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Message: Please contact me about working together.

Message: I noticed your article about xxxx xxxxxx. I beg someone in your organization to call me about a recent article he wrote...

Message: My wife and I are registered Dems in NJ. However we want to switch our party to REPUBLICAN. Can you help us with that? Thanking you in advance for your assistance.  Semper Fi

Message: Below is a letter I would like to submit (in an ideal world) anonymously. I tried submitting it in the contact box on your site but used an old email address of mine that I no longer can access, unfortunately it was hacked. I live in Bergen County and am tired of the status quo but if I speak openly about it I will be persona non-grata in the GOP there and the usual attack dogs will come after me the same way they do to everyone who disagrees with them… Thank you.

The Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO) is in dire need of a course correction. Newly elected BCRO Chairman Jack Zisa is himself a dose of much needed change from the past backstabbing and infighting that resulted in an underfunded and understrength county party. Yet the BCRO Executive Director Giancarlo Ghione is a holdover from the failed Chairmanship of Paul DiGaetano, specializes in creating bad blood within the party, has failed to deliver on any of his promises, and should be let go.

First and foremost is the fact that Ghione was involved in the divisive intra-party county war that ousted former Chairman Bob Yudin. That Yudin was replaced would not be an issue except for fact that the wild promises of the DiGaetano boosters made went unfulfilled. Despite assertions that they would turn the party around after the coup led in part by Ghione, the BCRO has continued to come up short on the county level and in the state legislature races.

Second, and related, is the fact that Ghione appears to fight internal battles within the party, in its organizations and primaries, with a vigor he does not bring to bear in general elections. Can anyone say Ghione, or the small cabal of mostly Young Republicans he leads, fought for Republicans in the last general elections as hard as he fought against fellow Republicans in the past primary? Has he and his clique ever applied the same energy they used on booting Yudin, electing DiGaetano Chairman, or preventing Steve Lonegan from getting the congressional nomination, on getting a Republican elected mayor, assemblyman, freeholder, or other elected office?

Third, Ghione may one day put the BCRO in the same legal danger as he has the NJ State Young Republican Federation which is under investigation by the National Young Republican Federation board and is endanger of being de-chartered. Approximately 2 years ago Ghione, and co-conspirators xxxxxxxxxxx  and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, decided to play fast and loose with the rules in order to take over the State Young Republicans. Despite doing so, he and his cronies have failed to hold a single State Young Republican Committee meeting in further violation of their legal obligations.

There are many more accounts of Ghione's penchant for negative, divisive, and possibly illegal actions. He has led his small group of political soldiers to be loyal to him over any party organ and the party itself. His type of self-aggrandizement shouldn't be tolerated by the BCRO and if unaddressed will ultimately harm it. For all those reasons, Ghione should be let go from his job as BCRO Executive Director.

NOTE:  This letter was submitted by an individual who requested that we publish it anonymously.  We have his contact information, but have complied with his request.  While Mr. Ghione is a public figure, as executive director of the BCRO and his other titles, two other individuals mentioned in this letter might not be.  We have erred on the side of caution and have blacked out their names.  This website takes no position on the opinions expressed regarding BCRO Executive Director Ghione, and we of course offer him the use of this website to publish his own response or correction to this letter, or indeed his thoughts on any matter he wishes to address.

DiGaetano: Is CD05 a choice between two bigots and the PR Firm from Hell?

The battle to represent the 5th congressional district has turned into a real shit show since candidate John McCann lost the favored ballot position in Bergen County and then followed up that bad news with the announcement that his campaign was in deep in debt.  For his latest attack on opponent Steve Lonegan, McCann dug up a twelve years old allegation by a Democrat candidate for Mayor in Lonegan's hometown of Bogota.  The Democrat is an avowed supporter of President Barack Obama and, like McCann, has campaigned against the Trump tax cuts.

The Democrat claims Lonegan called him a bad word in a heated exchange more than a decade ago.  This has led the McCann campaign to label Lonegan as the "Roy Moore of New Jersey" -- a reference to Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore.   But apparently someone on the McCann campaign didn't think this through because McCann's big fundraiser was built around a guest speaker who was one of Moore's main allies, a guy named Sebastian Gorka.  Take a look at the video below and note the fellow with the beard standing directly behind Moore:

McCann's attacks are taking place while his former boss and department -- the Democrat Sheriff of Bergen County -- are being sued for laying-off and allegedly harassing police officers.  McCann was named by the Bergen Record as the Sheriff's "right hand man" and McCann openly takes credit for getting rid of the police.  We will let NJTV tell the rest of the story:


Andrew Kara was one of the dozens of Bergen County cops who lost their jobs followed the merger of the sheriff’s and county police forces that congressional candidate John McCann takes credit for making happen.

“Andrew was called a fag, a queer, a freak and a homo,” said Kara’s attorney, Matthew Peluso.

The abuse went on for years and, according to a suit, the County Executive Jim Tedesco, County Sheriff Michael Saudino and the county prosecutor, now state attorney general, Gurbir Grewal, ignored his complaints.

“Andrew reported this conduct up the chain of command and nothing ever happened,” Peluso said.

During this period, candidate John McCann was the lawyer for the Sheriff's office and the "right hand man" to Sheriff Saudino, according to the Bergen Record.

Peluso says the lawsuit is "about standing up for a gay officer who has been treated cruelly by his supposed colleagues and the county’s leadership structure."

The suit has 21 plaintiffs who allege a variety of harassment.  It calls for reinstatement of the officers, including Kara, back pay, as well as punitive damages for pain and suffering.

Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO) Chairman Paulie "the hand" DiGaetano has written to all the other GOP county chairs of the 5th congressional district, threatening them and telling them to demand that any GOP candidate connected with bigotry be required to stand down.  Does this mean that DiGaetano intends to deliver the 5th District meekly into the hands of Democrat Josh Gottheimer? 

We certainly hope not.

Is DiGaetano -- the doyen of the brylcreem set -- forgetting the kind of pissbag Josh Gottheimer is?  Doesn't he know the record of Josh "the breath monster" Gottheimer?  Well thank goodness someone does and she has his number.  Her name is Rachel Maddow, perhaps you've heard of her?

Before getting elected to Congress in 2016, Josh Gottheimer followed his buddy Mark Penn, the Clintons' polling guy, to take over an international public relations/lobbying corporation called Burson-Marsteller.  These people are real turds. 

Hey, don't take our word for it.  Here's what MSNBC's Rachel Maddow had to say about the firm where Josh Gottheimer held the number two position as International Vice President (his buddy Mark Penn was International President):

Yep, Josh Gottheimer and his pal Mark Penn ran the "PR Firm from Hell"!  So now we know what kind of shithouse Paulie is shilling for.

A Democrat just made a bad accusation against McCann

Will Paulie DiGaetano respond with a letter calling for McCann to drop out?

A Democrat media group -- True Blue Media, LLC -- put out the following yesterday...

- - -

GOP candidate gets Nazi sympathizer’s endorsement after paying him $5k

By Caroline Orr - April 24, 2018

Arizona Senate candidate Kelli Ward coincidentally paid $5,000 to Seb Gorka on the same day he endorsed her. Also coincidentally, this is the third time Gorka has been involved in such a transaction.

Having failed to secure an endorsement from Trump, Republican Senate candidate Kelli Ward of Arizona decided to go after a more attainable target, setting her sights on fired Trump adviser and Nazi sympathizer Sebastian Gorka.

Ward got the endorsement, which she proceeded to tout on social media, Fox News, and pretty much anywhere else she got the opportunity.

Interestingly, on the very same day that Gorka endorsed her, Ward paid him $5,240 for a “speaking fee.”

So what kind of speeches does Gorka deliver?

A look at his speaker bio shows that he advertises his availability to give paid speeches under the category “Endorsement/Spokesperson Campaign” — in other words, his endorsement is for sale.

While there’s no law prohibiting candidates from buying endorsements, one would think the public shame of doing so would be enough to stop anyone in their tracks.

But apparently, this is not a first for Gorka.

The Washington Examiner reported on April 9 that John McCann, a Republican candidate for New Jersey’s 5th District Congressional District, paid a familiar sum of money — $5,000 — to Gorka right around the same time that Gorka endorsed McCann and threw his weight behind his fundraising efforts. 

Two months before that, the Washington Examiner reported on a similar payment made to Gorka by Nevada Republican Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian, who is running to unseat incumbent GOP Sen. Dean Heller. According to FEC filings, Tarkanian paid Gorka $5,000 for a one-time “speaking fee,” in December. Gorka endorsed Tarkanian on December 20, 2017 — one day after the date on the FEC filing.

As the Examiner noted, the payment is highly unusual, both in substance and in cost.

“A search of FEC records for ‘honorarium’ or ‘speaking’ left the Washington Examiner mostly empty-handed. In the last two election cycles, only three House candidates paid speaking fees (averaging less than $2,000) and not a single Senate candidate paid a speaking fee or honorarium according to this search,” the Examiner reported after looking for records of similar speaking fees paid by House and Senate candidates.

Gorka, the former Trump adviser and Breitbart columnist who’s been accused of having ties to a Hungarian Nazi group, is just the latest far-right figure to endorse Ward’s Senate campaign. Other notable far-right endorsements include outspoken racist Steve King of Iowa, as well as Sean Hannity, Steve Bannon, and a host of fringe conspiracy theorists.

But Ward didn’t have to fork over any money to win their endorsements — at least, as far as we know. Stay tuned.


- - -

As we have noted before, Democrats call Republicans bad words every day and they only object to the use of bad words when a Republican is calling out a Democrat.  If Paulie DiGaetano still wants to call himself a Republican "leader", he should refrain from joining in with the Democrats and playing their game.

Did DiGaetano forget his embrace of Roy Moore surrogate Gorka?

Are people simply more forgetful in Bergen County than elsewhere?

Last week, we had to remind Democrat Senator Loretta "Mother Roach" Weinberg that she was condemning a Republican town committeewoman for something Democrat Governor Phil Murphy did last year.  Of course, when Murphy used the "N" word (in this case "Nazi") he was using it to describe Republican President Donald Trump, so Weinberg wet herself with glee. 

Republicans can be trashed using any kind of language you want to use -- and that is acceptable to people like Mother Roach -- but don't you dare use it to describe a Democrat.  If you do, you will be called upon to resign!

Now anyone who has ever known or worked for Paulie "the hand" DiGaetano knows that he is anything but an angel -- and while he is not quite up there with a certain former Senate President, he is not without sin.  Who is? 

That's why it is so laughable when someone as oily as DiGaetano slimes up to the preacher's pulpit to deliver a lecture on morality.  Yes, on Sunday, the doyen of the brylcreem set reached out to the "mastermind" of BridgeGate and asked him to post a letter to his fellow chairmen in the 5th congressional district.

DiGaetano, who would regularly instruct his operatives to crawl into his opponents' underpants, wrote that he was morally outraged because the opponent of his hand-picked candidate for Congress had allegedly used some choice language to describe a former Democrat candidate and avowed Obama supporter.  And all this allegedly happened more than a decade ago!

Oh my, to be forgotten all those intervening years... What must have occurred to raise it to Paulie's consciousness again.  Ah yes, an election.   So this is less about moral outrage, than it is about the scumbaggery of contrived illusion. 

DiGaetano resorts to a strong arm tactic -- threatening the chairs that their careers will be smeared if they don't do as he asks.  This is a real dick of a move and Paulie plays it up with extreme dickery:

"All of us must be on record denouncing this hurtful and offensive statement or all of your years of collective service as leaders will be forever smeared." 

Really?  How many of these guys have denounced Trump or Christie or Bush or Whitman... or any of the other Republicans they were told they "must denounce" over the years.  This is an asshole Democrat tactic and typically the only person with an ethical skidmark in his shorts is the one demanding it.

But this is Paulie DiGaetano... so it gets better.

Paulie then goes on to write:  "The Republican Party cannot afford to nominate another Roy Moore." 

Again... Really?  Wasn't Sebastian Gorka a huge Roy Moore supporter and cheerleader?  If we're not mistaken, wasn't Gorka one of the crew Roy Moore kept up his bunghole for emergencies -- to defend him?  Wasn't Gorka with Roy Moore the night before the big election, rallying up the troops, telling them that Roy Moore couldn't lose?

And isn't this the same Sebastian Gorka that Paulie's man "Stumbling John" McCann brought up to do McCann's big fundraiser in Bergen County?  Didn't Paulie and all his acolytes take turns fanning Gorka's ass.  Didn't they all praise him as the brightest and the best?

Last we checked, didn't they give him a medal or something and make him horse of the year?

Did Paulie forget?  Is his memory convenient... or is it genuinely screwed?  Next time... before you go and play the part of a windy moralistic pissbag... think about what you did the week or two before.


Liberal Democrats rally around McCann's candidacy

After losing the coveted "Column One" position in Bergen County and filing a campaign receipts and expenditures report with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) in April that showed his campaign was deep in debt and not raising enough money to sustain itself, candidate John McCann apparently sent out an SOS to his friends and colleagues.  They responded in a big way.

A former Democrat candidate for Mayor of Bogota (Bergen County) stepped forward to accuse McCann's opponent of saying some pithy things about him a decade or so ago.  McCann's campaign neglected to fully vet this Democrat (who they, oddly enough, describe as a "Christian conservative"), who recently attacked the policies of President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. 

This too is odd, coming from the McCann camp, which claims to be pro-Trump even as it puts forward "spokespersons" who are decidedly anti-Trump.  We get "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" thing, but McCann can only take this so far.

Shambling forward came the "Ghost of losing the Legislature past" -- that impresario of the brylcreem set -- Paulie "the hand" DiGaetano.  He reached out to the "mastermind" behind the Bridgegate scandal with the story about how McCann's opponent had said mean things about the guy who ran for Mayor as a Democrat.  Mind you, this is the same DiGaetano who Senator Kevin O'Toole (R-Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Morris) claimed had threatened him.  It was widely reported on. 

O'Toole claims former assemblyman DiGaetano once threatened his life


Jun 9, 2016 - Paul DiGaetano, a once powerful Republican assemblyman and former gubernatorial candidate, is on the cusp of returning to an active role in New Jersey politics for the first time in a decade.

O'Toole Claims DiGaetano Threatened His Life | Observer


Jun 9, 2016 - Soon-to-retire state Senator Kevin O'Toole (R-40) has made claims that former Assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate Paul DiGaetano threatened his life during a one-on-one conversation the two men had over ten years ago as DiGaetano was mounting his gubernatorial run. O'Toole spoke with ...

'I'll f---ing kill you!' Senator's chilling account of closed-door N.J. ...


Jun 10, 2016 - A sitting state senator says a candidate for governor demanded his endorsement, and threatened to kill him if he refused. ... all the key parties. O'Toole (R-Essex) says the threat was made in 2005 by Paul DiGaetano, then a leading Republican assemblyman dreaming about a long-shot bid for governor.

DiGaetano was in the middle of a campaign to be Bergen County GOP Chairman, so his opponent seized upon this to demand that he withdraw from the race:

After O'Toole Threat Claims, Yudin Wants DiGaetano to Leave BCRO ...


Jun 9, 2016 - Current Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO) Chairman Bob Yudin is calling for his competitor, former Assemblyman Paul DiGaetano, to step out of the race for the position in the county organization. Yudin's call comes after allegations that DiGaetano once threatened the life of LD40 state ...

 Of course, DiGaetano disputed Senator O'Toole's claims and even threatened to sue him.

Bergen GOP chairman sues O'Toole over death-threat claims - Politico


Jun 15, 2017 - Republican Sen. Kevin O'Toole claimed DiGaetano, now the GOP chairman in Bergen County, delivered a “threat of great bodily harm” during a one-on-one conversation more than a decade ago.

We haven't heard any news about the lawsuit, but it appears as though Paulie "D" learned a new trick, because he is pulling the same thing on McCann's opponent that was pulled on him.  Now it is DiGaetano who is making phone calls on behalf of McCann, urging that their opponent be made to drop out of the race for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 5th District. 

You couldn't make this silly shit up.  As a county chairman DiGaetano has been a disaster.  Now he is calling GOP leaders asking them to join him in demanding someone drop out for being accused of saying actually far less than what he was accused of saying -- only the guy DiGaetano wants to drop out was accused by a Democrat and DiGaetano was accused by a Republican. 

"Stumbling John" McCann and his followers are real pieces of work.