Sussex County’s Charlie Hebdo moment

By Rubashov

Charlie Hebdo (French pronunciation: [ʃaʁli ɛbdo]; French for Charlie Weekly) is a French satirical weekly magazine,[3] featuring cartoons,[4] reports, polemics, and jokes. Irreverent and stridently non-conformist in tone, the publication describes itself as above all secular, skeptic,[5] and atheist,[6] far-left-wing,[7][8] and anti-racist[9] publishing articles about the extreme right (especially the French nationalist National Front party),[10] religion (Catholicism, Islam, Judaism), politics and culture.

The magazine has been the target of two terrorist attacks, in 2011 and 2015. Both were presumed to be in response to a number of controversial Muhammad cartoons it published. In the second of these attacks, 12 people were killed, including publishing director Charb and several other prominent cartoonists. (Wikipedia)

Well apparently they don’t get satire in Phil Murphy’s New Jersey either…

As in the case of Charlie Hebdo, a group of cultural terrorists have demanded that an image they deem “offensive” be removed and the “perpetrators” – in this case, it was merely “re-tweeted” – be punished.  On the one hand, we hope the so-called “perpetrators” will stand up for freedom of expression; while on the other, we hope that nobody gets murdered.  There are a lot of crazies out there, and these things do have a way of escalating.

You do remember satire, don’t you?  Yes, it has something to do with comedy…

Satire (noun) the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

On Tuesday night, the Board of Trustees meeting of the Sussex County Community College was invaded by a group of cultural terrorists.  We call them “terrorists” somewhat whimsically, in that (1) they use threats of various kinds to get their way, and (2) they have no sense of humor.  They are the stick-up-the-arse crowd.  And before you enquire why we use “arse” instead of the familiar English term, we feel arse is the more appropriate, owing to its rusticated and unwashed nature.

So the Board of Trustees meeting of the Sussex County Community College was invaded by a troop of unwashed arses – the stick-up… well, you get the picture. 

The sad thing is… a couple of the Trustees themselves elected to join the troop and agree to go unwashed as well.  What these people are doing as Trustees on a Board of higher learning is beyond us.  It is not the place of colleges to ban forms of expression – in this case, satire – but to study and understand.  What would these idiots make of Jonathan Swift?  Would they ban him too, as a cannibal out to eat up all the children of Ireland?

For some people, washed and unwashed, that stick is thrust so firmly up… that nothing can pry it out.  You simply have to start over.  So best be off with them.

Oh… and in an act directly paralleling the Charlie Hebdo case, newspapers were too afraid to print the “offensive” image for fear of an unwashed fatwa

Instead, they simply described the “offensive” image, in the prescribed manner, in the language issued to them, as “racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic…

… arachnophobic, ailurophobic, atelophobic, batrachophobic, chiroptophobic, coulrophobic, demonophobic, emetophobic,  globophobic, herpetophobic, ichthyophobic, necrophobic, ophidiophobic, panphobic, porphyrophobic, triskaidekaphobic, venustraphobic xanthophobic – and poo-poo-headed”

One rather bloated knucklehead, identified as an official with the Sussex County Democrat Party, actually said these words:  “Whether or not he posted it himself, he is the person whose name is at the top of that (private Twitter account) page – it is unconscionable that nothing happens going forward based on those (tweets), and I would hope you can see them as offensive as I see them.” 

Wow, Robespierre himself couldn’t have said that any better.  And the speaker of those words would indeed make a most perfect Robespierre… if, of course, Robespierre was shaped like a busted bale of hay.

One wonders where this Robespierre was – or, indeed, the entire Democrat Party was, when the institution of the Sussex County Community College was so corrupt that it was allowing Trustees to vote on vendors from which they derived income?  Not a word from the Sussex County Democrats… nobody ever bothered to show up to a meeting to fight corruption. 

It was a sad moment and a very tragic story for the Sussex County Community College.  We remember it… very, very well.  No Democrats were around when it counted… but they show up for this?

Now we don’t know if we are taking our lives in our hands, but we’ll show you the “offensive” image.  Are you ready?

Behold the “offensive” image that was re-tweeted.


Did the world just end?  Should we be worried about death threats for posting that image?

We think it funny for two reasons.  (1) It is a grotesque and therefore ridiculous.  It achieves as much as it defeats.  Like this famous New Yorker cover…


You remember the New Yorker?  Yes, that haunt of racists, misogynists, and whatever else the unwashed brigades like to call those they disagree with.

Seems like, just yesterday, we had a sense of humor.

Now apparently, satire – like everything else these days – is a form of “racism”.

And (2) because they are politicians.  This so-called “Jihad Squad” is composed of four powerful members of Congress: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib.  A couple of them have made some very obnoxious anti-Semitic statements and none of them much like the Jewish state.  One member of Congress – Ilhan Abdullahi Omar (D-Minnesota) – actually mocks Jewish people by calling them “Benjamins”.  Another, Rashida Harbi Tlaib (D-Michigan), holds rallies under the banners of the PLO – a terrorist group.  They have power over us and it is always good for a chuckle when the powerful are brought down to earth. 

Here in America, we never needed to be afraid of pissing on politicians.  Until now.  It is not a “change” for the better or one that we will thank anybody for come the future.   

And one final note.  If we are going to do this to one citizen member of a public board, let’s make sure we do it to every citizen member of every public board.  Where will it end?  Who hasn’t offended somebody?  Who hasn’t done a thing that someone will think bad?

Robespierre and company spend their days going through your private social media looking for things to offend themselves with.  It is like that great scene from Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio when a puritan spies on a woman privately praying, naked, in her own bedroom.  The puritan doesn’t see his sin, but rather he sees the woman’s nakedness as the sin.  Just wait until these people start using drones…

And now… let’s end with more comedy.  And please don’t be offended… but if you are, too bad.

Andy Kim GUILTY? Was it a case of Depraved Indifference to Human Life?

The other day we came across this political commercial put out by congressional candidate Andy Kim…

Hand on his heart, Andy Kim assures us that he “listened and worked together to save lives.”  But it’s not true.  And according to the New Yorker magazine, it’s some of the worst bullshit imaginable.

Nobody listened.  Lives were lost.  Some shot to death or butchered with knives, other burnt alive, some buried alive in the desert.  Thousands of women and girls raped… over and over again.  Women and children sold like cattle.  Modern day slavery – all while Andy Kim was safe… in that “situation room.”

According to his own statements made in November 2016 at William & Mary College, Andy Kim comfortably watched as a genocide unfolded on the TV screens and monitors in that “situation room.”  Andy Kim has tried to play that down – calling it a “potential genocide” – but the United Nations disagrees with him and so do the community of people who suffered that genocide.  Andy Kim has lied throughout his campaign about this:

“…when ISIS threatened genocide on the Yazidi people sheltering on Sinjar Mountain in Iraq, Andy worked with the U.S. military to coordinate a rescue mission.”

(Andy Kim for Congress Facebook,

But there was no “rescue mission” by the Obama administration worthy of the name.  In the end, the Yazidi people were rescued by a Kurdish militia group labeled as “terrorists” by Vice President Joe Biden, in order to appease the Islamist regime in Turkey.   

We know that Yazidi expats resident in the United States pleaded with the Obama administration – and directly with Andy Kim – and that Kim’s response was weak and insufficient to prevent what President Obama himself has called “genocide” (Washington Post, August 8, 2014).

And it is very clear, from the Yazidis’ story, that they believed that genocide was about to happen and that, afterwards, it was allowed to happen.  If the administration had listened to these Yazidi expats – all of whom had formerly worked for the United States military – the Obama administration’s response could have been more precise and robust and lives could have been saved. 

This small immigrant community – a repressed religious minority in their homeland (and so genuine refugees from violence) – came up against an elitist administration that wouldn’t listen to them because they weren’t “experts” like Andy Kim thought he was.   The fact that Andy Kim is trying to now portray his weak response to this genocide in a “positive” way – as a recommendation for higher office – is sickening when the real record is examined… the killings, the rapes, and the slavery that did happen to the Yazidis’ community and to their family members because Andy Kim and others like him in the Obama administration were too “smart” to take the common sense advice from those who understood what was actually going on.

It’s all there, in the New Yorker magazine.  Not a right-wing anything but the jewel in the crown of literary liberalism.  Go read it for yourself and prepare to weep and feel the disgrace of it.  Of the failure that was Andy Kim and the Obama administration.  Of the genocide that candidate Andy Kim now tries to turn into a qualification for Congress.

The long article begins…

New Yorker

Annals of War

February 26, 2018 Issue

The Daring Plan to Save a Religious Minority from ISIS

When the terrorist group attacked the Yazidis, a small group of American immigrants knew they could do something.

By Jenna Krajeski

ISIS intended to wipe out the Yazidi religion in Iraq. Yazidis in America had a plan, so they started driving to Washington…

…After 2003, when the United States invaded Iraq, Pir and Ismael, like many Yazidi men, took jobs as interpreters for the U.S. military. Because they were a targeted religious minority, there was little opportunity outside the Army, and they were unlikely to join the Iraqi insurgency. In the military, they befriended another Yazidi, named Haider Elias, who, in spite of his poor background, spoke nearly perfect English, with a TV-made American accent.

The three men worked with the U.S. for years, often with the Special Forces…

In the course of a few days, the Yazidis met with organizations such as U.S.A.I.D. and the Institute for International Law and Human Rights. They went to the White House to meet with the deputy national-security adviser, Ben Rhodes, and the adviser on Iraq, Andy Kim, in the Roosevelt Room. “That was as emotional a meeting as I think I had,” Rhodes told me. “Given the role we played in invading and occupying and being present in Iraq for so many years, we had to care about what was happening to the Yazidis.”

To be continued…

Bill Maher takes down Jersey City’s political class

Last week, some self-described “liberal” politicos in Jersey City called for the removal from office of a fellow “liberal” politico because he posted a humorous photograph of a well-tanned, middle-aged, fat white man.  True, the man is wearing high-heels, but does it necessarily follow that he enjoys sex with other men? 

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 1.39.33 PM.png

The town of New Hope, in Pennsylvania, holds a yearly “drag race” in which participants of all sexes and sexual orientations race downhill wearing high heels and a vast array of other garments and accessories.  It doesn’t mean that the runners embrace same-sex marriage or are transvestites.  Likewise, the crowd cheering them on come from all walks of life and points of view.  It isn’t serious… it’s fun.

Like this guy…

Okay, different footwear, but is it really all about the shoes?  Do we need to check out the footwear before making a joke?

The Jersey City politicos channeled some serious neo-Victorian outrage, topped with neo-Puritan calls for public shaming and worse.  One of the pair, Mr. Michael Billy (of the LGBT Hudson Pride Center) claimed the fat man in the high heels was “transphobic, homophobic and misogynistic…”  That’s a mouthful.  We wonder if he could say that after he’s had a few?  Of course, he added this appeal for more taxpayers’ money… It is “a stark reminder of the ‘work’ still left for us to achieve.”

Mr. Billy added:  “Jersey City is the most diverse city in the nation with the largest LGBTQ+ population in the state," Billy said. "This post doesn't reflect our welcoming spirit.”

Naah, Jersey City is just an up-tight, stick-up-its-ass, kind of place – filled with a lot of modern day Mrs. Grundys.  It hasn’t  been all that LGBT long enough to be comfortable with it… the way so many, more mature towns, are.  Jersey City isn’t comfortable, so it isn’t cool… too prickly and looking to be offended to kick back and have a good time.  Too damned political to have a sense of humor.

Mr. Billy even let his armband show a bit when he suggested to the Jersey Journal that the politico who posted the picture of the fat man be made to “apologize and participate in cultural competency training.”  “Cultural competency training”??? Does Mr. Billy or his group get taxpayers’ dough to do that bullshit?  In a corrupt town like Jersey City, everybody who is anybody has got their own scam.

Another politico – Mr. Michael Maddalena – said the fat man was “homophobic and transphobic”.  He apparently forgot the “misogynistic”.  He demanded an apology or a resignation.  Ouch. 

Other, cooler places, places that have been “LGBT” since before there was anything called “LGBT” (back when it was just “gay” or “eccentric”), those places where everyone rubs along together and thinks of each other as dear neighbors and friends, those places don’t have all these hysterics.  That’s for the uncool and the uncomfortable… those who have something to prove and need to prove it every day.

The great New Yorker writer Joe Mitchell very lovingly wrote of Greenwich Village – back when it was poor and genuinely eccentric – that it was filled with all types of people, some outwardly quite ordinary, but that in its collective soul, “we are all freaks together.”  Jersey City, which subsidizes its rich at the expense of the state’s poor and middle class, will never get it.

But maybe this will help, courtesy of that genuine liberal, Bill Maher…

NY Times writer leads PAC that attacks suburban Republicans

red flag.JPG

A group from Amherst, Massachusetts, the only town in America that flies the UN flag in front of its town hall, is coming to New Jersey's 3rd District, home of one of America's largest military bases and a large population of serving and retired military personnel.

The group, Swing Left, was founded by a New York Times travel writer from Amherst, Massachusetts, a solidly Left-Democrat area.  He told the New Yorker magazine that where he lived there was "no immediate opportunities to flip or meaningfully defend a congressional district." 

“No Republican ran for office around here—they didn’t even bother—and a lot of progressives live in districts like that,” he said. So he went home and perused CNN’s Web site to find the closest district where the margin of victory was close. It was New York’s 19th Congressional District...  “I was getting ready to post on Facebook, to say that I would commit my time and energy to flipping N.Y. 19 in 2018,” he said. “But then I wondered, Why did I just have to do that? Why doesn’t a tool for finding your nearest swing district already exist?”

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 5.56.07 PM.png

So bubbleland comes to suburbia.  Not to live here, of course, but to choose our elected officials, so that they can inflict on suburbia the kind of fashion statements that bubbleland demands.

We asked some Swinging Lefties why they didn't just move to places they consider uncool and boring -- like most of New Jersey -- there was a uniform gasp, followed by "no way!"  Perish the thought!

Swing Left isn't looking to become your neighbor.  They just want to choose your Member of Congress.

And it's not just the 3rd District they're coming for.  Democrat Andy Kim may be their latest love interest, but they are also playing for Democrat incumbent Josh Gottheimer -- and for the eventual Democrat nominees in the 2nd, 7th, and 11th districts.

The presence of the U.N. flag in front of the Amherst town hall is important, because the U.N. has a very particular record regarding Israel:

UN Flag Amherst.JPG

"As of 2013, Israel had been condemned in 45 resolutions by United Nations Human Rights Council. Since its creation in 2006—the Council had resolved almost more resolutions condemning Israel than on the rest of the world combined. The 45 resolutions comprised almost half (45.9%) of all country-specific resolutions passed by the Council, not counting those under Agenda Item 10 (countries requiring technical assistance)."

Some call this anti-Semitic. 

The flag has stirred up a lot of controversy.

They say timing is everything. But for indoctrinated college students, timing, along with respect, apparently doesn’t matter much as long as their narrative is heard.

On the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, unidentified students at Amherst College in Massachusetts hung a banner outside a campus dining hall shaming the U.S. for its “war on terror.”

Here’s the banner in question:

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 5.44.18 PM.png

The banner reads, “There is no place large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people. In honor of those killed and displaced by America’s so-called ‘war on terror.’”

Al Doblin is speaking from "The Bubble"

Alfred P. Doblin is the Editorial Editor of the Record of Bergen and the surrounding counties.  His writing is strong, with few of the over-the-top emotions that are often on display over at the Star-Ledger.  He appears to try for balance, for persuasion instead of name-calling.      

But we fear he is trapped, as so many others are trapped, in a perception that is based more on geography and on class than on ideology or party identity. 

In his recent column -- "GOP at the crossroads" -- Mr. Doblin falls back on the tired values of an old religion.  Using terms like "mainstream right... extreme right... hard-line conservatives... social issues," we feel that he misses the lessons of the 2016 presidential election.

And who are the people Mr. Doblin turns to in his column to illuminate his argument?  All members of the ruling class:  former Governor Christie Whitman, global lobbyist Mike DuHaime, and Senator Kevin O'Toole Esq.

From them we get the same, tired prescriptions we get after every presidential election -- win or lose:  “(Republicans) can no longer be defined both statewide and nationally as the older white man’s party and expect to succeed (even though they just did)... (Republicans) have to do a lot more to attract females, to attract African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics. We have to be far more diverse than we have in the past.” 

The perspective of these people is one of class.  They are far, far more richer and more prosperous than the average American or the average Republican. When they speak of diversity it is the false diversity of gender, color, ethnicity, or sexual identity.  What is studiously ignored is class. 

In his book, White-Collar Government: The Hidden Role of Class in Economic Policy Making, Duke University's Nick Carnes points out that while upwards of 65 percent of citizens are "working class" and 54 percent are employed in a blue-collar occupation, just 2 percent of the members of Congress and 3 percent of state legislators held blue-collar jobs at the time of their election.  How about some diversity?

Donald Trump's campaign saw through the false political divide of Democrat and Republican to the vast economic and social divide that is the truer measure of America today.  Authors as diverse as George Packer of the New Yorker (The  Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America) to Charles Murray (Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010) to Chris Hedges (Days of Destruction Days of Revolt) to David Brooks (BoBos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There) have written about this, with Brooks actually employing Donald Trump as an example of what the "new upper class" finds unfashionable.  In a prescient piece of writing, Ralph Nader gave an outline of what was coming when his book (Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State) was released in the summer of 2014.

On election night, MSNBC's Chris Matthews came closest to the mark, with this surprising exchange:

Of course, the ruling class will try to fit what happened back into the perception that they are most comfortable with -- and so we get the familiar postscripts about "old white men" and "diversity" of the surface variety.  It is an exercise in virtue signaling, whereby one member of the ruling class assures his "goodness" to another.

White collar America spends its time concerned about issues like the availability of condoms to Ivy Leaguers.  Such concerns are the marks of privilege. Blue collar America, working class America, worries about foreclosure, about housing, about having a job, about getting out of debt, about having enough to give their children the life that they've enjoyed.  With the greatest respect to Christie Whitman and Mike DuHaime and Kevin O'Toole, they don't have those problems.  So relieved of such pressing concerns, they can float above the mass and think sweet thoughts, reaffirming their "goodness" to one another.

The lack of shared experience places much of our ruling class, and those who aspire to it, into a kind of "bubble" -- secure and apart from the mass. Senator O'Toole's statement to Editor Doblin that what he regretted most was not voting for same-sex marriage is a symptom of that "bubble."  The Senator is a wise and judicious man and surely, if he thought about it a bit, he would have said that his greatest regret was not being able to cut property taxes down to a sane level.  For it is property taxes, a major driver of foreclosure and of homelessness, that is the greatest concern to the greatest many.

The idea that some Americans exist in "bubble" communities that vastly outstrip neighboring zip codes in status, wealth, cultural influence, and corporate/political power is not new.  Although now it seems to be going mainstream, filtering into "pop" culture.  Consider this recent skit from Saturday Night Live:

Wealthy professionals, like Al Doblin, should be aware of their class bias.  As a journalist, great care should be taken to seek out and include the opinions of genuine members of the working class for balance -- and not just members of the ruling class who happen to be labeled "diverse" for whatever reason