Is Democrat Lisa Bhimani lying about her backstory?

We all have a backstory.   It is who we are and where we’ve been up to now.  Up to the present presentation of ourselves.  How we tell it, tells a lot about who we are and what we are up to – is there integrity behind that smiling face… or somebody on the make?  

If you are a member of the generation who experienced Woodstock and the Summer of Love, you might remember the rock anthem by the name “My Back Pages.”  It was written by poet, folk musician, and artist Bob Dylan in 1964, to illustrate his backstory – and his growing disillusionment with the protest movement and a political idealism that was deeply elitist – with privileged college kids displaying a sneering contempt for the working class boys being sent to fight and die in Vietnam.

We were reminded of this contempt just days ago, when two Democrat Assemblywomen brought in Jane Fonda for a post-Veterans Day event to celebrate that notorious woman who once counseled the government of Communist North Vietnam to “execute” captured American military personnel, labelling the captured American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines as “war criminals”.  Here is the woman the Democrats called “a hero” – in her own words:

And now they want to add to their ranks.

The two Democrat Assemblywomen who brought Jane Fonda into New Jersey… to praise her, and slobber over her, and kneel at her alter… those Democrat Assemblywomen are hoping to add a few more comrades to their caucus during next year’s legislative races.  One is Lisa Bhimani, the Vice Chairwoman of the Morris County Democrat Party and one of the organizers of the anti-Trump protest movement in New Jersey.

It was Lisa Bhimani’s group that led a series of rather uncivil protests against Vietnam Vet Rodney Frelinghuysen, accusing the aging veteran of all manner of improprieties and cowardice – and successfully sowing such a distaste that the aging gentleman simply walked away.  Of course, the state of his health didn’t help matters… and they knew that.

Lisa Bhimani is a medical doctor who has practiced in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Providence, Rhode Island, but who – after moving to New Jersey – no longer practices here.  Dr. Bhimani has provided starkly different reasons for not practicing in New Jersey.

One backstory claims that she stopped practicing medicine so she could get involved in politics and “devote her time to getting Democrats elected throughout Morris County.”  Wow, that’s some kind of idealism… to trade helping people through medicine… for political party politics. Anyway, that’s the backstory on the Morris County Democrat Party website. (

Another backstory is the rather butt-kissing one she provided to Jane Fonda’s Hollywood pal Chelsea Handler, a notorious Pro-Abortionist and a pontificating bore.  Warning: Prepare to cringe…

This backstory, like the one she provided in 2017 as a candidate for the State Senate, revolves around her becoming down with an illness and emerging with a new found political purpose.  It is an old backstory, once used by the Emperor Caligula himself. Here is how it appears on her CROWDPAC page (yes, that’s P-A-C, for political action committee):

“From a young age Lisa was raised to be a fighter for the rights of women.  She campaigned alongside her mother at the age of 6 when the Equal Rights Amendment came through Colorado.  She volunteered on Congresswoman Pat Schroeder's congressional campaign, the first female congresswoman from Colorado…

Lisa moved to NJ in 2004 for her husbands job and shortly thereafter took a position as an OB-Gyn at Overlook Hospital.  Unfortunately she had to cut her career short due to a battle with Lyme disease that changed her life.  She went from working as a doctor to a patient in the ICU over a 2 week period.  She spent a summer in a wheelchair and on a ventilator.  She is much better now.  But this experience solidified her position as a staunch advocate for affordable, universal health care.

Motivated by the election of Trump, after having lived in NJ under the original political bully Governor Christie for 8 years, Lisa decided to run for NJ State Senate.”  (

Ah yes, the story of the phoenix again.  Yes, yes, we do love the concept of old wine in a new bottle, but wait… there’s a third backstory.  

Here is the backstory Dr. Bhimani provided to her alma mater – Brown University.  It is in her words, written by her, provided by her to Brown.

“My road to medicine was less traditional.  After graduating from Brown with a degree in International Relations, I worked for a consulting firm for a year and then decided I wanted to go into medicine.  I completed my pre-med requirements at Bryn Mawr (they have a special program for this) and then attended medical school at Hahnemann University in Philadelphia.  I returned to Brown for my residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology.  After residency I joined a wonderful, all-female private practice in Providence and practiced at Women and Infants Hospital.  During my third year of residency I had my son, Nicholas, and had my daughter, Bella, about 3 months after completing residency.  My husband Anish (Brown '91 also) was offered his dream job in New York at the end of 2003, and we decided to relocate to New Jersey at that time.  I stopped working when we moved so I could be a mother to the two children I had had during the busiest time of my life.   I had wanted to return to work part-time, but due to the high cost of malpractice insurance in New Jersey, that has not been possible. So, currently I am a full-time stay-home mom.” (

Holy dogshit!  Could it be so?  Could the real reason why Dr. Bhimani doesn’t practice medicine be that the layering of health care mandates in New Jersey has made it impossible for her to do so?  Is Dr. Bhimani’s own Democrat Party the reason for her giving up medicine? Maybe somebody should ask her?

Okay, we will.  Hey Dr. Bhimani, is it so???

While we wait for her answer, kick back and enjoy this anthem of disillusionment with the protest movement and with an elitist ideology that looks down its nose at ordinary Americans…