Will we soon be addressing "men" as "mother"?

This comes to us from Time Magazine.  It is the heartwarming story of a woman, who believed that -- deep down -- she was meant to be a man, but who also wanted to do that whole motherhood thing too.  And as this is post-Judeo Christian America where every medical procedure imaginable is not only for sale but subsidized, guess what, she (or he, or does it matter anymore?) can. 

When the early moderns spoke of the "new man" we don't think they had this in mind:

Time notes that this woman stopped the hormone treatments that would fully "transition" her to a him before trying to get pregnant.  Here the new "mother" -- in the words of Time Magazine -- "chest-feeds his newborn son in their Massachusetts home."  You can read the full column here: 


The modern scourge of identity dysphoria is a thing conjured out of our entertainment media and it is responsible for much of the unhappiness, clinical depression, and addiction our society faces today.  There are a great many confused people out there.  Society should help them work through their confusion instead of celebrating it and recruiting more to be confused.

We offer this observation.  It appears that all the civilizing norms that once bound us together as a national community have given way to the infantilism of personal "identity".  So if we must all have our own way and if all our own ways must be "celebrated," then in a war for national survival, are we really going to be motivated to fight to the end in defense of this?  Or will we just throw up our hands, say "screw it", turn it over to the Jihadists and let them sort it out? 

And sort it out they will.