Sussex Fair: Murphy recall gets over 1,000 signatures in an hour

Adding to the joyful hoopla of a genuine country fair, people have been lining-up to sign the petition to recall Governor Phil Murphy.  At its high point last weekend, petitioners were getting more than 1,000 signatures an hour. 

“Murphy is wildly unpopular,” said one Second Amendment supporter.  While a Republican candidate described it as the “best day of campaigning” he’d ever had. 

The recall petition is being hosted by the Sussex County Republican Committee.  It is being run by the Skylands Tea Party, under the leadership of Bill Hayden.  The Fair runs through Sunday, August 11th.  


Tea Party leader: Monmouth GOP “caved” on Sanctuary State stand

As the Save Jersey news website sadly reported earlier today, the Monmouth County Freeholder Board caved to a crowd of far-Left Democrats brought in by Democrat Party operatives – including several former Democrat candidates (defeated) who reside up the backsides of Governor Phil and First Lady Tammy Faye “Friend of Alvarez” Murphy.  There is no accounting for this level of fear and weakness.  Could it be the reason why so much of the Republican base is disgusted with Establishment types?

Skylands Tea Party President Bill Hayden posted this spot-on commentary…

So recently, in Sussex County NJ, our Freeholders and Sheriff have pushed back against the sanctuary state nonsense Governor Murphy has pushed upon the taxpayers.

In Monmouth County, the freeholders there, under pressure caved like a cheap suit.

And why? The only people that win in this battle are big government types. Because read the Democrats statement on the Freeholders caving, and it is essentially the same plan of entitlements that have kept the people in the cities in poverty, and the Dems in power there. And you, the taxpayer funds this folly. Because NOTHING is free, it is always paid for by the taxpayers.
67% of illegals are on some assistance. And we know, even on the federal level they are receiving assistance as well.

Again to the tune of $138 billion a year on the federal level, $3 billion from NJ, out of a $38 billion dollar budget!!!!!

And all this to give special status to those that cut in line!!!

We as taxpayers were never meant to fund things that were illegal, but we do.......when is there going to be a fund to help take care of the downtrodden taxpayers???

Here is the Democrats’ idiotic statement:


One citizen observed: “Priorities directly impacting Monmouth and ALL NJ counties residents would be the amount of freebies handed out to illegals instead of helping OUR HOMELESS, OUR VETS, OUR CRUMBLING INFRASTRUCTURE. So it ALL impacts the TAXPAYING LEGAL RESIDENTS OF NJ.” 

Another wrote: “We encourage our Freeholders to focus on priorities directly impacting Monmouth County's residents every day.... " Um, yea....... the burden on paychecks is an everyday thing!

Still another pointed out… “Illegal aliens cost us $250 billion!”

The Sheriff and GOP County Chairman of Monmouth County is Shaun Golden, a potential candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor in 2021.  How can he seriously consider running and winning conservative votes if he allows his Freeholders to kowtow to the Democrats like this?  Do they really think they picked up any votes from the people who attended their meeting and who issued the ridiculous statement above?  Joe Biden is too liberal for them!  They are holding out for an American version of Lenin.  They don’t vote Republican… ever.

There is a window to correct this and it needs to be corrected.

Bramnick has a message. Will NJ Republicans follow?

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick recently released this most excellent video.  Bramnick starts by detailing what Republicans are against

But then, more importantly, Bramnick lays out three solid policy positions that points New Jersey Republicans in the direction of what we should be for

(1) Cap State Spending at 2% (just like local government spending is capped).

(2) Cut the State Income Tax by 10% (make NJ more competitive w. other states).

(3) Full Deduction of Property Taxes on the State Income Tax (a move that takes the property tax issue away from Democrats like Andy Kim, Mikie Sherrill, and Josh Gottheimer).

In the video, Bramnick is engaging, folksy, and compelling.  So finally, here is the core of something to move the Republican Party forward.  So why isn’t everyone banging the same drum? 

Two days after Bramnick’s video went up on Youtube, the NJGOP – the State Republican Party – blasted out its weekly newsletter via email.  There was some very good stuff in there.  Unfortunately, the Assembly Republican Leader’s video was not part of the newsletter.  An oversight that should be corrected at the earliest opportunity. 

On Thursday, the Garden State Initiative – a free-market, pro-business think tank – held a meeting about the state of New Jersey’s economy and how it can be improved.  All the experts present agreed that the business climate went south after the Democrats gained control over the Legislature, nearly two decades ago.

That said, the most prominent plan for recovery featured at the gathering was the one put forward by Senate President Steve Sweeney, a Democrat and so a leader in the party responsible for the downturn in the first place.  As with legislation protecting the Bill of Rights (specifically the 2nd Amendment) and culturally traditionalist social legislation (like the Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Protection Act), the Senate President will always be handicapped in how much he can accomplish by his need to appease the far-Left of his party’s caucus.  In the end, Sweeney will go as far as Leftist Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg allows him to go – and is anyone under the illusion that this Marxist-lite fellow-traveler is pro-business or pro-taxpayer?

In a column published on his Save Jersey news website, Matt Rooney brilliantly dissected the Trenton Democrats last week…  

We hear a lot about the “working class” from Trenton, but each and every policy and budget are designed to put the screws to taxpayers in favor of keeping these rich guys and their power structures chugging right along.

What I’m saying is that Democrats’ lofty rhetoric doesn’t match their reality. On either side of this fight. New Jersey’s true form of government is a blend of socialism and oligarchy (with a sprinkle of kleptocracy for good measure).

So why aren’t pro-business and pro-taxpayer forces pushing the Republican Plan put forward by Bramnick and making its three points the basis of not only the recovery of our party’s fortunes, but those of the state’s taxpayers?  Why aren’t they pulling together behind the Bramnick plan, then building on it, to tackle the obvious divide between the haves (those municipalities who bathe in money, courtesy of the Abbott decision) and the have nots (those who pay the highest property taxes in America)?   

As New Jersey 101.5’s Dennis Malloy recently noted, the public frustration over property taxes and government in the Garden State is stifling:  “Being the state with the highest property taxes in the nation used to be the number one issue in almost any campaign for public office in New Jersey. Lately, (crickets)! Why? …most people have given up hope that it will ever be normal or fair or affordable to most people. There is no one on the horizon with the guts to be honest about it and promise to fix it…” 

And yet, in the midst of this frustration, there are thousands of brave souls who are spending their time and energy – both in and outside social media – to address the oppression of their neighbors and fellow taxpayers.  Too often, they find themselves on their own, without the assistance or direction from the Republican Party, the business community, or even established figures within the state’s conservative movement. 

Take the grassroots effort to Recall Governor Phil Murphy, as an example.  This effort is in the process of training hundreds of volunteers in the basics of one-on-one political outreach that could be harvested in future GOTV operations.  But is anyone providing them with any real assistance?  Listen to this appeal from one of the most effective recall leaders, Bill Hayden of Sussex County:

In May 1940, the allied armies of France, Great Britain, Belgium, and the Netherlands faced the threat posed by a newly re-armed Germany.  One of the great myths about the Fall of France is that the Germans had more tanks.  They did not.  In numbers, weaponry, and armor-protection, the German tanks were outclassed by those of the French Army and its allies.  So why did the Germans so easily over-power the superior tanks of the French?

The French used their tanks piecemeal and fought actions individually.  Many were not even equipped with radios.  The Germans fought coordinated actions, in which not only individual tanks within a unit fought in support of each other, but entire units worked in concert with other units to achieve a particular goal.  It wasn’t hardware that won the battle, but tactics – how the hardware was used. 

The three major units of New Jersey’s Republican Party – the State Committee (NJGOP), the Senate Republican Majority (SRM), and the Assembly Republican Victory (ARV) – do not work in concert or present a unified message or vision.  From there is gets worse.  Each county, each candidate, each club marches to its own beat.  And the party is barely on speaking terms with the movement conservatives who make up its base and constitute its most loyal voters.  Working together could amplify a message and make it punch through to distracted voters.  But instead of amplification, we have a cacophony of murmurs, each from its own silo.   

Jon Bramnick has offered a simple, three-point way forward.  Everyone should amplify it.  That would make a start at working in concert.

At Thursday’s meeting, Garden State Initiative President Regina Egea said voters should ask every politician how they intend to lower the cost of living and the cost of doing business.  The Bramnick Plan provides the answers.

Bill Hayden: On 2nd Amendment, Lesniak is “laughable”.

By Bill Hayden

Former State Senator Ray Lesniak believes the AR15 is an assault weapon, only owned by white supremacists....laughable.

There are several things wrong with his assumptions.

First, he is already assuming a certain class of people own a product, hence profiling.  A form of racism from the Left?

Secondly, and AR15 assaults nothing, only a person can assault. My rifle can sit peacefully in the corner and not bother anyone for days. The Left’s assumption that you can legislate evil away is insane.

Think of this, the new craze is red flag laws. They come because they believe you have a defect that would prohibit you from owning a weapon. Yet, once gone with your guns, they leave you with the most dangerous weapon known to man, your car.

But let's get to the core of the Second Amendment, freedom. Because at the time of its writing, Americans had just won a revolution against tyranny, using the same exact weapon the tyrants had. Take a look at Venezuela for instance, a country that had all private guns taken away in 2012, and you see that an unarmed citizenry loses its voice, and freedom slips away. The Second is all that keeps the Leftists from really screwing life here in America up. It's the great equalizer.

The Senator also forgets that more people are killed every year with a hammer, than all rifles combined (FBI data), and I haven’t seen a hammer buyback yet.

Maybe the good Senator should read several Supreme Court cases that codify the AR15, as a protected weapon as it is in common use. Heller, and Miller come to mind.

Ray Lesniak should pick a battle he has some level of knowledge on.


Bill Hayden is President of the Skylands Tea Party in Sussex County.  Bill is a leader in the petition drive to Recall Governor Murphy.  On Saturday, May 11th, at 11am, there will be a rally to Recall Murphy on the Newton Green, Newton, Sussex County.

Skylands Tea Party: RECALL MURPHY rally this Saturday

Skylands Tea Party group President Bill Hayden is throwing a rally this Saturday, May 11th, at 11am, on Newton Green (Newton, Sussex County) to Recall Leftist Governor Phil Murphy.  The rally will be an opportunity for beleaguered taxpayers to make their voices heard and sign the recall petition.

Volunteer and union firefighters became the latest of Governor Murphy’s victims, when he announced that he was stealing more than $33 million in money meant to provide services for firefighters who are old and without sufficient means or who have post-traumatic stress troubles.  Murphy announced that he is stealing their money so that he and First Lady Tammy Jane Murphy (nee Macbeth) can use it to fund One Percenter fashion statements… like subsidized legal services for undocumented immigrants illegally resident in the United States.

Saturday, May 11, 2019 at 11 AM

Newton Green, Newton, NJ

For more information, visit the Skylands Tea Party at…

For those who cannot attend, Skylands President Hayden urged fed-up taxpayers and freedom-loving citizens to join the Recall Gov. Murphy effort and volunteer by following these links…

Hayden added:  “Please if you can, join in the efforts and let’s not only rid us of this scourge, called Governor Murphy and the Democrats, but restore sanity to public office.”