NJ Assembly: Child Protective Services (DYFS) a cause of heart disease

About 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year – one out of every four deaths.  Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. 

18,597 New Jerseyeans died of heart disease in 2016.  In comparison, there were 255 gun murders in New Jersey that year. 

So you would think that heart disease would be a subject taken seriously by those elected members of the New Jersey Legislature.  Think again.

We need to examine the causes of heart disease and address them.  We should not obfuscate those causes with a lot of political clutter.  If anything can be said to cause heart disease, then what earns our attention? 

Enter the New Jersey Legislature.

In order to claim political points against the administration of Donald Trump, the New Jersey Legislature passed a resolution on Monday, June 25th, declaring that it is “sanctioned child abuse” for a government entity to separate a child from its parent or parents.  It went on to declare that the policy of separating a child from its parent or parents causes “long term health concerns such as heart disease and morbid obesity.” 

The resolution – Assembly Resolution 175 – originally made the claim that this policy caused “cancer” as well, but when ridiculed for it on these pages, they removed “cancer” from the resolution.  When removed so easily, one can only ask why it was there in the first place?

AR-175 was specifically directed against the federal bureaucracy, as it is under the administration of the current incumbent, President Donald Trump.  Apparently, the honorables in the New Jersey Legislature believe that the presence of Mr. Trump in the White House has triggered among children a genetic predisposition towards heart disease and cancer.  Of course, this is nonsense.

If there is scientific evidence that the forcible separation of children from their parent or parents causes heart disease or cancer, then it matters not what agency is doing the separating, but simply that the separation occurs.  The disease does not differentiate between President Obama and President Trump or between a federal bureaucrat or one from the state.  If separating a child from its parent or parents raises the likelihood that the child will suffer heart disease – AS IS NOW CLAIMED, OFFICIALLY, BY THE NEW JERSEY LEGISLATURE – then it is the case ALWAYS, not just when President Trump is in office or when a federal agency is doing the separating. 

So here we are.  In its attempt to label Donald Trump with “child abuse”, the New Jersey Legislature has labeled itself with “child abuse” – because there are a host of laws, all passed by the honorables, that give state and local authorities the power to separate children from their parent or parents.  And it is all now, per the New Jersey Legislature, “sanctioned child abuse.”

Are we about to see a host of “corrective” measures by the Legislature to allow juveniles to be housed with a parent in places like Trenton State Prison?  They must know that every day, law enforcement separates family members when they are arrested for breaking the law.  Adult males are housed with adult males, adult females with adult females, and minors/children in juvenile facilities.  That’s a lot of heart disease.

Sadly, it must be pointed out, that it wasn’t only Democrats who participated in this strange formulation.  About half the Republicans in the Assembly jumped at the chance to condemn Donald Trump and those federal agencies involved in border control.  Do they really believe this nonsense or were they just up for a spot of virtue-signaling?  

Are we to presume that they too applaud the current dysfunction at our nation’s borders?  Why has there been no resolution calling for a hardening of border security against the modern-day slavery caused by human trafficking?  Do those Republicans who voted for AR-175 not care about the ease with which narcotics, opioids, illegal firearms, and sexually abused women and children (even infants for purchase) freely flow through our porous border?  Are they not concerned about the threat of terrorism?

Those libertarians among us might want to thank the New Jersey Legislature for officially stating what they have long believed:  That the biggest abuser of children in America is the State.  We don’t know if that’s what they intended, but that is what they have done.

So look out DYFS – those lawsuits are coming!  The State of New Jersey gave me heart disease when they arrested mom for something illegal and shipped me off to a foster home.  I got heart disease and the State Legislature said it was because of what the State did.  Here it is… in black and white.  They say so.

The docket backlog for lawsuits will be measured in decades.  The state will need to double the size of its courts to handle it.

The State House is a closed society, mired in groupthink.  What you get from that is Assembly Resolution 175.  Poorly worded, emotion trumping reason… deadly in a primary and a real pain in the ass in a general.