apparently okay by the likes of Senator Weinberg.  Epstein is rich, a celebrity, and, therefore, worthy of the protection afforded by the gun.

But if you happen to be a plain-living plebian, a working class nobody, you are not worthy.  You must rely on the response time of your local police.  Yes, those same police who have been demoralized and demonized by the very political class that seeks to take away your right to protect yourself.  "Don't worry," they say, "It's the job of the police to protect you -- and if they attempt to do so, we'll have them up on charges quick as a whistle."  It's a real Catch-22. 

America is the world's largest consumer of private military and security services.  It is a $350 billion market.  That's a lot of security for some.  It's also a lot of guns, but the political class approves of these guns because of who it protects. 

Face it, Senator Weinberg, Michael Bloomberg, Mayor Fulop. . . they don't care about you.  You have nothing they want.  You are not rich enough, powerful enough, influential enough, or cool enough to matter to them.  You don't merit protection or the means of self-protection.   Can't you hear them?  They're telling you to "Drop Dead"!