Ever hear of Rose Cleveland? You are about to.

By Rubashov

Billionaire Jeff Bezos is one of our new masters.  A global master.

Bezos owns Amazon.com, with its tentacles of business interests, and he owns mass media outlets like the Washington Post.  Jeff Bezos is an adherent of that modern preoccupation – the sex lives of other people. 

Of course, sex has always been an important tool for those trying to sell us something, but never has it been made so central to how we define ourselves.  As some borders go down, others go up, and the most ubiquitous border between us today is the one that tells us we are what we screw

Based on what you do to who, and how you do it, you will receive a marketing designation – in the form of a letter – and you will, from henceforth on, be defined by that letter primarily, and all the rest of you will be dragged along behind it.  

This is how marketers work.  This is how they sell you things and, more importantly, it is how they manipulate you into believing that you need to buy those things. 

But can the endless ways in which human beings order their lives really be bound and categorized by a half dozen letters – or indeed, a thousand?  And that is not the end of it.  The marketers  demand that we embrace their designation that they assign to us, as something springing from within us, in our blood and inescapable.  We are who they say we are… forever. 

And death offers no escape.  Rather like the Mormons, with their fondness for converting the dead, the marketers are intent on assigning designations to those who are past caring.  It’s a marketing tool to be used on those who are. 

And then we have the middlemen.  Those self-described “leaders” who set themselves up to speak for this letter or that – or indeed, a collection of letters.  They act as a kind of herdsmen, whippers-in, to corral and then to assign interests and behaviors.  “We are your leaders,” they tell us, “We know what you want.” 

And who thinks to question them?  We are sent to our silo, designated by a letter, and then piled in like so many ears of corn.  We need do nothing more.  Others will speak in our name. 

Quiet, in our designated silos, we will know what to buy, how to think, what to feel.  We will be “targeted” by marketing and do what is expected of us.  Ideally, we will forget that we were once human and with endless meaning, a multitude of possibilities.  We will be a letter – for their convenience.

Cheap politicians are always looking for a short-cut.  They love middlemen.  Why deal with many when you can deal with one?  So the middlemen are thus confirmed to speak for who they say they speak for.  And if there is a certain emptiness in what is done in our name, who is to know it? 

There is a pseudo-religious aspect to all this – in that it is based on faith, resistant to science and debate.  You accept it or you do not.  You are either good or you are bad.  If good, you are always good, good in all things, one of the Elect.  And if bad, then there is no hope for you, we should have nothing to do with you.

As with many pseudo-religions, it becomes all about the children.  Jim Jones, David Koresh, the “Children of God” cult… Did they not all operate under the banner than children be sexualized at the earliest possible moment?  Did they not preach endlessly about “Love”?  That “Love is the Answer”, “Love is Love”? 

And so they come for the children.  The marketers, their middlemen, the herders and stockers of silos.  And the cheap politicians hand over the children to them.  Sex is as addictive as tobacco and like the sellers of cigarettes (or narcotics) they like to get them while they’re young.

And so we have Rose Cleveland, sister to President Grover Cleveland., who served as a kind of “First Lady” to her bachelor brother.  A footnote in history… until now.  With the school curriculum in states like New Jersey mandating the teaching of people from history based on their alleged sexual practices (because, being dead, we cannot ask them), we can expect Rose Cleveland to become a household word.  As Jeff Bezos’ house organ called her – this “gay first lady” – should easily surpass her brother in pride of place in the textbooks.  After all, he was just the twice elected President of the United States, the only holder of that office to get elected, defeated, and then re-elected.  But what is that compared to allegedly having been gay? 

A long-ago President, the once-upon-a-time affairs of state, those are the real footnotes.  Such past things have no utility to the marketers.  But a lesson to living children in the here-and-now, to embrace a category chosen for them, to adopt a silo and pliantly comply, now that has a practical utility for the marketers. 

And so we are on the threshold of a new great forgetting.  When marketing removes the need for personal experience and pseudo-religion takes the place of knowledge.  Who needs the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights… when we have Rose Cleveland’s love letters? 

Study hard, children.  Be sure to get an “A”.