Why are Democrats silent when religious freedom is attacked by their Party?

Laura Berman Fortgang is a Democrat Assembly candidate in LD26.  She has more to lose than most when it comes to protecting religious freedom.


In addition to having a business as a professional “life coach,” a Bergen Record (NorthJersey.com) story from July 2016 reports:

Laura Berman Fortgang, a resident of Verona for almost 21 years, dreamt of taking her musical theater skills to Broadway and being an actor, but when she was unconvinced she would make it to the big time, she transferred her skills to another career path: life coaching… Berman Fortgang decided she wanted to do more for the community and for herself, so she got ordained in 2006 at the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City.”

The One Spirit Interfaith Seminary states that it “inspires passionate, caring individuals and communities to live engaged lives of authenticity, celebration, compassionate service, and integrity.”  The Seminary promises “inclusivity” that with “respect, and open-mindedness of the Interspiritual perspective, we honor individuality, diversity, the wholeness of the human experience (both darkness and light) and the universal expressed through all authentic wisdom paths and traditions.”

A review of its offerings includes a section titled, Wicca: Rediscovering the Magic of Life on a Sacred Planet

Shamanic Wicca is a deeply transformative spiritual practice that unlocks the divine magic residing within each of us, encouraging us to question, explore, and discover our place and purpose in the holy web of life. This is a universal and urgent calling that humanity must answer now… Without a guru, text, or prophet, Wicca is a path of personal revelation that can be integrated into other spiritual or religious paths, though it may challenge certain elements of other traditions – like the subjugation of women and the Earth and suppression of the Feminine Divine. Modern Wiccan Cosmology is derived from experience as the Earth reveals itself as embodied divinity, spiritual guide, and teacher.

On the faculty of the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary is Phyllis Curott, described as “one of America’s first public Wiccan High Priestesses, an activist attorney and author” and the founder of  “Faith in Women and the first shamanic Wiccan tradition, the Temple of Ara, in 1985.”   

People of the Book – Biblical Christians, Torah Jews, and adherent Muslims – are under attack by the Democrat Party and its media allies.  On Wednesday, a Christian pastor was viciously attacked in a Star-Ledger (NJ.com) editorial and in a political hit piece, on a blog, orchestrated by state Democrats.  The pastor was mocked for his beliefs.  His “crime” – going to the aid of people in difficulty when asked to do so.

Instead of remaining silent, shouldn’t Democrats like Laura Berman Fortgang step up and tell her political party to back-off?  After all, she isn’t just ordained in her religion, she is also a candidate for political office.

The same Bill of Rights that allows Laura Berman Fortgang to practice her beliefs, should protect Christian pastors as well.  And yet faith is under attack in the legislature and the courts every day, with the Democrats and their media allies appearing to endorse some while set on destroying others.   

The time is now for Candidate Fortgang.  Call New Jersey Democrat Chairman John Currie and tell him to back off and back his media stooges off…