Don't let the Democrats "vote rig" redistricting

Led by Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-Norcross) the Democrats have proposed a constitutional amendment that will create legislative districts designed on purpose to elect members of a certain party, using a formula that will permanently elect more Democrats than Republicans.  Wow.  It isn't bad enough that in our so-called "democracy" we only get two choices (often bad and worse), now they are taking that away from most of us.  If we happen to live in all but a handful of districts we will be left with just one choice... only Democrat or only Republican.

Sweeney and the Democrats are proposing a model called "one party democracy" which, when you think about it, isn't really democracy at all.  It's an oligarchy that allows the bosses of political machines to do away with competitive elections in the vast majority of districts -- assigning them instead to one party or the other.

How is that fair?  Last time we checked, most New Jersey voters refused to belong to a political party.  If the bosses were going to be fair, then half of the legislative districts should be "swing" districts, belonging to no party.

But the idea of this seat or that "belonging" to some political party and the cretins who run it is revolting.  The process of choosing our elected representatives is the only thing that allows us to boast that we "live in a democracy!"  Hell, it's the reason we puff out our chests and chant "USA, USA" as we send sons and, increasingly, daughters to kill those who will not become "democratic" (of course, the elections we set up there have a dozen or more choices, while we -- back in the motherland -- are stuck at a 19th Century... two).

Sweeney and the bosses like to point to election results.  The idea that -- when given just two choices -- so many are forced to vote one way or the other.  What they ignore (and know only too well) is that they have made it so money controls the outcomes of elections and that they operate the conduits (political machines) to get the money from the bribe giver (sorry, "access" seeker) to the candidate or incumbent.  Third parties and independents are too idealistic to even understand what is taking place.  They don't stand a chance and won't until they can organize themselves along the lines of a criminal enterprise.  Only then will they be able to compete in the "democratic" process.

On Thursday, a committee dominated by those who would benefit from "one party democracy" will be meeting in Trenton to go through the motions of listening to "the people" who vote for them.  They are not to be confused with "the people" who actually put them in office by limiting the choices voters are given.  We urge you to attend and testify.  Let them know that you are on to them.  Nothing wipes the smile off a con's face faster.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

10 AM

Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism & Historic Preservation

Committee Room 7, 2nd floor

State House Annex

SCR 188

Legislative Reapportionment Commission