Transgender father starts life as six-year-old girl

This is the world as Senate President Steve Sweeney would have it. 

First, violins please.  The right mood music is always important when telling these stories.

Yes, a transgendered father of seven children has left his family (screw them, may they be the taxpayers' responsibility now) because he no longer identifies as an adult male.  Like many a modern day "hero," this 46-year-old man has decided that the world has to let him be what he wants to be.  And what he wants to be is a six-year-old girl.  So say hello to six-year-old  Stefonknee (pronounced Stephanie) Wolscht:

In medical circles they have a name for this.  It is called identity disorder.  Some say that it is a problem with humility or the need to play God.  These voices will soon have to cave to political pressure or face a harsh dose of re-education.  They will be made to "celebrate" such heroism.  In the future, we will see entire brigades transform into kindergarten classes on the battlefield.  In the West anyway.  ISIS don't play that.

People like Steve Sweeney have been busy providing a political framework for this radical transformation.  In his last campaign, he was pictured with little children, perhaps in his next he will be "presenting" as one of the children.  Anything is possible.

Earlier this year the Democrats, with Sweeney as principal cheerleader, passed a bill (S-1195) allowing a person with a penis to claim that he is a woman and to have his birth certificate altered to reflect this.  Next year they will no doubt pass a bill that allows him to change his age as well.  Then Mr. Wolscht can legally compel primary schools to allow him to urinate with the other little girls, or to nap with them.  This is the world according to Sweeney.

On Thursday, December 17th, Senate President Sweeney is trying to over-ride the Governor's veto of S-1195.  Like so many others, Sweeney has accepted so much money from lobbyists working to pass nonsense like this that he has no choice but to keep at it.  It must be demeaning to have had to disregard all the folkways of youth and place and trade... to become what he is today.  But become it he has.