On Citizens United, Cory Booker is a Fake Reformer

Okay, here are two videos.

One is from Cory Booker, a politician who has more makeovers than Donatella Versace… Ouch.

The other is from a real citizens reform organization.  Not a group funded by one set of Establishment insiders looking to screw over another set of Establishment insiders… yeah, like the group Cory Booker is shilling for.

So here is Cory Booker, Senator from New Jersey, doing his best impersonation of a teenaged drama queen trying out for the lead in a high school play… 


This from a guy who said he’d stop taking corporate money from his law firm but then kept on taking it.  Personal money… that went right into his own wallet.

Okay, enough of Cory Booker, he’s already taken millions from corporate PACs, lobbyists, and officers… Notice he doesn’t mention those last two?  Yep, this is all for show – and Booker already has a work-around for that corporate PAC money too.  It’s called SuperPACs!  So this is just another case of a good-looking spoiled rich kid having his usual way with the cake while eating it too.

Now… do you want to hear from some real reformers???  Okay, pay attention because this is what real reform is about…

Now wasn’t this straight talk refreshing after that bullshit P.C. earnestness that poured out of Cory Booker’s jaws? 

Memo to Andy Kim: Americans celebrate Labor Day, not May Day

Hey, we all get that Democrat Andy Kim is from Washington, DC, where he owns a million dollar condo in a really cool part of the city -- but that is no reason for him to go all bubble-world elitist on us and start celebrating May Day.

American workers celebrate Labor Day, in September, and we celebrate it the good old fashioned way -- no we don't have some stupid political protest -- we have a beer, maybe go to the shore, or throw a few burgers on the grill.  We spend it with our families and friends and NO, we don't talk progressive politics at all.

Yesterday, the man who would be King issued a statement worthy of what the Queen does on some high and mighty event.  Andy wrote:  "The heart of America and the strength of the American economy lies with the American worker and middle class. I will always stand up for them..."  Funny how he doesn't include himself.  It's them, as in, "Hell no, I'm not a worker!"

Andy Kim ends his comment with #MayDay.  You can almost see the little right-on hand-popping.  Well Andy, in honor of you and your May Day holiday (the rest of us worked), this one goes out to you...

Now to an even more important topic.


Andy Kim has said he believes in transparency.  He says he will let the people know everything he is doing.  But back on April 18th, Andy Kim held a fundraiser at a big-deal law firm in Cherry Hill. 

We've been looking for it on his campaign's Facebook page, but it's not there.  No pictures, no report on who the host committee was or what fat cats showed up with their checkbooks.  Here's the invitation below.  Note who it is paid by...

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.03.18 AM.png

Andy Kim likes to claim that he's not taking "corporate money" -- but that's not really true, is it Andy?  Many law firms are corporations of a kind and your fundraiser was held at a law office.  These lawyers all represent big corporations and they contribute big money to trial lawyers' associations. 

We believe Andy Kim throws out the word "corporate" as a distraction -- to make you believe he is better than he is.  How are lawyers better than manufacturers?  Most people probably think they are far worse.

Boasting about giving up one kind of sugar while devouring bowls of honey isn't really a way forward.  You are still going to get fat.  And that's what is happening with Andy.  We goes to Weight Watchers and brags to everyone that he's off carbs, but then when it's time for the weigh-in, it emerges that he's fatter than ever.

Don't go on fooling the public and, just as important, don't fool yourself.  It turns out you are no better than all the others.