Liar Mikie Sherrill is no Josh Gottheimer. Newcomer goes back on her word. Twice.

What’s wrong with Democrat Mikie Sherrill?

First, she told the voters of the 11th District that she wouldn’t support the deeply unpopular Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.  

Now, the media is reporting that Mikie Sherrill is going back on her word.  According to Roll Call, less than two weeks after being elected, she was already playing politics:

Democrats Who Ran Anti-Pelosi Campaigns Show Signs of Cracking

Some of the newly elected Democratic House members who said on the campaign trail they would not support Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for speaker have already shown signs of cracking as Pelosi ramps up the pressure for them not to divide the party before it even takes control of the chamber in January.

Rep.-elect Mikie Sherrill, a New Jersey Democrat who said during her campaign that the party needs “new leadership, and it starts at the top,” declined to affirm that statement after meeting with Pelosi on Friday.

“I’m sorry, I got to go,” Sherrill told reporters waiting outside the minority leader’s office. She directed reporters to her press aide.

In an interview on Oct. 11 on local TV, Sherrill blasted her Republican opponent for trying to tie her to Pelosi at a debate.

“I don’t support Nancy Pelosi. I put out a commercial saying that I don’t support Nancy Pelosi,” Sherrill said.

The New Jersey Democrat is one of a handful of freshman Democrats who have softened their opposition to the caucus’s likely choice for speaker in January.

Remember those expensive political advertisements Mike Sherrill used to win over voters?  

That’s Mikie Sherrill promising to “stop the partisan politics” – but once again, she’s gone back on her word.  The ink isn’t dry on her election victory, and she is already targeting a local Republican legislator she should be looking to work with to get the job done for her constituents.

Instead of working across party lines, Mikie Sherrill is heading up a political campaign for the state Legislature.  It was announced last week that Sherrill will serve as the Chairman of the campaign of two Democrat candidates for the state Legislature.  How is that ending partisan politics?

From: Lisa Bhimani
Date: November 19, 2018 at 1:08:22 PM EST
Subject: Our campaign kickoff Monday 11/26!

Hi friend -

Darcy Draeger and I would like to invite you to the formal launch of our campaign for Assembly in the 25th Legislative District. We are thrilled that Mikie Sherrill, Congresswoman-elect from NJ’s 11th District, will be attending as a special guest and has agreed to chair of our campaign. 

Please join us Monday, November 26th at 1:30pm at the Brookside Community Center in Mendham. Please see the below for more information. 

We'd love to see you there. 


Lisa and Darcy

More and more it looks like Mikie Sherrill won her seat dishonestly – by lying to the voters and deceiving them as to her real intentions.  

That should come as no surprise to NJTV’s top journalist Michael Aron.  During the campaign, Aron asked Sherrill’s spokesperson to give the media a little more on Mikie Sherrill than the “Navy pilot – Prosecutor – Mom” routine.  Sherrill’s spokesperson smiled at Aron and said: “That’s all you’re ever going to get to know.” Well maybe during the campaign, but now that she’s in office, the bark is going to get peeled off that tree.  It can’t help but be.

Mikie Sherrill’s failure to keep her word on bi-partisanship is in stark contrast to the record of fellow Democrat Josh Gottheimer, who has maintained the gold standard of bi-partisanship in the neighboring 5th congressional district.  You wouldn’t catch Congressman Gottheimer pulling a stunt like Sherrill’s in LD25 – and that’s after he’s been re-elected!  

Of course, this didn’t stop the vendor owned InsiderNJ’s Fred Snowflake from engaging in the usual handjob snark about whether Sherrill should be endorsing a Republican instead of Bhimani and Draeger.  If bi-partisan is really and truly your thing, why endorse anyone? Just work with what is. But trust a handjob not to get it (everything is either/or, black/white with them… very anal).