The Democrats hit 100,000 doors this weekend. You don’t do that by ignoring your activist base.

It could be all smoke and mirrors, but it certainly doesn’t sound like it.

This was reported on InsiderNJ yesterday evening:

A thousand people showed up earlier today in Summit for a campaign canvas launch at the Essex Road home of former LD21 candidate Lacey Rzeszowski (who lost by Assemblyman Jon Bramnick last year by 2,567 votes), he said.

“So many people came it shut down the block that Bob Hugin lives on and somebody called the cops,” said the Democrat. “There were so many people and they came and directed traffic to help us out.”

The event did get the attention of the GOP. A source at the earlier Somerset Republican event fumed about the incident, irritated by the inconvenience caused those close to Hugin.

It was all but a punch line here amid blue throngs.

Campaign allies knocked on almost 100,000 doors today, Malinowski said.

Was that 100,000 doors just in District 7???

If so… holy dogshit!

These Democrats are kicking our collective ass.  Hats off to them that they have successfully motivated their base and have got average people involved in the political process. 

We could do that too you know.  It’s called the telephone.  Talk to people, organize them, stop being afraid of them.  Hey, we assure you, they haven’t eaten human flesh in years!  They won’t bite! 

200 Evangelical pastors were in Trenton just days ago.  There’s a clean-living alternative to the human trafficker and sexual exploiter at the top of the Democrat’s ticket.  That is a pretty easy sell to Evangelical clergy.  They were there… the salesmen never showed up.  Not even an apprentice! 

Could 200 clergy have each come up with 5 people from their congregations that average 500 each?  We think so.  And that 1,000 would have matched their 1,000.  

Oh well… maybe we’ll learn sometime.  Maybe.