Candidate McCann faces accusations of bullying

The candidacy of John McCann is uncomfortable to watch.  Starting with the candidate.  McCann is obviously one of those politicians who thinks he is "good with people" -- a "people person" -- when his discomfort is all too apparent.  We'll let Mitchell and Webb take it from here... 

Apparently, when his overtures don't quite work out -- when a target doesn't swoon at his advances -- McCann can get a bit testy.  Well, that is what he is being accused of by two local Republican officials.  The officials -- Joseph Hakim and Mike Ghassali -- claim that John McCann threatened them with information he said he could obtain through the Democrat Sheriff of Bergen County.  The complaints appear below:

Of course, we offer to candidate McCann and/or his campaign the opportunity to address this matter and we will be happy to publish his side of the story.