Democrat councilman slams Murphy Sanctuary scheme as illegal and un-American

Now here is an old-fashioned Democrat.  The kind of Democrat who doesn’t believe the American flag is racist and that law enforcement is the enemy. 

We hope that every elected Republican in Sussex County has the spine to emulate this elected Democrat from Middlesex County.  Given the party machine and party radicals he has to deal with, what he faces is vastly worse than anything a quibbling Republican must deal with.    

The movement to stand up to Murphy that began with individual towns, then with Sussex County, and now in Monmouth, Ocean, Cape May, Warren, Hunterdon, Salem, and Morris counties, will continue to grow.  Republicans and their Democrat allies will defeat a Governor who is more comfortable making excuses for criminals than he is protecting the families of taxpayers.

The Sussex County Freeholders and Sheriff Mike Strada are resolved to fight the administration of Governor Phil Murphy and its attempts to bully and impose its illegal Sanctuary scheme on the taxpayers of Sussex County.  They are resolved to give the voters a say in the matter.

This week they will be meeting with counsel to devise a way to defeat any legal objections the Murphy administration may throw up to deny the people their right to vote on a function of county government for which they pay entirely from their property taxes.  Godspeed to them.