Democrat Malinowski likes to watch illegals “mow lawns”

The new “Left” is absurdly rich and doesn’t care about working people.  It doesn’t matter if they are American citizens, legal residents, or illegal immigrants.

Lisa Bhimani is running for the Legislature in Morris and Somerset Counties.  She claims to be a “fighter” for average folks but how?  She’s so average she not only owns a million dollar home in the district – she has a $1.6 million place in Manhattan.  Check the United States Census figures.  That’s not average, that’s being a at the top of the One Percent. 

What’s wrong with the Democrat Party in New Jersey?

The last two Democrat Governors have been Wall Street One Percenters.  Cory Booker is a Wall Streeter, as are many others… this is who dominates and runs the New Jersey Democrat Party.   Senate President Steve Sweeney, a blue-collar union guy, is the odd-man-out in a leadership that got rich playing with money, through crony capitalism, and government contracts. 

In his book, White-Collar Government: The Hidden Role of Class in Economic Policy Making, Duke University's Nick Carnes points out that while upwards of 65 percent of citizens are "working class" and 54 percent are employed in a blue-collar occupation, just 2 percent of the members of Congress and 3 percent of state legislators held blue-collar jobs at the time of their election.  How is that for a party that preaches diversity?

For non-citizen legal residents, the percentage in the working class is even higher, and for illegal immigrants higher still.  Not being eligible to vote, they are not represented at all – although the Democrats do make use of their bodies by carving out more Democrat districts by inflating the numbers with non-citizens.   

Not to worry… the One Percenters claim to be representing them.  Actually though, people like Lisa Bhimani and Darcy Draeger (formerly of UBS Investment Bank) and Tom Malinowski (scion of a wildly wealthy blue-blood family) support policies that pit the illegal gray economy against American workers.  What difference does raising the minimum wage make when a business is free to hire all the illegal labor it wants – courtesy of a Sanctuary State scheme?

Just a generation or so ago, wages were such that the American working class formed part of the vast “Middle Class” that was the cornerstone of America’s economic and political stability.  Read Elizabeth Warren’s The Two-Income Trap or       

The Fragile Middle Class (Americans in Debt) for more on what happened.  Now the working class are the punchline in a joke perpetrated by people like Tom Malinowski and Phil Murphy.

Our friends at Save Jersey posted the story and video below.  In it, Congressman Tom Malinowski identifies his audience as “elitists” who he publicly assumes would never get their hands dirty.  He goes on to explain that there are “a lot of jobs in our community… that Americans are not willing to take” and asks “who do you think is taking care of our seniors” and “who do you think is mowing our beautiful lawns in Somerset County.”

While the administration of President Trump has created unprecedented job growth, it will not last forever.  And while the unemployment rate is currently low, it does not reflect those who have stopped seeking employment.  There could be great opportunities for business ventures and employment in the fields Congressman Malinowski mentions – provided that profits and wages are not held artificially low through the use of near-slave labor.

That is what Tom Malinowski is celebrating… the use of near-slave labor for the benefit of wealthy elites.  They employ near-slave labor through the gray economy and then say that American workers don’t want the jobs.  Is it the jobs they don’t want – or the pay?   

And the idea that there is nobody in central New Jersey who would be willing to do those jobs – provided the pay was something you could live on – is nonsense.  The poverty rate in Trenton is 28 percent – and Trenton is a lot nearer to Somerset County than Guatemala.  But those trapped in poverty in Trenton will never get out of it if the only jobs available are those in the gray economy working for near-slave level wages. 

A legal economy would smash the modern wage slavers and allow wages to rise to livable standards in America.  Those employed could then organize and form unions to collectively protect their rights. 

Tom Malinowski supports the status quo.  He wants illegal immigrants to be paid near-slave wages to subsidize the rich lifestyles of people like him.  It is an old story and it got Julius Caesar in trouble, back in the day.

Near the end of the Roman Republic, the rich patrician class had made the working class poorer by bringing in vast quantities of slaves to take their jobs.  Caesar objected to this and pushed through a law that protected jobs for citizens.  The Roman Senate ended up murdering Caesar. 

Human beings go round and round, chasing their tails.  We learn, unlearn, and relearn… now as then.

Sussex County Democrats shill for anti-Semitic Leftists

Well it looks like the crazy brigade has targeted Sussex County again.  The Sussex County Democrats are planning to show up tonight at the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Sussex County Community College in support of four members of Congress who not only have sponsored the socialist Green New Deal, but who have embraced an explicitly anti-Semitic agenda of racial and religious hatred against Jews. 

If anyone is wondering why there has been a spike in anti-Jewish incidents in Sussex County, maybe this is a place to start?

Look, most registered Democrats are good average people who have been as shocked and horrified as everyone else over what’s become of their party.  Once the party of the unionized American working class, it is now subsidized by rich, fashionable “Leftists” who want more and more illegal immigrants to fuel a gray economy that pays near-slave wages – so that American workers and legal immigrants are forced down.

Once the Democrat Party stood in solidarity with Israel – first, against National Socialism, then, against the nations that sought to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, in war, after war, after war.  Now, they openly embrace those who support the destruction of Israel. 

What is most shocking though is that the leadership of the Democrat Party of a county like Sussex should attack their neighbors – Jews and non-Jews alike – in the furtherance of the cause of racialist politicians like Rashida Harbi Tlaib and Ilhan Abdullahi Omar. 


And while Congresswoman Ilhan Abdullahi Omar (D-Minnesota) mockingly refers to Jews as “Benjamins” and claims they are a “problem”, sounding like something out of Mein Kampf, Congresswoman Rashida Harbi Tlaib (D-Michigan) holds rallies under the banners of the PLO – a terrorist group!


The question is, who do the people showing up at tonight’s meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Sussex County Community College really speak for?  Certainly not for the average Democrat in Sussex County!

The average Sussex County Democrat is not an anti-Semite.  The average Sussex County Democrat does not believe in the fantasy of the Green New Deal.

Who elected these so-called “leaders” of the Sussex County Democrat Party?  If there was a county-wide vote by every registered Democrat, we missed it.   

The people who come before the Board of Trustees of the Sussex County Community College tonight are frauds and interlopers, hand-picked by Governor Phil Murphy, who didn’t win a single town in Sussex County.  They hold fake titles granted to them by an unpopular Governor in Trenton, not by a democratic vote in Sussex County.

The Board of Trustees of the Sussex County Community College should take what they say accordingly.

Pro-Sanctuary State NBC “hit job” triggers calls for FCC investigation

We’ve received word that Republican leaders are planning to contact the chief counsel of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with evidence that NBC aired what amounted to a negative political ad against Republican Sheriff Mike Strada.  A Sussex County Republican, Strada is leading the fight against Democrat Governor Phil Murphy’s Sanctuary State scheme to block federal law enforcement and to allow illegal aliens to reside in New Jersey and access welfare, health, education, and legal benefits (many of which are not available to legal resident  taxpayers).

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 10.56.47 PM.png

Sarah Wallace is a Bergen County Democrat.  She is what’s called a “hard” Democrat – totally loyal to her party, never missing an election, always supporting whatever Clinton or Murphy that appears on the ballot.  And she is proud of it.

Given the public information available about her, we were surprised when we learned that NBC – the parent company of Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC – chose her to do a segment on the primary campaign between Sheriff Mike Strada and Jail Guard Andy Boden.  Especially as Boden had previously bragged to a member of the local, Sussex County media, that the interview was going to be a “hit job” on Sheriff Strada.

Further complicating matters is Sheriff Strada’s central role in opposing Democrat Governor Phil Murphy’s Sanctuary State scheme.  In the past, Sarah Wallace has done interviews that were very favorable to illegals and against members of law enforcement.  In fact, Sarah Wallace is currently being sued by a police officer for her conduct and behavior.

Last November, a New York judge accused someone championed by Sarah Wallace – named Manny Gomez – of “coercing a witness to a gang slaying not to testify.”  According to the New York Daily News (November 3, 2018), police have suggested that Sarah Wallace and Manny Gomez have “an apparent relationship” and that Wallace does stories that favor Gomez. 

Why did Boden go to Wallace, a Democrat, and why was he so sure she would do a “hit job” for him on Sheriff Strada?

And why are the NBC attacks being promoted by the Democrat Party – if this is supposedly a Republican primary?  In a departure from normal journalistic protocols, NBC has promoted their “hit job” on Sheriff Strada to left-wing blogs.  Was Bergen Democrat Sarah Wallace herself the source of promoting the “hit job” on those leftist blogs? 

Candidate Boden continues to claim that County Clerk Jeff Parrott triggered the psychological examination that resulted in a police psychiatrist finding him “unfit” for duty.   Boden claimed that it was the result of him picking up petitions to run for office.  The County Clerk disputes Boden’s contention that he came to his office to obtain the nominating petitions.

After months of being asked to produce evidence to support his claim, Boden finally “discovered” an email that he claims is from the County Clerk’s office, in which they instructed him to obtain the petitions on-line.  This is itself a departure from Boden’s original story, which was that he visited the County Clerk’s office.  But that embellishment aside, how are we to believe that this email isn’t doctored in the same way that the FAKE video was doctored that his campaign said was coming days before it was released?

In fact, Boden’s psychological evaluation came after a series of incidents including some that left female employees intimidated and fearful of having him over them.  After a police psychologist found him “unfit for duty” and he was placed on leave, Boden went to Sheriff Strada and asked him to restore him to duty – which meant giving him back his power over people, a firearm, handcuffs, and badge.  The Sheriff’s office told Boden that he needed to get well first and re-evaluated by a mental health professional, before he could be re-instated.

Boden’s claim that he was ruled “unfit for duty” because he was running for office, repeated again in the Wallace interview, is clearly a lie.The public testimony of the police psychologist who ruled Boden “unfit for duty” makes it very clear that Boden is not being honest:


A.     The whole point of the

fitness-for-duty evaluation in many cases is to

avoid things getting to that point.  We are --

you know, as the IACP, we're looking for

conditions that are going to impact someone's

ability to safely and effectively do their work.

We want to keep that environment safe.  We also

want to treat people compassionately.  And if we

see that someone is under duress, to try to

intervene and help them.

             Fitness-for-duty evaluations are

often seen as punitive in nature, but they don't

necessarily have to be or need to be.  The idea

is to intervene much in the same way as an EAP

and get someone help before there's an incident,

before someone does get injured or before

something becomes career ending.

      Q.     Based upon the information that

you had received and gathered during the course

of this assessment, could you rule out that

Lt. Bannon (sic) wouldn't hurt somebody

prospectively if allowed to work while getting


      A.     I could not rule that out.

      Q.     At any point did you tell

Lt. Bannon (sic) that he had passed the

assessment?  Boden.  I'm sorry. 

      A.     No.  We don't give anyone results,

pass or fail, at the end of the evaluation.

      Q.     Does somebody pass?

      A.     They are found fit to return to

their duty.

      Q.     Right.  Or unfit.

      A.     Or unfit.  And then when unfit,

they are given conditions with the goal of

restoring fitness.

      Q.     And your case -- and in this case,

what were those conditions to restore fitness?

      A.     Lt. Boden was to engage in

individual treatment outside of the treatment

that he had already been receiving with his wife

with the sole purpose on managing his stress

level, identifying coping mechanisms that work

for him so that he could return to his position.

      Q.     And in the meantime, as an

individual who was unfit for duty, he should not

be working while receiving that initial

treatment, correct?

      A.     You cannot return to duty if you

are found unfit.


Boden’s case mirrors the current national debate concerning mental health and gun laws.  Should employers act when they observe traumatic stress in employees (in this case, confirmed by a mental health professional) or should they wait until after something actually happens?  It is a complex issue.

In the Wallace interview, Boden also claimed to have had no knowledge of the doctored video that was sent around in an attempt to damage Sheriff Mike Strada’s family.  The video also attempted to destroy the reputation of an innocent young firefighter.  NBC and Sarah Wallace made no attempt to protect the innocent woman whose image was used in the FAKE video doctored by Andy Boden’s campaign.  They did not receive her permission to use the video of her which was made against her will and then doctored to make her look bad.  Night after night NBC and Sarah Wallace ran the doctored image of this innocent woman, simply for salacious clickbait.  She is a private citizen and Andy Boden, his campaign, Sarah Wallace, and NBC have much to answer for. 

Andy Boden, his campaign, Sarah Wallace, and NBC used the video knowing that it was found to be a FAKE and totally false by the media and law enforcement.  Despite Boden’s lies in the Wallace interview, a statement from Sussex County Republican Chairman Jerry Scanlan makes it very clear that it was the Boden campaign behind the release of the doctored FAKE video:

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 9.35.50 AM.png

The above is the direct testimony of the Republican Party Chairman regarding the attempted shakedown that occurred before the FAKE doctored video was released.  Clearly Boden’s campaign knew all about the video that later nobody wanted to take credit for.  Why did NBC not require Sarah Wallace to contact this source before airing its “hit job”? 

Why did Andy Boden tell Sarah Wallace that he knew nothing?  Why did Sarah Wallace and NBC allow Boden to lie?

Skylands Tea Party: RECALL MURPHY rally this Saturday

Skylands Tea Party group President Bill Hayden is throwing a rally this Saturday, May 11th, at 11am, on Newton Green (Newton, Sussex County) to Recall Leftist Governor Phil Murphy.  The rally will be an opportunity for beleaguered taxpayers to make their voices heard and sign the recall petition.

Volunteer and union firefighters became the latest of Governor Murphy’s victims, when he announced that he was stealing more than $33 million in money meant to provide services for firefighters who are old and without sufficient means or who have post-traumatic stress troubles.  Murphy announced that he is stealing their money so that he and First Lady Tammy Jane Murphy (nee Macbeth) can use it to fund One Percenter fashion statements… like subsidized legal services for undocumented immigrants illegally resident in the United States.

Saturday, May 11, 2019 at 11 AM

Newton Green, Newton, NJ

For more information, visit the Skylands Tea Party at…

For those who cannot attend, Skylands President Hayden urged fed-up taxpayers and freedom-loving citizens to join the Recall Gov. Murphy effort and volunteer by following these links…

Hayden added:  “Please if you can, join in the efforts and let’s not only rid us of this scourge, called Governor Murphy and the Democrats, but restore sanity to public office.”

Murphy runs from taxpayers. Changes venue in Sussex County.

Less than 24 hours before he was set to attend a Democrat event in Hardyston, Sussex County, Governor Phil Murphy switched the location to Franklin.  Murphy is evidently trying to avoid protests aimed at his cuts to education funding in Sussex County and his administration’s failure to address illegal dumping in Vernon. 

Sources claim that the new location was selected because it “makes public protest difficult” from a logistical standpoint.  It also requires a permit from the police (Murphy isn’t stupid).  The location was switched from a large community center with plenty of parking to a popular local tavern with limited parking.  The event is now being held at:

The Irish Cottage Inn

602 Route 23

Franklin, NJ

Governor Murphy will be speaking at the event, which is being put on by the Sussex County branch of the Trenton Democrats.  The event starts at around 9 in the morning.  Murphy is supposed to get there by 10. 

Contradicting what they earlier told the media – that the event would be “open to the public” – the Democrats have now imposed a “credentials” requirement for attendance.  We predicted as much. That’s how Murphy rolls.

Bill Hayden of the Skylands Tea Party is organizing a counter-protest.  You can and should access his effort at

This is a great opportunity to tell the Governor about the illegal dump in Vernon and about his cuts to education funding in Sussex County.

Governor Murphy has cut education funding for Sussex County and his administration has dragged its feet on stopping illegal dumping in Vernon. 

Murphy is pushing a bizarre New-Left agenda of making taxpayers pay for illegal immigrants with his Sanctuary State programs to fund subsidized legal and education benefits for illegals.  Murphy has allowed dangerous criminals to flow into New Jersey, simply because they claim illegal immigrant status, while he works to take away the rights of New Jersey residents to defend themselves and their families from violence. 

Murphy has driven out jobs (over 9,000 last month alone) with higher business taxes and higher property taxes, while calling for taxes on everything up to and including the rain. His administration is a by-word for corruption – not only hiring convicted politicians who ripped-off taxpayers, but even tolerating the rape of its own female employees.

This Saturday, you have a chance to let him know in person just how pissed off we are.  Governor Murphy will be in Sussex County to place his stamp of approval on Democrat Assembly candidates Deana Lykins, an insurance industry lobbyist, and Dan Smith, the city attorney of Orange, in Essex County.