As in the past, the Democrats are now Racialists.

While science can explain that gender is real, “race” is a political construct.

What “race” is “Congresswoman of color” Alexandria Ocasio Cortez?

ANSWER: Caucasian

What “race” is Congresswoman of color” Rashida Tlaib?

ANSWER: Caucasian

So how did they become “women of color”? 

ANSWER: Politics.

Heck, even Senator Elizabeth Warren was once a “woman of color”. 

As “African American” civil rights leader Nkechi Amare Diallo (aka Rachel Anne Dolezal) taught us, if you say you are Black… and nobody says you aint Black… then you’re Black. 

Hey, if you want to find a pure bred somebody – go admire some Neanderthal fossils.  We are a world full of mutts.  What is an Englishman?  An Iceni diddled by a Roman, mated with a German (Anglo-Saxon), rogered by a Norseman (Viking), sired by a Frenchman (Norman), mixed up with Celts, married to a Jamaican, a Pole, a Pakistani…   

And what is a Jamaican, a Pole, or a Pakistani but a function of politics?  This army got so far, this group came to this place, the borders were drawn thusly, and so on.  Politics!  Not science. 

Nation-states matter because we derive protection and stability from them.  They are the artifice upon which we hang our lives.  Towns matter because it is where we live.  We have more in common with our neighbors than we do with some ethnic group we choose to “identify” with.  But race?  Race is a nonsense proposition.

Those who use race as their measurement for every human interaction – who think in terms of “people of color” – are called racialistsWikipedia notes that “Racialism is the belief that the human species is naturally divided into races, that are ostensibly distinct biological categories.”

The philosopher W.E.B. DuBois argued that racialism was merely the philosophical position that races existed, and that collective differences existed among such categories.  DuBois held that racialism was a value-neutral term and differed from racism in that the latter required advancing the argument that one race is superior to other races of human beings.

But science has largely erased such arguments.  Aside from some genetic correlations in the incidence of diseases in this subset or that, the idea of “racial identity” that is forced down every American child’s throat, that haunts our society in everything from census forms to employment applications, is entirely a political construct.  The American idea of “race” is nonsense and calling people “racist” is a nonsense game.  The actor Morgan Freeman got it right…

The Democrats’ insistence on the primacy of race is an inverted return to their past.  Like then, Democrats today are obsessed with what measure of blood from this group or that flows through someone’s veins.  They seem to forget that our blood – the blood of our common humanity – is categorized, not in terms like Black or White or “of color” or “not of color” – but as O, A, B, and AB.

The Democrats need to end their obsession… and embrace humanity.