Caution on that poll from Let’s Drive NJ Campaign

The Pro-Illegal immigration lobbying group, Let’s Drive NJ Campaign, recently released the results of a poll they paid to have done.  The poll purports to support claims that New Jersey voters are wildly in favor of handing over a New Jersey driver’s license to anyone who decides to over-stay their visa or who sneaks across the border illegally.  

The poll is being used to stampede frightened Democrats into opening up new employment opportunities to illegal, non-union transport workers – and to silence squeamish Republicans.  No doubt the Star-Ledger will make use of such a law to further drive down the costs of distributing its newspaper.

That said, before taking the poll too seriously (and it did sample just 561 people statewide), take a moment to read how the questions were structured.  Actually it is more of a messaging development document than a poll on what people actually believe.  In other words, if prompted by questions X and Y, would you respond to question Z in such and such a way.  Here is a humorous send up on how it is done…