Spadea promotes Guadagno at LGBT PAC fundraiser

So Bill Spadea brought super-far-left Democrat Jay Lassiter onto his show to promote Kim Guadagno attending a fundraising event for New Jersey's top PAC involved in pushing a far-left social agenda. 


Corporations such as banking giant PNC and Prudential insurance paid as much as $20,000 to host the event -- so don't ever try to claim "otherness" for the LGBT cause -- it is the latest fashion statement by the Establishment, pure and simple.  Corporate backers aside, the ticket price for ordinary people is $250.00.

Our biggest gripe with Garden State Equality is that they oppose democracy.  Instead of leaving important issues to the voters, they lobby to have the unelected judiciary decide for us and then to push major social changes down our throats.  If the TTF and Bail Reform were such big issues that they needed to be placed on the ballot as Public Questions -- why not Same-Sex Marriage? 

We also object to the never-satisfied, unending outrage that flows from the mouths and pens of Garden State Equality.  Needing a cause to sustain the flow of money that keeps their professional activists in pocket money, no sooner one undemocratic victory is wrapped up, they are on to the next "outrage" that must be corrected.  And so within months after same-sex marriage we have the endlessly boring "outrage" over adult males who "identify" as females not being allowed to swing their schwantz in the little girls' toilet.  Really?  Can't we as people work this out... community by community... with a wink and a nod to some (who we know, love, and tolerate), but without the totality that allows a predator in with the teenage girls?

We have been warned about this kind of "totality" before, in another context, by that good liberal, Mrs. Lillian Smith.  A Southern writer, she was a pioneer in the battle to end segregation.  We recommend her book, The Winner Names the Age.  In it, you will find this passage she wrote when she accepted the Charles S. Johnson Award for her work:

“It is his millions of relationships that will give man his humanity… It is not our ideological rights that are important but the quality of our relationships with each other, with all men, with knowledge and art and God that count.

The civil rights movement has done a magnificent job but it is now faced with the ancient choice between good and evil, between love for all men and lust for a group’s power.”

“Every group on earth that has put ideology before human relations has failed; always disaster and bitterness and bloodshed have come.  This movement, too, may fail.  If it does, it will be because it aroused in men more hate than love, more concern for their own group than for all people, more lust for power than compassion for human need.”

“We must avoid the trap of totalism which lures a man into thinking there is only one way, one answer, one option, and that others must be forced into this One Way, and forced into it Now.”

Erick Erickson and Bill Blankschaen recently published a book called "You Will Be Made to Care" about the threat posed by groups like Garden State Equality to the right of every human being to think as he or she chooses and the freedom to express those thoughts.  Along those same lines, although much more powerfully written, is "Submission" by Michel Houellebecq.  It is a reminder of how easy it is to conform, and by conforming, to lose the freedom of one's own conscience.

If you think that you can be a modern Amish today, that you can opt out and be left alone, that doesn't appear likely.  To date, there has been a certain lack of generosity by the winners of these cultural battles.  In every state where same-sex marriage was legalized, people of conscience who objected to participating in someone else's "celebration" were targeted and made to pay for their dissent.  After the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in every state, what did the winning side do?  It started talking about stripping religious organizations of their tax exempt status.

Groups like Garden State Equality do not look for compromise or for tolerance.  They want hegemony.  The totalism warned against by Lillian Smith... "one way, one answer, one option, and that others must be forced into this One Way, and forced into it Now."

For this reason, they must be opposed by all free-thinkers.  For this reason, we note our disappointment in those so-called Republican leaders who promote and support Garden State Equality.

Opinion: Assemblywoman DeCroce is a conservative

By Wm. Winkler

The other day, I read an opinion piece by a Mr. William Felegi which argued that Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce was not a conservative because Americans for Prosperity (AFP) had given her a "D" grade.  The writer seems to miss the fact that AFP is not a conservative organization, but rather a libertarian one.  Ideologically, there is a great difference.

When I was a Reagan delegate, back in 1980, the founder of AFP was the Vice Presidential candidate on a ticket opposed to Ronald Reagan, running on a platform of unrelieved social liberalism and international defeatism.  Thank God they were not successful and Reagan was.  President Reagan broke the Soviet Union and consigned Marxist Leninism to the dustbin of history.

The American Conservative Union is a conservative organization.  For the same period as that rated by AFP, it gave Mrs. DeCroce an 84% -- hardly a "D".  To show you just how ideologically different AFP is, here are a few comparisons:

Legislator                                                      AFP                 ACU

Jon Bramnick (R-21)                                  F                      95%

Joe Pennacchio (R-26)                              B                      95%

Nancy Munoz (R-21)                                 C                      91%

Mike Doherty (R-23)                                 A+                   89%

Michael Patrick Carroll (R-25)                A+                   89%

BettyLou DeCroce (R-26)                         D                     84%

Tom Kean, Jr. (R-21)                                 A                     75%

Dawn Marie Addiego (R-8)                     F                      75%

Jennifer Beck (R-11)                                  B                      70%

Ron Dancer (R-12)                                     B                      59%

Chris Brown (R-2)                                      B                      23%

Nia Gill (D-34)                                             D                        0%

Assemblywoman DeCroce received an Award for Conservative Achievement from the American Conservative Union (ACU).  Obviously, the libertarian AFP is pursuing a very different  agenda from that of the conservative ACU. 

Under the leadership of Steve Lonegan, New Jersey's AFP affiliate did take a more traditional conservative path.  That was all due to Lonegan.  I know, I worked for Lonegan.  Much to the chagrin of national AFP, Steve pursued a vigorous conservative agenda on social issues, the Second Amendment, and illegal immigration.  But Lonegan is long gone from AFP, and as its latest scorecard makes clear, AFP is back to being libertarian and not conservative.

Even so, AFP took credit for the work done by Assemblywoman DeCroce.  AFP State Director Erica Jedynak wrote that the tax reform legislation Mrs. DeCroce supported "saved state taxpayers $1.4 billion in tax cuts-once completely phased in-in the final omnibus bill, including a repeal of the estate tax which saved taxpayers $320 million alone and will protect families from the government raiding inheritances when a loved one dies."

The conservative taxpayer advocacy group, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), wrote that the tax reforms Assemblywoman DeCroce supported "abolished the state death tax, cut the state sales tax and reduces income taxes on retired New Jersey voters."  ATR called it "a victory for taxpayers."  Forbes magazine called her tax cuts one of the "5 best state and local tax policy changes of 2016" nationwide.  Further praise came from the Tax Foundation, the oldest such conservative organization in the nation.

Mr. Felegi goes so far as to call Mrs. DeCroce a "liar" for stating, quite truthfully, that she "ensured money for roads and bridges will be dedicated for their intended purpose rather than pet projects."  The Assemblywoman supported the ballot question that accomplished that in the face of stiff opposition led by radio talk show host Bill Spadea.

The Assemblywoman's voting record, her ratings by ideologically conservative groups, plus her 100% Pro-Life rating and her endorsement by the NRA, make her, on balance, a conservative in the humble opinion of this old winger.

Spadea was a Guadagno critic before promoting her

NJ 101.5's Bill Spadea has assiduously promoted Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno since

establishing her as a regular on his radio show in 2016.  But before taking over from Jim Gearhart in 2015, Spadea's sole media outlet was Fox's Chasing New Jersey.  There he took an altogether different approach.

The Spadea-Guadagno "marriage" dates from December 2015, when the Lt. Governor invited the fledgling radio talk radio celebrity into her home for a Christmas interview -- a first for the rarely press available Guadagno.  The relationship gelled and from that point on, the radio host and former candidate (Congress and State Assembly) became a kind of unofficial political advisor to Guadagno and her gubernatorial ambitions.  Spadea created and promoted her weekly Diggin In With Kim broadcasts -- free exposure that would have cost upwards of a million dollars to purchase.

In the video above, Spadea and his Fox crew interview NJ Watchdog editor Mark Lagerkvist. 

Save Jersey: It's now OK to grab p-ssy

Was it really less than six months ago that the editor of the blog Save Jersey had a meltdown over the language Donald Trump used many years ago to a media celebrity, privately, that was recorded without his knowledge, and then released in the waning days of the presidential election by the campaign of Hillary Clinton?

Writing about the Billy Bush episode, wasn't it Save Jersey that wrote these words:

"Trump’s lack of concern for dignity and etiquette crossed every line no matter how many times Republicans re-drew it to fit him on the correct side of it.  We couldn’t have fun with it any longer. He would make Silvio Berlusconi ashamed. We want what was good and different about Trump but he pushed us to the point where support for him is to debase our own values." 

And wasn't it the Editor himself who said that he had to "hold his nose" to vote for Donald Trump because of the President's "potty mouth"?

Didn't he write the following?

"The fact that Americans chose a potty-mouthed snake oil salesman (Trump) and an sickly socialist crook (Clinton) as the presidential finalists out of 300+ million citizens? It’s the stuff of which nightmares are made. Our culture is sick. Very sick. This disease will doom us long before any single policy or politician. What’s a voter to do? These politicians are a reflection of us. Donald Trump’s antics are a symptom of what we’ve become."

Was it not the Editor of Save Jersey who wrote this? 

"We know the French Revolution analogy for the GOP’s 2016 meltdown is the fairest, most accurate causative analysis for how the Party of Lincoln and Reagan arrived at this sad pass. That’s another discussion for another time when tempers cool and folks are once more ready to listen to one another. For now? Trump going down in flames by 2 points or 12 points won’t speed up the catharsis of the willfully blind. The only certain result of a Trump loss is a Clinton victory. The only way to ‘save’ the GOP is for better, stronger alternatives to Trumpism and Liberalism to step forward and assert themselves."


Well, six months has passed and now the same website, the same Editor, is promoting (some would say hyper-promoting), the candidacy of a guy who so loved the phrase that Donald Trump used (but who never intended for anyone to hear it) and got into trouble for that he just couldn't stop saying it.

In tweets and on Facebook, the CWA's own Bill Hayden -- the Vice President of the Skylands Tea Party -- went on and on about "grabbing pussy."

Hayden headshot.jpg

Last October, he tweeted:  "Make America Great again, grab all pussies and throw them out".

Hayden Twitter4.jpg

There are dozens of obscene examples of this clown's antics, but we need go no further than the tweet that followed the one above in which he called the Republican National Committee under Reince Priebus, who is now President Trump's chief of staff, "pussies that need to be grabbed and tossed."

Hayden Twitter3.jpg

Yep, Bill Hayden.  This is the guy who Bill Spadea, Kim Guadagno, and Matt Rooney want to see take his place in the GOP Senate caucus.  Ahhhhh... how he will elevate the proceedings. 

Who is NJ's conservative conscience?

Looking at a popular GOP blog today we came across a paid advertisement on said blog by Assemblyman Jay Webber.  The paid advertisement featured a quote from the blog's owner, calling Webber "The Conservative Conscience of the State Legislature." 

Well, OK, fair enough -- but we remember when that blog was the chorus for the campaign of an establishment GOP gubernatorial candidate named Chris Christie, and we remember when Assemblyman Jay Webber was so besotted with candidate Christie that he wouldn't appear in public with then-AFP State Director Steve Lonegan, because he thought the movement conservative was going to challenge Christie in the primary.

On the whole, Jay Webber has been a fine Republican legislator, but he has often straddled the line between being an establishment politician and a movement conservative.  An admirer of President Ronald Reagan, in October of 2014 Webber wrote a strong argument for increasing the user tax on gasoline in return for the elimination of the estate tax.  It was a classic conservative argument that showed how much he understood conservative policy and the effects of different types of taxation. 

Unfortunately, Webber would later reverse himself in order to bask in the kind of alt-right populism served up by "Red-Shirt" broadcaster Bill Spadea -- a Reagan critic who rejected Reagan Republicanism for third-party populism way back in the 1990's.  As evidenced by Spadea, the alt-right isn't so much an ideology or a set of policies, as it is an attitude and an anger. 

We have heard from members of the alt-right who think all government sucks and who say they are taxed too much and then reveal themselves to be public employees and go on to complain that their taxpayer-funded benefits are not enough and their pensions are not secure.  Where do they think the money comes from?  We have heard from alt-righters who live off government disability complain about the government that taxes others to pay them.  Anyone who can engage us all day in social media debates is certainly employable as something in today's economy.  Instead of bitching, go find a career, a job, and get to work.

Many of the same people who want tax cuts see nothing strange in concurrently asking for more "free" stuff from the government.  They aren't thinking balance sheet.  They aren't thinking at all.  It is emotion.   They are the same who believe that they should get paid more for what they do while everyone who provides the services they take for granted should be paid less.  The military who guards them should be paid less, ditto for the police and firefighters, bridges and roads should appear miraculously and for a minimal cost, ditto for clean water, electricity, and on and on.  And if they don't get their way, all that they want, for as cheap as they want it, then they can always tune in to the man on the radio and throw something.

Those who proselytize or celebrate this juvenile anger, this rejection of adult reasoning, are calling for the end of rational government.  We will end with two sides -- each appealing to deranged emotion, each perpetually lying to their followers, each refusing to belief in anything the other side says --  governance as a kind of thug life.

Rob Eichmann could see all this.  Elected to the Republican State Committee from Gloucester County -- on movement conservative Steve Lonegan's ticket -- Eichmann rejected the emotional pap put out by some and always carefully weighed the various attributes of any given policy.  He looked to the Republican Party Platform for guidance -- and to the conservative policies of Republican leaders like Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, and Newt Gingrich.  Eichmann was the NJGOP's conservative conscience.

Shortly after Chris Christie won the Republican nomination, Christie and the NJGOP were asked by Rob Eichmann and other members of the State Committee to embrace the platform of the national Republican Party that was debated and passed at the Republican National Convention in 2008.  Christie declined to endorse that platform and his appointed State Party Chairman -- Assemblyman Jay Webber --  got quite nasty towards Rob Eichmann and those pushing the NJGOP to embrace basic Republican principles. 

Under pressure, NJGOP Chairman Webber promised to put a committee together to draft a "statement of principles" for the NJGOP.  That was in 2009.  That committee has yet to meet.

Another Republican National Convention came in 2012 and an updated party platform was debated and passed by the assembled delegates.  Governor Christie was the keynote speaker at that convention.  Nevertheless, he did not endorse or to allow his state party to adopt the platform that was democratically chosen at that convention.

In 2013, the NJGOP went a step further and launched a campaign to defeat sitting members of the State Committee who supported the national Republican Party platform and candidates who said they would do so.  They used state party funds, supposedly under the control of the State Committee, to defeat sitting members of the State Committee, without any formal vote allowing them to do so. 

One of their chief targets was Gloucester County State Committeeman Rob Eichmann.  At the time the  conservative was hospitalized, suffering from cancer, and was in no position to fight back.  The NJGOP ignored pleas to take this into consideration and launched an aggressive and negative campaign to defeat Committeeman Eichmann using the State Committee's own money.  Eichmann was defeated along with the other conservatives who supported the Republican Party platform.  Rob Eichmann, the conservative conscience of the NJGOP, died a few months later, aged 48.

Last year was 2016 and yet another Republican National Convention has come and gone.  The NJGOP has still not formally adopted the platform of the national Republican Party as its own.  The NJGOP and its candidates have no guidance as to the principles and policies that inform their party.  And so we get the case of Kim Guadagno, candidate for Governor, see-sawing between the gross pragmatism she openly practiced for over seven years and the dishonest "cover" she has accepted from the alt-right in an attempt to quickly "re-make" herself. 

If Assemblyman Jay Webber wants to earn the title "The Conservative Conscience of the State Legislature," he needs to stand up and start demanding that the NJGOP adopt the RNC platform as its own.  Without a written explanation of what the Republican Party stands for and what it means to be a Republican, our ability to recruit and train others to recruit new members is limited.

It is time for the NJGOP to declare what it is and what it stands for.  If it is informed by the principles of the national Republican Party and the platform of every Republican President from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump, then say so.  If it is not, then please explain what it is that you stand for and the policies that you intend to pursue if elected.  Simply having the word "Republican" in your name is not enough.