Science doesn't back up 'Gender is a social construct'

Dr. Debra Soh is a researcher into human sexuality.  She is science columnist for the Globe & Mail newspaper.

Dr. Soh has written against anti-conversion therapy laws which include both sexual orientation and gender identity, believing that such laws conflate the two and prevent legitimate therapeutic counseling for individuals with gender dysphoria.  She believes that the current societal view to allow for gender transition in childhood is mostly based on homophobia due to studies which show that many transgender children will desist and detransition in adolescent and early adulthood and come out as homosexuals.

In this talk, Dr. Soh makes the point that science doesn't back up the current political dogma on the Left that gender is a social construct.  She details how the politically-mandated teaching of GSE dogma in public schools has led to a “social contagion” of transgenderism among vulnerable children.  The same GSE-influenced establishment that once pushed opioids on society is now pushing a new solution and a new promise of happiness.