DOT caught red-handed trashing signs to help Hayden

It is illegal for state employees to use taxpayers' money -- government time, government equipment, and government authority -- to favor one political candidate over another.  Now, employees of the New Jersey Department of Transportation have been caught doing so on behalf of fellow DOT employee William J. Hayden.

Several readers have responded to Watchdog's call requesting witnesses and video or photographic evidence.  All have agreed to testify at any forthcoming criminal or civil (federal civil rights) legal proceeding against one or more of following:  The New Jersey Department of Transportation, the individual employees, the CWA union, the Committee to Elect William Hayden, and William J. Hayden, individually.

Here is what one witness observed and then forwarded to Watchdog, along with photographic evidence:

"I witnessed NJ State DOT employees removing signage along Route 94 in McAfee and Hamburg.  I stopped and told them I believed their actions were illegal. They told me the signs were on State right of way and they were doing what their boss told them to do.  I do have a picture.  Call to discuss if you like."

"Attached picture taken on Route 94 across from entrance to Crystal Springs at 9:30 this morning.  Also removed signage on 638 in Highland Lakes, but miraculously Bills signs remain.  Check intersection of 515 & 638.  Orohos' signs removed, but Bill Haydens' remain."

William J. Hayden (AKA Bill Hayden, Dell Hayden, Skylands Patriot ) is an 18 year public employee of the New Jersey Department of Transportation.  He works as a supervisor, based in Trenton, where he pockets a salary and extras more each year than any legislator earns -- plus full benefits and a pension.  Hayden is a member of the CWA -- one of the most liberal unions in America.  Hayden's union has endorsed leftwing Democrat Phil Murphy for Governor.

Hayden doesn't vote much.  He made it last November, but the last time before that was 2010.  Now he thinks we should give him a second public job -- as our legislator.

Hayden is being aided and abetted by two cronies -- Nathan Orr and David Atwood -- who have chosen to endorse Hayden's behavior and tactics, and who are running a joint campaign with him.  Perhaps Orr and Atwood should be asked if they approve of using government money, personnel, and equipment to thwart free speech and to obstruct the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States of America.

But even more importantly, why are New Jersey's legislators voting to force taxpayers to fund the Department of Transportation, when this kind of undemocratic, 1930's middle-European thuggery is winked at?  Those involved should resign out of shame.

oroho sign damaged.jpg