Aside from raising property taxes, will LGBTQ mandates make children smarter?

The Murphy administration is requiring local school districts – paid for with the highest property taxes in America – to teach subjects based on the alleged sexual preferences of historical figures.  Of course, the Murphy administration doesn’t have the money to pay for this.  The state is dead broke.  The state can’t even pay for the pensions of its retired workers… so this new LGBTQ curriculum is going to be paid for in higher property taxes.  Feel better? 

Hey, making a fashion statement costs money.  And just as there are folks who go deeply into debt by failing to pay the bills while buying the latest fashions, so too has the Murphy administration chosen to pursue this path.

But are fashion statements like this making our children smarter?  Because there is only so much classroom time available.  It is finite.  Or is somebody proposing to add a week or so on to the school year to teach all this extra stuff?  And who would pay for that

One barometer of how smart we are is comedy.  For something to be funny, the widest possible audience needs to get the joke.  So comedy is a good gauge at how well people are being educated.

Okay, now let’s compare our comedy (which today is essentially an endless variation of Trump jokes and scatological humor) with what they laugh at in another English-speaking country…

The sketch above is based on a factual historical incident at the end of World War Two.  But how many people would know what this is about?  How many high school graduates in New Jersey can even provide the dates of when World War Two occurred?  And World War Two was kind of a big thing. 

Now here’s another popular television comedy sketch that requires some knowledge of basic history…

It is about the Treaty of Westphalia, which ended the Thirty Years’ War – a series of religious conflicts that resulted in the deaths of 8 million people in Europe.  The Treaty of Westphalia established the concepts of diplomatic negotiation and international law.  You can draw a direct line from it to the establishment of the United Nations and bodies like the International Criminal Court at the Hague.  Does the average New Jersey high school grad know any of this?

Why should he or she (Wow!  Can we even pose a question that way anymore?) know any of this when there are more important things to know about such historical figures – mandated things – like whether or not they were into anal sex?  And that raises other questions.  For instance, do we really want to have teachers engaging children in sexual discussions that could turn into exercises in grooming and add to what appears to be an epidemic of teacher-student sexual liaisons?

Finally, here’s one for all those young people who claim to be socialists (yet another fashion statement).  It is a lot older than the two videos above, but it still shows a necessary level of education that was once commonplace…

Now who would know those four socialist leaders today?  What New Jersey high school grad could identify them?  Does the average New Jersey high school student know enough history to understand an episode of English comedy on the BBC?

Not to worry… in the future, our children will know all about who these historical figures took to bed.  After all, what else do you need to know? 

Nothing more than that.  And your property taxes will be paying for it – courtesy of that mandate by Governor Phil Murphy.