Democrat Assembly candidates are members of group aligned with Linda Sarsour and CAIR

Linda Sarsour is the controversial Democrat activist who has praised the notoriously anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan, cop-killer Joanne Chesimard, and the anti-Semitic BDS movement.  In 2017, Sarsour famously called for “Jihad” against the elected government of the United States of America…

On February 10, 2018, Action Together New Jersey accepted an award from Linda Sarsour…

Pictured with radical Linda Sarsour (above, L-R) are Uyen “Winn” Khuong, ATNJ Executive Director; Scott Baron, ATNJ Activist; Johannah Hinksmon, ATNJ Sussex County Co-Chair; and Kim Baron, ATNJ Director of Operations.

The award was in recognition of voter registration drives and other political campaigning done by Action Together New Jersey in coordination with a group called CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.  Presenting the award was  CAIR National Chairwoman, Roula Allouch, and CAIR-NJ Founder, Ahmed Al Shehab.

Due to its apparent ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, one of America’s most important Islamic allies – the United Arab Emirates – has designated CAIR a terrorist organization.

Action Together New Jersey is in the forefront of efforts to push the Democrat Party in New Jersey to the far-Left.  They have attacked the bi-partisan efforts of New Jersey Congressman Josh Gottheimer (D-5) to push back on members of the so-called “Jihad Squad” (far-Left Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib) to promote the anti-Semitic BDS movement

Action Together New Jersey has endorsed the economically ruinous Green New Deal of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

A number of Democrats who are running for Assembly this year are clearly identified as members of Action Together on the group’s website and have helped in their organizing efforts.  For their loyalty to the far-Left “cause” these Democrat candidates have been formally endorsed by Action Together New Jersey:

District 21

Stacey Gunderman

Lisa Mandelblatt 

District 24

Deana Lykins 

District 25

Lisa Bhimani

Darcy Draeger 

District 26

Christine Clark

Laura Fortgang 

District 30

Steven Farkas 

Among all the Democrats running for the Assembly this year, Action Together New Jersey chose to endorse only these candidates.  They represent the very radical far-Left of the Democrat Party. 

Andy Kim GUILTY? Was it a case of Depraved Indifference to Human Life?

The other day we came across this political commercial put out by congressional candidate Andy Kim…

Hand on his heart, Andy Kim assures us that he “listened and worked together to save lives.”  But it’s not true.  And according to the New Yorker magazine, it’s some of the worst bullshit imaginable.

Nobody listened.  Lives were lost.  Some shot to death or butchered with knives, other burnt alive, some buried alive in the desert.  Thousands of women and girls raped… over and over again.  Women and children sold like cattle.  Modern day slavery – all while Andy Kim was safe… in that “situation room.”

According to his own statements made in November 2016 at William & Mary College, Andy Kim comfortably watched as a genocide unfolded on the TV screens and monitors in that “situation room.”  Andy Kim has tried to play that down – calling it a “potential genocide” – but the United Nations disagrees with him and so do the community of people who suffered that genocide.  Andy Kim has lied throughout his campaign about this:

“…when ISIS threatened genocide on the Yazidi people sheltering on Sinjar Mountain in Iraq, Andy worked with the U.S. military to coordinate a rescue mission.”

(Andy Kim for Congress Facebook,

But there was no “rescue mission” by the Obama administration worthy of the name.  In the end, the Yazidi people were rescued by a Kurdish militia group labeled as “terrorists” by Vice President Joe Biden, in order to appease the Islamist regime in Turkey.   

We know that Yazidi expats resident in the United States pleaded with the Obama administration – and directly with Andy Kim – and that Kim’s response was weak and insufficient to prevent what President Obama himself has called “genocide” (Washington Post, August 8, 2014).

And it is very clear, from the Yazidis’ story, that they believed that genocide was about to happen and that, afterwards, it was allowed to happen.  If the administration had listened to these Yazidi expats – all of whom had formerly worked for the United States military – the Obama administration’s response could have been more precise and robust and lives could have been saved. 

This small immigrant community – a repressed religious minority in their homeland (and so genuine refugees from violence) – came up against an elitist administration that wouldn’t listen to them because they weren’t “experts” like Andy Kim thought he was.   The fact that Andy Kim is trying to now portray his weak response to this genocide in a “positive” way – as a recommendation for higher office – is sickening when the real record is examined… the killings, the rapes, and the slavery that did happen to the Yazidis’ community and to their family members because Andy Kim and others like him in the Obama administration were too “smart” to take the common sense advice from those who understood what was actually going on.

It’s all there, in the New Yorker magazine.  Not a right-wing anything but the jewel in the crown of literary liberalism.  Go read it for yourself and prepare to weep and feel the disgrace of it.  Of the failure that was Andy Kim and the Obama administration.  Of the genocide that candidate Andy Kim now tries to turn into a qualification for Congress.

The long article begins…

New Yorker

Annals of War

February 26, 2018 Issue

The Daring Plan to Save a Religious Minority from ISIS

When the terrorist group attacked the Yazidis, a small group of American immigrants knew they could do something.

By Jenna Krajeski

ISIS intended to wipe out the Yazidi religion in Iraq. Yazidis in America had a plan, so they started driving to Washington…

…After 2003, when the United States invaded Iraq, Pir and Ismael, like many Yazidi men, took jobs as interpreters for the U.S. military. Because they were a targeted religious minority, there was little opportunity outside the Army, and they were unlikely to join the Iraqi insurgency. In the military, they befriended another Yazidi, named Haider Elias, who, in spite of his poor background, spoke nearly perfect English, with a TV-made American accent.

The three men worked with the U.S. for years, often with the Special Forces…

In the course of a few days, the Yazidis met with organizations such as U.S.A.I.D. and the Institute for International Law and Human Rights. They went to the White House to meet with the deputy national-security adviser, Ben Rhodes, and the adviser on Iraq, Andy Kim, in the Roosevelt Room. “That was as emotional a meeting as I think I had,” Rhodes told me. “Given the role we played in invading and occupying and being present in Iraq for so many years, we had to care about what was happening to the Yazidis.”

To be continued…

Malinowski supports “no-arrest for Terrorists” bill. Why?

Why have Democrats like Tom Malinowski signed-up to support legislation that would prevent federal authorities from arresting virtually anyone within 100 miles of the border, even if that person has committed a serious crime or is suspected of terrorist activities?

The legislation is the brainfart of the Senator from Kooky, the Honorable Dianne Feinstein.  It has one of those nice sounding names that the late Dr. Joseph Goebbels was so adept at coming up with.  No, it’s not the “Law for the Protection of German Women and Families” but rather the  “Keep Families Together Act.”

It is, as everything is these days, a reaction to President Donald Trump’s attempts to get a handle on our national borders.  You know… the borders… through which illegal narcotics, opioids, firearms, and other contraband flow when someone isn’t watching.  And that’s not counting the people smuggling also known as human trafficking, also known (by the United Nations and groups like Amnesty International) as modern slavery.  All those little things liberals don’t like to think about when they get their virtue-signaling on… like the trade in able-bodied workers for cheap labor, the trade in young women and girls for the sex industry (brothels, massage parlors, porn), the trade in children and infants for purchase.   

So all you folks out there who want to be down with Tom Malinowski listen up.  Here is Senator Feinstein herself, on MSNBC, admitting that her legislation is shit…

On June 18th on MSNBC, Sen. Dianne Feinstein admits that the current immigration proposal supported by all 49 members of the Senate Democratic caucus would prevent arrests being made within 100 miles of the US/ Mexico border.

See that… the Democrat admits the bill is a mess and that she would “take out” the part that Senator Susan Collins objected to… you know, the part of the bill that “would essentially prevent arrest within 100 miles of the border, even if the person has committed a serious crime or is suspected of terrorist activities.”

So how come Tom Malinowski… pretty Tom… Tom of the mirror… who is so handsome that he doesn’t expect anybody to suggest that he actually think.  Why is it that Tom Malinowski didn’t see the same bald-faced mess Senator Sue Collins saw?  Why didn’t Tom Malinowski say:  “Hey, I like the idea but you are going to need to fix this because it is just plain crazy.”

Nope, Tom Malinowski just jumped on it.  He’s not one to miss a chance at some brainless virtue-signaling. 

To make matters worse, InsiderNJ reported that Tom Malinowski was “hounding” Congressman Leonard Lance for not being as stupid as Malinowski is.  According to Malinowski, Congressman Lance should let his emotions get the better of his brain and he should follow Malinowski in his folly. 

The Malinowski mantra appears to be:  “Virtue-signal first, think later.”

According to Malinowski, those who don’t join him in supporting legislation that prevents arresting anyone within 100 miles of the border even if the person has committed a serious crime or is a suspected terrorist, are big meanies.  Or in Malinowski’s words:  “Cruel” and “immoral.”

Tom, get a grip.  It is one thing to be a weak-kneed liberal, but being weak-brained is an altogether different matter.

NJ Dems set to assist would be terrorists

If you thought the Democrat Regime of Steve Sweeney and Vinnie Prieto was going address property taxes or jobs or foreclosure or the record child poverty in New Jersey, you were wrong.  Instead, they are celebrating the Democrat Regime's historic victory two weeks ago by bringing up an issue nobody talked about during the 2015 legislative campaign -- making sure a valid driver's license can be issued to anyone who sneaks into the United States illegally, evades capture by law enforcement, and defeats the protective measures of the Department of Homeland Security. 

With said license, a valid form of identification throughout the United States, an individual within the borders of the United States illegally, can travel anywhere, buy just about anything, and access other means by which he or she can carry on all sorts of illegal enterprises.  Later today -- at 1pm on Monday, November 16th -- the Assembly Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee will be holding a hearing in Committee Room 11, on the 4th floor of the State House Annex in Trenton.

The sole legislation on the Committee's agenda is Assembly bill A-4425.  This bill "establishes driver's license for residents who cannot prove lawful presence in the U.S."

One of the bill's sponsors in Democrat Assemblyman Raj "I know Wally Edge" Mukherji, who got into hot water with the feds over homeland security issues a few years back.  Another is Assemblyman Reed "The Crybaby" Gusciora -- a knucklehead who long ago traded in thinking for emoting.  And last but not least in this trio of sponsors is Assemblywoman and Municipal Prosecutor Annette "Get out of jail free" Quijano, Speaker Vinnie Prieto's hand-picked point person for this kind of nonsense.  A Senate version of the bill (S-2925) has been proposed by Senator Joseph "I managed to make it through the 12th grade" Vitale.

These critters are all Democrats.  That is a good thing.  It would be an even better thing if every Democrat joined them in flushing their hopes for 2017 down the toilet.

The Democrats are set on pushing this legislation through committee a little more than 72 hours after Paris was hit by a coordinated series of terrorist attacks that left hundreds killed and wounded.  According to the French news agency AFP, Greek police linked at least one man to the Paris attacks who was registered as a recent refugee from Syria.  At a time like this, the Democrats seem hell-bent on rewarding illegal behavior by issuing valid identification to people who they really know very little about. 

But why not?  Wasn't Democrat Senate President Steve Sweeney the deciding vote to do away with the death penalty for crimes like those we saw in the French capital on Friday night?  If you slaughter people in New Jersey, Democrats like Steve Sweeney have made sure that you get a pass.  Assembly Democrats even went so far as to argue that criminals shouldn't be held accountable for their crimes and that employers shouldn't have the RIGHT TO KNOW who they are hiring.  Things like these empower would be terrorists.  It provides them with useful tools and lets them know that New Jersey isn't serious about protecting its citizens.

So go ahead... pass it out of committee.  Vote for it.  Every Democrat should play follow your corrupt leaders and vote for it.  And let's make sure that no Republican -- starting with the leadership -- is so stupid as to provide cover for the Democrats.  Remember, if they vote for it, they won't have the Rutgers SuperPAC dropping $250,000 cable buys on their heads... but you will.  So get smart, stay sane, don't share with them the title of "the stupid party."