AFP flip-flops on tax cuts

What a difference a few weeks and hiring a donor's kid makes. 

Earlier this year, AFP issued a press release detailing what the group "Accomplished in 2016".  It's most recent accomplishment was:  "Saved state taxpayers $1.4 billion in tax cuts-once completely phased in-in the final omnibus bill, including a repeal of the estate tax which save taxpayers $320 million alone and will protect families from the government raiding inheritances when a loved one dies."

Instead of thanking the legislators who voted for these $1.4 billion in tax cuts that AFP is now bragging about as their "accomplishment," AFP decided to screw them and to mark the vote that they listed as a "success" as a "bad" vote. 

Groups like AFP use these appeals to illustrate their effectiveness and ask for money.  This is fraud.  AFP cannot be on BOTH sides of an issue like this.

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