Poor Carlos Rendo gets used, swallows McCann's B.S.

Poor Carlos Rendo... he got leaned on by Bergen GOP boss Paulie DiGaetano and   now he's been made to endorse John McCann, who the Bergen Record called "the right-hand man" to Democrat Sheriff Michael Saudino.  Well that's a real shame.

In his release, the hapless Rendo repeats word for word the same DCCC talking points that McCann shares with Democrat incumbent Josh Gottheimer.  For instance, there are comedic bits like this:  "I have gotten to know John and what he stands for and he is the only candidate with an actual record of putting taxpayers first."  This is vintage Gottheimer -- just switched the names!

Oh, and the way in which both McCann and Gottheimer "put the taxpayers first" was to put them first in line to pay for more Democrat-led government.  Both McCann and Gottheimer played key roles in turning once "red" Bergen County a very deep "blue".

On behalf of McCann, Carlos Rendo parrots the following howlers:

(1) "The State PBA has acknowledged John (McCann) as the 'driving force' behind the police merger in Bergen County..."

Actually, the State PBA issued a press release attacking John McCann for his role in helping the Bergen Democrat party bosses empire-build at the expense of law enforcement and community protection.  Here's what the President of the Policemen's Benevolent Association (PBA) had to say about John McCann: 

"Over the years, we have gotten to know John McCann very well.  Well enough, in fact, to know that he is the wrong person to represent the interests of the law enforcement community in Congress.  Our members proudly serve our communities and face incredible risks and challenges on a daily basis.  Now more than ever, we need leaders who will fight to ensure first responders have the resources they need to stay safe, protect our residents, and prevent acts of terrorism."

(2) "He (McCann) received national recognition for playing a major role in killing the Clinton Healthcare Plan, saving not just the taxpayers of New Jersey, but saving Americans..."

What "national recognition"?  Where?  From whom?  The truth is less edifying.  McCann was a college intern in liberal Senator Arlen Specter's office.  At the direction of his superiors, John McCann claims to have made a graph.  That's right.  A graph.  And just like the typical self-important, overblown junior academic, he takes credit for the hard work of all those Senators and Congressman and Rush Limbaugh and talk radio and the medical professionals and all those thousands of conservative activists and all the reams of studies and research and opinion pieces and thousands of graphs of all those conservative and libertarian think tanks -- not to mention the Republican legal staffs of both the House and the Senate.  No mention of all them... it was "me" says McCann.  "Me and my graph... saved not just New Jersey... but America!"  Yeah, sounds like he gazed into that mirror a bit too long.

(3) "In 1995, McCann was the first to introduce the 2% tax cap on property taxes." 

McCann he says he got the idea from reading about Proposition 2 1/2 in Massachusetts and Proposition 13 in California.  Now here is where his bullshit breaks down:

Proposition 2 1/2 was passed in Massachusetts in 1980 and went into effect in 1982. 

Proposition 13 was passed in California in 1978 and went into effect immediately.

And John McCann wants us to believe that in all those years between 1978 and 1995, nobody (let's say that again) nobody had the idea to try it in New Jersey???

In fact, there were a plethora of newspaper stories discussing caps in New Jersey as low as 1 1/2 percent nearly a decade before McCann claims to have thought of it.  There was even a ballot question on the issue in Bergen County. 

We've had enough of Stumbling John McCann's antics.  McCann's bullshit stinks to high heaven and Carlos Rendo should be ashamed to repeat it.