Assembly considering 3 anti-gun bills on Thursday

This is an ALERT from the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs:

On Thursday, September 22, the Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee is scheduled to consider three anti-gun bills which do nothing to make anyone safer and only restrict the rights of the law abiding.

A2938 is a reappearance of legislation from 2013 which would allow marriage counselors, social workers, nurses, and other health professionals to have their clients' firearms seized without due process if they believe the client is a danger to themselves or others. The legislation gives unprecedented power to suspend Constitutional rights to unaccountable health professionals, turning them into spies, pressuring them to err on the side of declaring someone a danger, and insulating them from liability for disclosing privileged information. The powers described in this bill properly belong in the courts, where due process must be provided - not in the hands of unaccountable health professionals. 

A3934 would ban and criminalize dealer sales of new handguns that do not incorporate so-called "microstamping" technology that imprints the make, model and serial number of the firearm on every cartridge fired. Only trouble is, the technology is largely theoretical, so this legislation is really about trying to eliminate the new handgun market in New Jersey. And even if the technology existed and were viable, imprinted metal parts wear out and can be filed down, revolver casings are rarely ejected at crime scenes, criminals don't use traceable registered guns, and criminals could easily use misdirection by scattering previously gathered cartridge casings of others (from a public range) at a crime scene. 

A1119 would ban toy guns and imitation firearms unless they are "a color other than black, blue, silver, and aluminum," are marked with a one-inch wide non-removable orange stripe running the full length of both sides of the barrel, and are "equipped with a barrel at least one inch in diameter." 

Please tell members of the Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee to oppose these misguided bills, to stop attacking Second Amendment rights, and to start empowering citizens to defend themselves against the growing terror threat in the wake of this past weekend's terror attacks. Since the government cannot protect its citizens when evil strikes, the government should be empowering its citizens to protect themselves, not trying to pose more and more restrictions on honest citizens.

Click here for committee member contact information.