Why did Peg Schaffer lie to defend Phil Murphy?

Is it just us or does Somerset County Democrat Chairlady Peg Schaffer remind one of an overly operatic tryout for a role as one of the Valkyries?

Does that make Governor Phil Murphy war-father???

But why does she need to lie?

There is this anti-truth line that woke members of this new Democrat Party take nowadays.  Let someone, anyone, make a point about illegal immigration – and these anti-truth Democrats simply drop the “illegal” and falsely claim that it is an attack on all immigrants. 

And it goes beyond illegal immigration to crime in general.  These new Democrats take the case of a Shawn Custis and turn comments on his illegality into a “racially based” attack.  You say you don’t know Mr. Custis?  Well you can catch some of his work here...

Peg Schaffer’s fellow Democrats have a new demographic to practice their identity politics on... convicted criminals.  That's right.  The Democrat Party in New Jersey wants to give convicted criminals – including those behind bars – the power to vote.

That’s right, they want to give electoral power to murderers, rapists, robbers, and such.  And we all know what happens when a politician smells a vote.  They're going to give something away to get it.  Laws are going to get progressively weaker and weaker.  Especially when the Star-Ledger reports that there are 100,000 criminal votes to be had in New Jersey.  That many votes could easily swing a statewide election and a large prison population would certainly shift the balance in a legislative seat or two.

Imagine Shawn Custis as a prison ward leader, lobbying the Democrat-majority Legislature, organizing a petition drive (doubtless with the help of Action Together and the Women's March) to get Governor Goldman-Sachs 2.0 and Tammy Jane Fonda to sign into law a community release program that gets him out of doors again... Coming to an average door in an average community like yours. Yep, it’s going to be a Mad Max kind of world.

What makes these new Democrats so different from good old-fashioned Democrats is that these new ideologues can’t get past the “identity” stuff.  Their judgments are never about the criminality – whether we are talking illegal immigration or Shawn Custis… the illegal part gets taken away.

About the only thing these new Democrats do believe is criminal is having the wrong political opinions.  Express the “wrong” point-of-view and they will bully, and threat-face, and generally behave like an outraged Valkyrie.  And just as “identity” makes all the difference in the world as to whether a crime is a crime, or not, “identity” also governs whether a thought is a crime, or not.  There are some people who can never be right, just as there are some who can never be wrong.

This is the lens through which we can view Peg Schaffer’s attack yesterday on a Republican Freeholder who used the word “illegal” to describe undocumented immigrants who are resident in the United States in violation of federal law.  Yes, that pretty much can be described as illegal.  But in Peg Schaffer’s warped world, she finds fault with the describer, not the act.

It makes no difference that anybody who can read knows that Democrat Governor Phil Murphy is spending millions in taxpayers’ money on special programs targeted to illegal immigrants, Murphy brags about it!  And it makes no difference that flooding the job market in New Jersey with thousands of new off-the-books, “gray economy” workers will undermine any increase in the minimum wage and further distress the labor market for the working poor.

And it makes no difference that illegal immigrant labor provides for rich professionals just as surely as it destroys the prospects of labor trade unions.  No difference that the gray economy creates a near-slave class trapped by low cost wages, working for a “liberal” suburban bourgeoisie that wants the sweat of its fellow man at the cheapest possible rate. No difference that the cost to property taxpayers to provide a safety net for this gray economy has given New Jersey the highest property taxes and the highest rates of foreclosure in America.  No difference that poverty and child hunger are the legacies of these  woke policies that are designed to allow greedy suburban liberals the chance to feel-good about themselves… simply by voting Democrat.  It’s a great scam to pretend to care for people who you want around only because you can pay them less than you would your working class neighbor – and keep your money in your pockets.

If new Democrats like Peg Schaffer really cared, they would demand open borders both ways.  They would demand an end to international immigration laws that block Americans from moving elsewhere – instead of supporting a one-way open border policy designed to send a never-ending flow of cheap, near-slave labor to undercut the working class, the trade union movement, leaving minimum wage increases meaningless.  But Peg Schaffer doesn’t really care, does she?  These new Democrats are anti-truth.  It is all a scam, a means to muzzle an opponent with a different point of view.  A hectoring Valkyrie.

The British Labour Party has split over Anti-Semitism (are the Democrats next?)

The first seven elected Labour members of Parliament have quit the Labour Party over the Party’s increasingly anti-Jewish behavior.


Former Labour Party Member of Parliament Luciana Berger explains why she walked away from her party…

Here in America, the Democrat Party continues to embrace Anti-Jewish hate.  This photograph was taken at one of yesterday’s rallies attended by Democrat candidates for public office…


And we all remember these photographs from the Women’s March (whose founder, Linda Sarsour, later came out as a Jihadist)…


In Britain, seven members of the Labour Party (the British equivalent to the Democrat Party) are concerned enough about the path of their party to quit altogether and leave it.  We don’t blame them. 

Here is a discussion regarding Jihadist Linda Sarsour, founder of the Women’s March that has been used to recruit so many Democrats running for office today…

Are Democrats merely happy to be dupes of Anti-Semites or are they Anti-Semites themselves?

Murphy spoke to Israel-haters at the Women’s March. Does he regret that now?

Earlier this year – while a young woman in his administration was trying to find justice after she claims she was raped by one of his top appointees – Democrat Governor Phil Murphy trotted on to the stage of the Women’s March in New Jersey.  He apparently didn’t care that the group’s founder, Linda Sarsour, called for Jihad against the government of the United States or that she was a fan of Jew-hater Louis Farrakhan.  He also didn’t seem to care that the Women’s March banner was being held by activists opposed to the Jewish State and that they were pushing anti-Israeli propaganda at the event – in front of him.


We thought of this over the weekend, when the Governor put out a press statement on the murders of eleven Jewish worshippers at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  That statement triggered a Star-Ledger headline that read:  “Murphy condemns rising anti-Semitism at vigil for Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.”

Condemn it… he’s part of it.  By allowing anti-Israeli propaganda to be part of the gatherings he speaks in front of, the Democrat is normalizing anti-Jewish sentiment by a major political party.  Forget trying to link it to President Trump’s coarse plain-spokenness – this is direct.  The people who would kill the Jewish State get to show up and be part of Democrat Party events and Murphy doesn’t say boo.


At the vigil attended by Murphy, the Governor had the gall to speak against what he himself has done:  "We must find the courage, even through tears and heartbreak, to reverse this trend. We cannot allow the normalization of hatred."  Yes Governor, we agree, so stop!

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said that anti-Semitic incidents had gone up by 32 percent in New Jersey.  Of course they did.  Hating the Jewish state is now mainstream with people like Governor Murphy, the Women’s March, and the Democrat Party. 

Over the summer, Murphy’s close political ally – U.S. Senator Cory Booker – played up to the Hamas/Hezbollah loving Israel-haters – the Antifa wing of the Democrat Party.  After the Pittsburgh massacre, Booker had the gall to put out a press statement that triggered another Star-Ledger headline:  Booker says 'words matter' following attacks against Democrats and Jewish worshippers.


And then there’s Booker’s political ally – Democrat Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver – one of only three legislators to oppose a resolution that prohibited investment of state pension and annuity funds in anti-Jewish companies that boycott Israel or Israeli businesses.  That’s right, Ms. Oliver – Phil Murphy’s running mate and Cory Booker’s political ally – the Lt. Governor of New Jersey, sided with those who hate the Jewish state.   

The Roll Call vote is below.  Yes, words do matter Cory… and so do actions.

S1923 Aa (1R)  Prohibits investment of pension and annuity funds by State in companies that boycott Israel or Israeli businesses. 


Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 9.19.37 PM.png

Tom Malinowski caught trying to capitalize on John McCain’s death?

Democrat candidate for Congress Tom Malinowski is using Senator John McCain’s death for political gain… so says the executive director of a major national Jewish organization. 

 Apparently Malinowski’s campaign has launched a commercial that makes use of some “kind words” that the late Senator had for Malinowski after President Barack Obama nominated him for a post at the State Department.  Along with this, the Malinowski fundraising machine has launched another appeal for more money (it seems the Washington, DC, political team responsible for the commercial want to be paid).

 Senator McCain did have some “kind words” for Tom Malinowski, but that was after Malinowski told those at the hearing that his lovely mother was present.  It is kind of hard to be tough on someone who has brought his mom… 

 Regarding the Malinowski commercial that trades on the late Senator, Matt Brooks of the RJC issued the following statement:

 “For Tom Malinowski to use Senator John McCain’s kind words in a political advertisement to imply support for Malinowski in his race against Congressman Leonard Lance is wrong, and he should immediately take the commercial down. John McCain would have voted for Leonard Lance if he lived in New Jersey’s 7th district. John McCain would have quickly pointed out that Tom Malinowski is dead wrong on Israel, taxes, and a host of other important issues. John McCain’s strong support of Israel flew in the face of Malinowski’s lobbying against supplying Israel’s military with American weapons and his support for the Iran nuclear deal. To wait until the passing of Senator McCain to release a political ad featuring his kind words, and implying support for Malinowski, a claim that McCain is no longer here to refute, is disgusting. Tom Malinowski must take this disgraceful commercial down."

 Of course, we all know that Tom Malinowski has a long record of Israel-bashing and that his campaign has allied itself with groups like the Women’s March, led by “friend of Louis Farrakhan” Linda Sarsour – who last year called for Jihad against the elected government of the United States of America.  And Tom Malinowski is a close political ally of this guy…


Calling for the end to the border wall and other fortifications that protect Israel against terrorists is like calling for a second Holocaust.  It is not enough that Cory Booker’s international allies have driven Jews out of every country they control, now he wants to tear down Israel’s protective barrier and allow them to march in to commence a pogrom of terror, torture, rape, and murder.

And to make matters worse, thanks to the Philadelphia Inquirer, now we know that Booker's fellow Democrat - Bob Menendez - is allowing his campaign to be run by a lobbyist for the foreign government of Qatar, one of the worse anti-Jewish culprits in the world and a government criticized by the United Nations and Amnesty International for its relaxed attitude towards modern slavery - human trafficking and the exploitation of children. 

 So why has Tom Malinowski used the image of a staunchly pro-Israel Senator in his campaign?  Is it because he knows that now that Senator McCain is dead and buried the Senator won’t be able to correct Malinowski’s misinterpretation of him? 

 Senator John McCain would never have time for a Louis Farrakhan or a Linda Sarsour or a Cory Booker holding a stupid anti-Israel sign like that or the antics of a Bob Menendez.  But Malinowski’s use of McCain’s death isn’t the only thing wrong with his campaign commercial.  He brags about standing up to dictators.  He sucked at standing up to dictators.  Hey Tom, occupying an office that is supposed to stand up to dictators, but sucks, isn’t the same as standing up to dictators.

 Just like Tom sucked at standing up to human traffickers.  Especially after his boss, Barack Obama, wanted to pass the union-screwing, working class eviscerating, job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP).  Malinowski’s State Department willfully ignored the deplorable records on modern slavery of a number of nations and simply said that they were okay to compete with American working men and women.  It was shameful. 

That’s Tom Malinowski… shameless (but pretty).

Is Troy Singleton the most corrupt NJ Senator?

Is there anyone as casually corrupt as Senator Troy Singleton?  The first thing you need to know is that Senator Singleton is the former bagman for Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts – who has since retired and moved to a less taxed state than the one he ruled over and made the worst taxed in America. 

After that Singleton picked-up a union job for which he lacked any qualification at all… outside of his political connections.  And when he’s not picking the pockets of blue-collar union workers, Singleton adopts a nonchalance towards political corruption – oozing a partisanship that ignores the worst racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic tendencies within his own party.

Take Linda Sarsour for example.  Senator Singleton has practically crawled up the ass of Sarsour’s organization – the Women’s March – even as it has embraced open racists like Louis Farrahkan.  The Farrahkan movement has long referred to white-skinned people as “Devils” (reserving a particular hatred for women). 

Singleton’s jaws have been quick to flap whenever he has the chance to call a Republican a “racist” – even singling out Country & Western music artists and their fans as “racists”.  But when members of his own party openly behave like racists, Singleton gets a partisan version of lock-jaw.  Maybe he believes that racism towards some is an acceptable form?

As a member of the Assembly Democrats, Singleton was quite comfy with a fellow Democrat Assemblyman who had been convicted of a federal crime and who had been charged with stalking women.  Singleton obviously doesn’t get the #MeToo movement.

And when fellow Democrat Cory Booker came out with some Israel-hatred recently, Senator Singleton’s head merely bobbed in agreement.  He can’t quite figure out how to address a subject that involves a fellow partisan like Booker.  What’s up with the normally loud-mouthed, opinionated Singleton?  Either he’s too scared, too stupid, or too partisan to publicly disagree with Booker.


Here’s Singleton’s pal Booker, calling for the end to the border wall and other fortifications that protect Israel against terrorists.  This is like calling for a second Holocaust.  It is not enough that Cory Booker’s international allies have driven Jews out of every country they control, now he wants to tear down Israel’s protective barrier and allow them to march in to commence a pogrom of terror, torture, rape, and murder.

And to make matters worse, thanks to the Philadelphia Inquirer, now we know that Booker's fellow Democrat - Bob Menendez - is allowing his campaign to be run by a lobbyist for the foreign government of Qatar, one of the worse anti-Jewish culprits in the world and a government criticized by the United Nations and Amnesty International for its relaxed attitude towards modern slavery - human trafficking and the exploitation of children. 

Perhaps the best way to understand Senator Singleton is the way in which we understand Senator Booker?  That is, to remember Jack Nicholson’s answer to this question…

Stay tuned...