SCCC teachers union pushes hateful agenda

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is noteworthy for its aggressive, sometimes outright hateful agenda towards President Donald Trump and his administration.  In 2017, a rally organized by a local teachers union turned violent and the United States Secretary of Education was pushed and shoved in an effort to block her from entering a school.  Such violence should come as no surprise, given the level of rhetoric employed by AFT during the 2016 presidential campaign.

In a widely circulated speech, the President of the AFT endorsed Hillary Clinton and attacked Donald Trump in a most hateful way…

Clinton 'the best candidate for president'
“Hillary understands the most urgent issues confronting our country… She's proved time and time again that she is a dreamer, and a doer.”

Trump 'perilously close to fascism'
“…in my lifetime, we've never faced anything like what we're facing this year… What do you call it, when a candidate for president debases an entire religion, mocks a disabled reporter, refers to women as pigs and calls Mexicans rapists? I call it a threat to civil society, to decency and to the values that underpin our country. Frankly, it is perilously close to fascism..”

Curiously, the AFT President said those words while AFT was passing its own resolution condemning Mexico for fascist behavior.  The AFT Resolution accused Mexicans of murdering teachers and of illegally detaining protestors.  It claimed that Mexico had a policy of “arbitrary and unjustified harassment” and accused the Mexican police of using “excessive force”.  The AFT filed an official complaint with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. 

How different was this from the warnings given by the Trump campaign over the violence in Mexico?  How did AFT’s resolution not feed into the very perceptions of Mexico and Mexicans that AFT would attack Trump for?

Why is it “hate” when one does it, but okay for the other to do it?


AFT Local 4780

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Local 4780 represents the faculty at the Sussex County Community College (SCCC).  The Local is not without incident. 

For example, in 2010, the Local got caught up in allegations that it was harassing the then Chairman of the Board of Trustees of SCCC.  According to the official legal proceedings… 

“The College alleged that the (Local)  was engaging in conduct that encouraged individuals to harass the College’s Chair of its Board of Trustees. The College alleges that the  (Local) was responsible for individuals posting union flyers in (the Chairman’s) store without permission, distributing flyers containing  (the Chairman’s) business and home telephone numbers and home address; hanging union signs on  (the Chairman’s) business sign without permission, and calling and making harassing calls to  (the Chairman’s) home and business…

On the day of the rally, four individuals came into (the Chairman’s) business and posted six flyers on the walls in his store. Those flyers contained pictures of (the Chairman) and the College Counsel and  (the Chairman’s) home address, telephone numbers and remarks related to the College negotiations. A larger poster was placed over  (the Chairman’s) outdoor business sign.
Later on February 20, harassing telephone calls were received at (the Chairman’s) home. The callers were not identified, but they made derogatory remarks about (the Chairman)... Such calls continued through February 24, 2010.

Were these acts of “hate”?  They certainly don’t sound nice.

A quick glance through the website of AFT Local 4780 gives a flavor of who they are and the vehemence with which they attack Republicans in general and President Trump in particular.  Sussex County has a lot of Republicans and a lot of Trump supporters.  They hold clear majorities in Sussex County.  So how can the Sussex County Community College (SCCC) create a welcoming environment for them when all those teaching them belong to a union that hates them and everything they stand for? 

We ask the question:  How can Republicans or Trump supporters or those who support traditional values or who oppose illegal immigration feel safe at Sussex County Community College (SCCC)?  Take a look at what’s on Local 4780’s website and then you decide…

sccc local webpage.png

AFT-endorsed candidates won big on election night

The Nov. 7 election results were a clear and overwhelming rebuke of the fearmongering and race-baiting that embodies Trumpism… "This election was a real 'which-side-are-you-on?' moment”.

Highlights from Election 2017

In New Jersey, AFT-endorsed candidate Phil Murphy won the governor's race by 13 points, and state Sen. Steve Sweeney was overwhelmingly re-elected. These victories offer new hope and new opportunity for the people of New Jersey who for years have had a blustering bully for a governor, who disrespected educators, nurses and working people.

Like true Socialists the world over, the AFT celebrates the Marxist holiday of May Day…

AFT members make May 1 actions memorable

"Build schools, not walls" was the crisp, compelling message delivered by AFT activists at a series of May 1 actions stretching from Miami to San Francisco… Through marches, rallies and meetings, AFT members joined with immigrant communities, students, parents and engaged citizens to support public education and to fight for a more fair and just immigration system. The rallies showed collective resolve: to keep schools as safe spaces, free from immigration raids, bigotry and hate, and to demand that funds meant for a border wall be used instead to strengthen public schools.

For Rutgers AAUP-AFT members, one individual's story galvanized May 1 actions Carimer Andujar, the energetic and outspoken president of UndocuRutgers, has Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status, but her renewal was recently delayed for no apparent reason. Rutgers AAUP-AFT helped create the #HandsOffCarimer campaign, and Andujar says she thinks the bureaucratic snag has been solved. She remains fearful, however, about an upcoming renewal meeting with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and spoke as part of the protests for all immigrants. Members of the Coalition of Rutgers Unions, AFT New Jersey and student organizations rallied on three Rutgers campuses to make New Jersey a sanctuary state and for a $15 minimum wage, the right to form a union and racial justice for all.

sccc local sanctuary state.jpg


"Our number one goal is to elect a president who shares our values and that means beating Donald Trump. But to win our endorsement, candidates will have to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. As we look ahead to Election Day, we are committed to engaging our members every step of the way."
— The AFT President

So where is the welcome for students in a Republican, Pro-Trump county?  Even if the SCCC doesn’t want to actively embrace creating a welcoming environment for traditional values, shouldn’t it at least strive to be neutral?