Fair Property Taxes for All NJ Launches on Tax Day

Fair Property Taxes for All New Jersey will launch on Tax Day – April 17, 2018. The nonprofit organization, Citizens for Accountable Taxation, seeks to use this campaign to educate New Jersey residents on our highest-in-the-nation property taxes and provide them with resources enabling the public to make more informed decisions which ultimately affect their quality of life in the Garden State.

New Jersey is among the highest-taxed jurisdictions in the United States, and so it is appropriate to launch on Tax Day.

"No matter where you live in New Jersey, excessive property taxes are cited as one of the heaviest financial burdens carried by taxpayers," said Sarah Neibart, President of Citizens for Accountable Taxation. “This nonprofit will provide a nexus of easy-to-access information and educational resources to better inform taxpayers in the Garden State regarding the factors that contribute to rising property taxes and where we go from here."

This organization seeks to educate and inform New Jersey residents. In addition to building a statewide resource for taxpayers, the campaign’s website,
www.FairPropertyTaxesForAllNewJersey.com, provides a forum for policymakers and scholars to share their ideas for fixing the current situation and a hub for connecting people interested in shaping the future of NJ property taxes.

For more information, please visit www.FairPropertyTaxesForAllNewJersey.com or call Brian Thomas, Executive Director, at (732) 556-8519