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Our porous borders will only get worse…

The importation of illegal narcotics and opioids…

And illegal firearms…

The modern slavery of human trafficking…

And the sexual exploitation of women and children…

Will only get worse.  Unless you do something about it. 

Some people think securing our border is just about protecting American jobs.   

But a secure border is about more than just jobs.  Secure borders help prevent human trafficking and the exploitation of children.  Secure borders fight modern day slavery.

The United Nations has issued reports showing human trafficking is the fastest growing organized criminal activity on earth.  A porous border not only facilitates the trafficking of illegal narcotics, opioids, and illegal firearms – it is a boon to modern day slavery – the trafficking and sale of human beings, especially children.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 2.03.48 PM.png

Some have adopted dangerously naïve views about border security.  In their hatred for President Trump, they have embraced calls to abolish ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) – even though it was funded and operated under the administrations of Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama.  The abolition of ICE would open the doors to a nightmarish wild west scenario.  Without ICE, who will be around to prevent the living horror of modern slavery? 

The statements made by Senators Cory Booker and Bob Menendez, and congressional candidates Andy Kim, Tom Malinowski, Mikie Sherrill, and Jeff Van Drew have been shocking.  We’re not condemning a party here, or its members, but only those who have taken leave of their senses in a mindless quest for votes. 

Many are following the worst path when it comes to border security.  In an effort to elevate the plight of the undocumented immigrant here illegally, their irrational demands for change will open the floodgates to all manner of terrible consequences – to lawlessness, violence, and slavery.

What Booker and Menendez, Andy Kim, Tom Malinowski, Mikie Sherrill, and Jeff Van Drew are advocating for will make our borders more porous – allowing thousands more victims (mainly women and children) to be shipped and sold like cattle, welcoming more dangerous illegal drugs into our communities, and providing illegal firearms for organized criminal gangs.

There have been many responsible voices from both parties, but they have been drowned out by the media’s attention on emotional and irrational ideas like that of Governor Phil Murphy, who has made it his mission to turn New Jersey into a Sanctuary State and to instruct state and local law enforcement not to cooperate with federal agencies.  Whatever good intentions Murphy has in this are undone by the consequences of weakening border security in the midst of an illegal narcotic and opioid crisis and a growing problem with human trafficking and child exploitation (as his own Attorney General has said).

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 2.07.24 PM.png

We need to clearly instruct our county and local law enforcement to work with federal agencies to strengthen border security and the interdiction of illegal narcotics, opioids, illegal firearms, and human trafficking networks that exploit women and children sexually. 

Our law enforcement community does not like the idea of being strong-armed by the Governor into violating federal law.  They are standing up to those who foolishly want to sever cooperation between local law enforcement and federal agencies.  We need to stand with them.

Alongside law enforcement, we will fight Governor Murphy and his administration on this.  We will fight the Trenton bureaucrats and the professional lobbyists on this.


A petition drive is being launched – county by county – asking the Freeholders of each county to place a public question on the ballot in their county.  These ballot questions will ask voters to instruct their Sheriff or local law enforcement in fully cooperating with federal agencies and ignore all orders from the Murphy administration to the contrary.   

American law is our law.  Governor Murphy can no more ignore American law than Governor Wallace of Alabama once tried to do.  We are one country, one people, not a multi-state league of nations.

We are also working to pass the Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act, which despite having strong bi-partisan support, is being prevented from moving forward by the singular efforts of the staff of the Democrat Majority Leader in the Senate – Senator Loretta Weinberg.  That is correct.  Her staff is anti-woman and anti-child.  While she attempts to associate herself with the #MeToo movement, her staff is blocking legislation that would break the infrastructure through which young women and children are lured, raped, and sold into prostitution and the illegal porn trade.

So now it is up to YOU…

Now it is up to YOU…

Will you help?   

Or will you sit on your hands, complain, and do nothing?

Click here to start a petition in your county. 

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To find out more about the Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act, click here.

To find out what you can do to combat the scourge of modern slavery, human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women and children, click here.

Did Weinberg forget that Murphy called Trump a Nazi?

We are growing a bit concerned about State Senator Loretta Weinberg, the Democrat Majority Leader in the Legislature's upper chamber.  Weinberg, who is affectionately known as "Mother Roach" by some, recently issued the following statement on Montville Committeewoman June Witty’s reposting of a meme equating Democrats with Nazis: 

“I am saddened and troubled that in 2018, any public official could equate being a Democrat with being a Nazi. Even in a society split by fierce partisanship, such a comparison is beyond the pale."

Did the Senator forget what Governor Phil Murphy said about President Donald Trump just last year? 

Guadagno accuses Murphy of comparing Trump to Hitler |

Feb 22, 2017 - New Jersey Democrat Phil Murphy compares Trump administration to Nazi Germany ... PhilMurphyNJ's Nazi comparison is repulsive and inexcusable. ... Asked if Murphy had meant to link Trump to Hitler in his November speech, Roseman answered that "I can't get inside Phil's head" but then offered, ...

Phil Murphy compares Trump to Nazi leaders ... again

Aug 16, 2017 - Democratic gubernatorial Phil Murphy is not the first New Jersey politician to invoke a reference to Nazi Germany when discussing Trump.

Phil Murphy appears to compare Trump to Nazi leaders

Aug 15, 2017 - Phil Murphy condemned in one of the strongest ways possible the president's two-day delay in condemning white supremacists. ... “I'm glad he finally reacted,” she said when asked how she thought Trump had responded to the weekend's events. We must all condemn violence and white supremacists.

Did Weinberg forget or is she having hypocrisy issues?

Weinberg accused the Committeewoman of "hate speech".  Well that was unexpected, wasn't it?  What isn't hate speech these days?  When the Senator breaks wind in the morning?  "Hate" is the most overused word in the English language today. 

Here is some breaking news for the Senator...  Her comrades in the pussy hat brigades are being led by (wait for it)... a follower of American Muslim Leader Louis Farrakhan.  According to media reports:

"The Women’s March has been roiled again by charges of anti-Semitism after co-leader Tamika D. Mallory, a Louis Farrakhan supporter, blasted Starbucks for seeking advice on bias from the Anti-Defamation League.

Instead, Ms. Mallory called on Starbucks to enlist the help of groups such as Jewish Voice for Peace, an ally of Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh, who was deported last year for failing to disclose her conviction in a 1969 Jerusalem bombing that left two dead."


We wonder how long it will take "Mother Roach" to comment on her pussy hatted friends?

On guns, Senator Weinberg's rhetoric doesn't match her actions

We can't quite figure out which came first.  Did Senator Loretta Weinberg emerge from the parchment white bunghole of Star-Ledger editorial boss Tom Moran, or is it the other way round?  Who came first? 

One thing is certain, if there is a threat to their safety, both Weinberg and Moran make sure that they are well protected by men with guns.  Both Weinberg and Moran erect borders that are extremely well protected.


It's too bad that they don't extend the same protections to other citizens that powerful politicians and corporate newspaper editors have.  Especially children. Apparently Weinberg and Moran don't think much about protecting children.  If they did, they wouldn't propose the watery measures they have.

Weinberg is a husk, the residue of her once activist self.  Moran is just an old-fashioned pussy.  If they really believed that the absence of legal firearms would end America's culture of violence, then Senator Weinberg would propose a Constitutional Amendment to abrogate the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights, and Editor Moran would advocate for it.    

Of course, Weinberg and Moran know that such an amendment would be for firearms what the 18th Amendment was for alcohol.  The 18th Amendment declared the production, transport, and sale of alcohol illegal (though curiously, not the consumption or private possession of it).  The amendment wasn't particularly effective, had a lot of bad side-effects, and was repealed a few years later.

We know they know because we are constantly being told by Weinberg and Moran that making laws are meaningless.  They tell us that America cannot possibly enforce its border controls.  They tell us that America cannot keep people out or find and deport those here illegally.  They tell us that abortions must be legal or they will simply be performed illegally.  They tell us that we must decriminalize certain drugs because we have no ability to enforce the laws that make drugs illegal.

So it stands to reason that they must know that outlawing firearms would be just as meaningless.  So why do they mislead us by acting otherwise?

A case in point is yesterday's quasi-religious orgasm on what goes for the editorial pages of the Star-Ledger these days.  Did you know that these editorials are largely written by ex-sports columnists?  Because they are.  And they have all the make believe and canned drama attendant with such columns. 

You can tell the depth of these so-called journalists by the fact that they fail to even research what their own newspaper said about the issue they are currently having hysterics over.  A case in point is what the Star-Ledger calls "no-fly, no-buy" bills "that would deny firearm purchases to known or suspected terrorists."

Now to show you just what kind of festered arseholes write this kind of garbage, the Star-Ledger itself has criticized the no-fly and terrorist watch lists that are the basis for this silly legislation.  That's right, the Star-Ledger has trashed this concept on its own editorial pages, pointing out that the list is too vague, that it lacks due process, noting the informal manner in which an individual can land on the list, and the difficulty an innocent person has in getting off the list he or she has been improperly placed on.  Oh, and currently the terrorist watch list has 1.8 million names on it.  That's more than the population of Essex and Bergen Counties put together.

Nelson Mandela was on the terrorist no-fly list.  So was Senator Ted Kennedy, as have other members of Congress.  As the ACLU pointed out, the "no-fly list policy rests on the idea that the government will never confirm or deny whether you're on the list.  They won't tell you whether you're on the list, they won't tell you why you're on the list if you are, and they won't tell you what they suspect."

The no-fly list is often equally frustrating to members of law enforcement, as a former FBI agent who now teaches at New York University noted:  "The FBI isn't the secret police, or at least it isn't supposed to be.  Such excessive secrecy demands, especially where an American is alleging a violation of his civil rights, undermines the rule of law the FBI and Justice Department are supposed to be defending."

Once upon a time, the editorial board of the Star-Ledger could write a well-reasoned piece that would capture the nuances of a debate and provide a well rounded review of both sides.  But that was called journalism.  They don't do that anymore.  Over at the sports-department (aka the editorial board) it is all loud-mouthed and spittle.  They should just write in all caps and exclamation marks, noting how many times they shit themselves in the production of the column and when. 

There was a time when the Star-Ledger cut its way through to the truth.  That time is gone.  Now they add to the fog of ideological warfare that covers everything from Sunday morning sermons to late night comedy.  The editorials are little more than advertising narratives, violently written.  There is no balance, no reason.  They tell you who to hate and how much.  They add to the culture of violence in America.  They do nothing to ameliorate the gnawing coarseness of our social discourse.

McCann: "I got to stop drinking in the morning."

Yep, that is what John McCann said as he -- the candidate who hopes to take on Democrat Josh Gottheimer -- stumbled about, mistaking the Sheriff he had invited to his Saturday kick-off for a Democrat Mayor.  That was his excuse, "...drinking in the morning."  No kidding.  It is in his video, posted on YouTube, about twelve minutes into his speech.  Oh well, if you say so.

Candidate John McCann is a shambolic mess.

He had a member of the notorious Zisa family... yep, the liberal niece of far-left Democrat Loretta Weinberg's former running mate, up front, running the event for him.   Remarkable.

The Bergen Record correctly reported "scores" of supporters -- not the inflated numbers reported by the former house blog of the Christie for Governor campaign.  But then half of those were Democrats.  The candidate even acknowledged them as Democrats and told a shambling story about how he had apologized his "fault" for running a campaign critical of Democrats in 1995.  Wow, is that an asshole move or what?  You run at the height of Bill Clinton's madness and you apologize for calling out the Democrats?  Donna Brazile would make a better GOP candidate.  At least she's not afraid to call out the Clintons.

But it got worse.  McCann actually mocked people who get involved in politics because they believe in something.  He publically eschewed right wing and left wing -- instead he came up with a new way to describe people like him:  The Chicken Wing of the GOP.  And what does the Chicken Wing stand for?  It stands for getting paid.  It is no big deal for a member of the Chicken Wing of the GOP to be employed by a Democrat office-holder.  The Chicken Wing exists to make its members some dough and they don't let principles or things like party loyalty or right and wrong get in the way of that.  That's the GOP's Chicken Wing and every elected official -- other than the Democrats, of course -- present at Saturday's kick-off will be made to explain, at some strategic point in time, why he or she is down with the Chicken Wing.  Let's hope they don't choke on the bone.

Like the noisy guy at the end of the bar, candidate McCann rambled on and on bragging that he invented health care or some shit like that and that he was the founder of the property tax cap -- even though he wasn't around when it was passed, had nothing to do with it, and none of the legislators who actually passed it even remotely remember his name in connection with it.  In what became an extended rant encompassing a lot of unconnected thoughts, McCann claimed that there is no difference between the family values of a Roman Catholic and an Islamic fundamentalist.  Has he never heard of honor killings, arranged marriages, or child brides?  Yeah, those are "family values" in some places.  Hey, in Mecca, you can get your head cut off for being gay -- in Vatican City... no.

But it is all the same to John McCann who is perhaps the most well-educated idiot running for office who we have ever had the delight to cover.  This isn't the shallow end of the pool we're talking about here -- this is sitting in a bowl of your own piss and calling it the shallow end of the pool.  You see, ideas don't matter to John McCann.  Differences in ideology or theology or party loyalty don't matter to John McCann -- only the scam matters, the deal, the money.

Which brings us to his campaign's lack of it, money.  As the Record put it:  "Gottheimer, a former Clinton political aide from Wyckoff, spent $4.7 million to unseat Garrett. Garrett spent $4.3 million.  'If you’re running for Congress in the 5th District, you have to raise $2 million at a minimum,' said Dr. Benjamin Dworkin, director of the Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics at Rider College.  Dworkin said the 5th was one of only four congressional districts nationwide which switched from Republican to Democrat in 2016.   McCann said Saturday he has yet to raise any money."

Why would he?  McCann's candidacy seems to be designed by the Democrats and run by the Democrats to do nothing but screw up the Republican primary.

How so?  Remember the Democrats' reaction to Steve Lonegan's announcement?  They attacked him from the DCCC in Washington, DC, and from Gottheimer's home base in Wyckoff and they have kept on attacking him -- in emails, press releases, fundraising letters.  That's what you do when you face an opponent you are afraid of. 

And what do the Democrats make of John McCann?  Not a word.  Not even a barely suppressed yawn.  Why should they?  As the Record noted in its opening line:  "John McCann, the attorney and longtime right-hand man to Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino." 

That's Michael Saudino -- the Democrat Sheriff of Bergen County.  McCann is his right-hand man.  He is one of them.

Public shaming is bullying. Treat it the same.

The attempt by the powerful -- in the form of the corporate media and the dominant political class -- to force others to conform to their social values or face the loss of employment, economic security, and status is textbook bullying.  In the case of Assemblyman Parker Space, it is clear that the Republican holds tastes in music and is of a socio-economic class different from that of the dominant establishment class. 

Space is a country boy, a blue-collar farmer, a Trump supporter, and a believer in traditional values.  This makes him a target for establishment bullying.  As for the establishment's complaints that Space used a five-letter word in private conversation, this is simply a case of rank hypocrisy by individuals who use the same words and far-far-worse in private and in public, as evidenced below.

Again and again, we are told that in America, we are a nation of laws.  But this is being steadily eroded by corporate media and their puppets in the political class.  With the connivance of establishment political figures the corporate media are attempting to create an extra-judicial method of determining everything from whether or not you can hold a job or operate a business to serving in public office.

Under this informal, extra-judicial system, the accusers do not need to produce proof of their accusations, neither does the accused have the opportunity to refute the charges made in any legal setting.  In this bullying culture, corporate media whips up a frenzy of bullying -- mobbing -- in order to indict, convict, and punish someone. 

The accusers simply need to "feel" that someone has done something for reasons that they disapprove of.  Of course, these "feelings" must conform to the social norms of the establishment.  Conforming to establishment norms allows some people to believe that they have the right to fire someone from his or her job, or put someone out of business, or overturn the will of the voters.

This is a form of technological vigilantism -- a post-modern lynch mob -- with elements of religion to it.  For "apologize... apologize... apologize," read "repent... repent... repent."  And it was specifically warned against by prescient writers like George Orwell, with the neo-religious fervor whipped up in a shaming exercise very like the two-minutes hate he describes in his great work, 1984:

Think of it.  Political figures like Democrat Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg actually suggested that they could reach into another person's soul to determine evil there, adjudicate on said evil, and then demand that the will of the voters be overturned and said person be stripped of public office.  Mind you, the office-holder in question -- Assemblyman Parker Space -- is one of the most popular elected officials in New Jersey, as determined by the number of votes he receives, and gets more votes than any Republican legislator in the state.  So it does take a particular kind of philosophy, distinctly undemocratic, to suggest such a thing.

Also remember that no laws have been broken.  Unlike Senator Robert Menendez or Assemblyman Neil Cohen or Assemblyman Raj Mukerji or any one of a hundred New Jersey Democrats who actually broke the law, but who nevertheless enjoyed and enjoy the steadfast support of fellow Democrats, Assemblyman Parker Space did nothing even remotely illegal.  Fashion was breached perhaps -- the fashion held by some elites in a few, well-to-do enclaves -- but no laws were broken.  For the moment, our Bill of Rights and our First Amendment are holding firm -- but for how long?

If the media can use extra-judicial shaming to deny employment, ruin a business, or overturn an election, then they will have successfully undermined the Bill of Rights without recourse to a legal challenge before the United States Supreme Court.  It is a subversion of the law, and the imposition of punitive sanctions, through the use of fashion and media technology.  Through the use of it, America will no longer be a nation of laws, but rather a nation of fashions, manipulated by a corporate media controlled by the likes of Jared Kushner, the Newhouse brothers, and the corporate racists at Gannett News.  A bullying culture in which anyone who wishes to work, own a business, or hold office will have to conform to the establishment norms of the bullying class.