Tea Party leader: Monmouth GOP “caved” on Sanctuary State stand

As the Save Jersey news website sadly reported earlier today, the Monmouth County Freeholder Board caved to a crowd of far-Left Democrats brought in by Democrat Party operatives – including several former Democrat candidates (defeated) who reside up the backsides of Governor Phil and First Lady Tammy Faye “Friend of Alvarez” Murphy.  There is no accounting for this level of fear and weakness.  Could it be the reason why so much of the Republican base is disgusted with Establishment types?


Skylands Tea Party President Bill Hayden posted this spot-on commentary…

So recently, in Sussex County NJ, our Freeholders and Sheriff have pushed back against the sanctuary state nonsense Governor Murphy has pushed upon the taxpayers.

In Monmouth County, the freeholders there, under pressure caved like a cheap suit.

And why? The only people that win in this battle are big government types. Because read the Democrats statement on the Freeholders caving, and it is essentially the same plan of entitlements that have kept the people in the cities in poverty, and the Dems in power there. And you, the taxpayer funds this folly. Because NOTHING is free, it is always paid for by the taxpayers.
67% of illegals are on some assistance. And we know, even on the federal level they are receiving assistance as well.

Again to the tune of $138 billion a year on the federal level, $3 billion from NJ, out of a $38 billion dollar budget!!!!!

And all this to give special status to those that cut in line!!!

We as taxpayers were never meant to fund things that were illegal, but we do.......when is there going to be a fund to help take care of the downtrodden taxpayers???

Here is the Democrats’ idiotic statement:


One citizen observed: “Priorities directly impacting Monmouth and ALL NJ counties residents would be the amount of freebies handed out to illegals instead of helping OUR HOMELESS, OUR VETS, OUR CRUMBLING INFRASTRUCTURE. So it ALL impacts the TAXPAYING LEGAL RESIDENTS OF NJ.” 

Another wrote: “We encourage our Freeholders to focus on priorities directly impacting Monmouth County's residents every day.... " Um, yea....... the burden on paychecks is an everyday thing!

Still another pointed out… “Illegal aliens cost us $250 billion!”

The Sheriff and GOP County Chairman of Monmouth County is Shaun Golden, a potential candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor in 2021.  How can he seriously consider running and winning conservative votes if he allows his Freeholders to kowtow to the Democrats like this?  Do they really think they picked up any votes from the people who attended their meeting and who issued the ridiculous statement above?  Joe Biden is too liberal for them!  They are holding out for an American version of Lenin.  They don’t vote Republican… ever.

There is a window to correct this and it needs to be corrected.