Democrat Cory Booker says Art makes people unhappy

United States Senator Cory Booker, the great celebrity-politician himself -- the man who tweets more than Donald Trump and who counts his accomplishments in Facebook "friends" -- is proposing legislation to combat "dangerous" and "evil" art.  Using the argument that if it makes some people unhappy, then government has a duty to destroy it, the "honorable" is channeling Fahrenheit 451...

Senator Booker, a Democrat, has suggested removing every piece of art connected with the Democrat Party from the period before 1863.  Prior to 1863, slavery was legal in America and the Democrat Party was the slavery establishment's political face.  Indeed, the Democrat Party's platforms supported slavery --while EVERY Republican Party platform explicitly OPPOSED slavery.  So all the Democrats must come down!

Why?  Because we cannot cope with our past and we mustn't have a remembrance of it.  People's feelings could get hurt...

While we are not big fans of the Democrat Party, we do respect art, and we are concerned with government-sponsored pograms aimed at cleansing public spaces of art that has been labeled "degenerate" or "evil" or "inappropriate" or "politically incorrect."  We agree with Diego Rivera, who argued that art is never inappropriate.

Senator Booker's legislation to destroy works of art is particularly chilling, because it provides government sponsorship for what had heretofore been acts of violence by private individuals or mobs -- rather in the way that the Russian Tsars once encouraged pograms against their Jewish minorities.  It also creates a basis on which to further the persecution of other forms of "objectionable" art -- and not just the plastic arts, but literature, music, and theatre. 

Why not burn every copy of books that glorify the Confederacy?  Lee's Lieutenants, by Douglas Southall Freeman, would be a great place for Senator Booker to begin his campaign of book burning... err, pardon us... social cleansing.  From there, he could move on to Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell.  The need of burning is apparent to politicians like Senator Booker and the books to burn will offer endless employment.